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Hello and welcome to /art/, tvch's board for anons to post their thoughts, critiques, personal work, DIY Q&A, news, recommendations, or whatever else that you'd imagine concerns a place like /art/.

- Standard board rules apply, no cp, spamming, & spoil lewds.
- Please keep all threads on topic, if you're posting any personal work keep it to one thread.
- Anime isn't art
- You're welcome to post links to personal art accounts, but keep your shilling at an absolute minimum

Update 4/16/21
To keep this board as open and friendly as possible I would like to confirm that /art/ can go beyond the usual painting/ drawing/ sculpting scope people would generally assume it's for. For this board any sort of sfw creative endeavor is welcomed, whether it would be your cosplay attempts, car painting, photoshops, DIY projects, etc. As long as there's some form of artistic creativity involved you shouldn't fear if it would be acceptable or not. So have fun out there /art/ists! :)

If you have some meta board questions or concerns ask them here and I'll do my best to address them.


Hello friend have you ever painted a picture with your own semen?


I have not, sorry friend. Nor have I done so with any other form of bodily liquid and/or substance. Admittedly, I find that type of medium to be pretty vile and wouldn't very well tolerate posts of anon's attempts at that form of artistry on this board either. Even under the context of "art". So again, apologies if you had some of your own work to post, but I'm afraid I need to draw the line somewhere in what is and isn't acceptable for /art/.

But I do appreciate you asking. That what this thread is all about :)


skin tag 1

other artists smear blood and cum on a canvas.. so the idea of cutting a piece of your skin off and taking a picture of it should be okay

one question.. where did the blue come from?


sorry about that post i forgot i was in another thread..


File: 1616386648636.gif (41.36 KB, 220x178, 110:89, tenor.gif) ImgOps iqdb

no itches off my stitches good sir or madam
it was cool though i think..
may your dick and or tits remain firm and supple



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