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Go in hell jews, faggots and niggers.
Knedrick lamar new album is the ost. I don't know who the fuck is that nigger.

I hope a video or live of Gahoole tonight about that.


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>Americans in charge of not raping media


Explain something to me, it's a real new game made by japs or a shitty American version like the last ones?
I only care if it's a jap new game.


>developed by Santa Monica (God of Soy studio)
Can you read?


Silent Hill stopped after 4. I refuse to acknowledge anything afterwards and I refuse to acknowledge whatever the fuck this abomination is.


>cuckeo gays


Origins wasn't awful. It wasn't great but it wasn't awful.

2 > 1 > 3 > 4 > 0 > MASSIVE FUCKING POWER GAP > shatturd memories > EVEN MORE MASSIVE POWER GAP > downpour > homecoming > OH MY GOD HOW DO POWER GAPS GET THIS BIG > book of memories


>A-hole is gone
It foresaw Kojimbo?


>Yakuza post stays up
>Anti Yakuza posts deleted instantly
Are the mods more concerned with using discord or sucking hapa cock? I can't tell.


same. Someday I still want to play one of the newer ones just to see if they're as terrible as everyone says.


the new silent hill leaks show the game is being made by some polish slavshit studio


>Origins wasn't awful.
If you ignore how it retconned the lore for no reason whatsoever, maybe. I'll tell you what, though, Shattered Memories at least tried to do something different while adding to the series. Calling it a reimagining was retarded, but if you go into it like it's Heather trying to understand her father's motives/getting over her father's death by using her own powers to create a pocket Silent Hill based on the few scraps of info from Harry's journals, it's the only newer game that's worth playing. Origin, like I said, retconned what happened to Alessa for no reason and opened the floodgate for all the bullshit that came after. Downpour was pathetic, Homecoming had a sliver of potential that just went pure retarded, and Book of Memories took everything that made the new games bad, compressed it into one single game, and amped it up to 11.

Dude, I promise you, doing that would just be one huge waste of time. Shattered Memories if anything, but still, you're better just keeping to the originals.


Origins' story was abysmal, not arguing that, but it actually looked, sounded, and played like a silent hill game, something that the others just never managed to do.

Homecoming was a street fighter game or some shit, Downpour was glitchy to the point of being unplayable, sheltered mammaries was a boring walking simulator with the cheesiest gimmick I've ever seen on top of it hot damn the "psychological profile" thing was stupid, and book of memories was a miniclip java game.

Origins at least had the lines and contours of a bad silent hill game. Ya know?


>a boring walking simulator
lol yeah okay, it kinda was. I liked the psychological profiling and how it effected the creatures. I would've liked to see it effect more things. Or if the game had more monsters.


>read screenshots from cuckchan
no tranks, keep seething, yakuzapedo.


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Man, I feel bad for the Silent Hill series as a whole. After Team Silent parted ways, the series couldn't get a good footing in at all. Any and all of the American studios that worked on future games failed to make their Silent Hill games as good as Team Silent games. But then back in 2014, it looked like Silent Hill had a potential comeback with a dreamteam compromise of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro with Norman Reedus as the lead actor. But then out of nowhere, Konami decides that they are done with video games and fired Kojima from Konami along with canceling Silent Hills.
Just like that, Silent Hill was snatched way from the jaws of success and reduced to nothing more as pachinko machines. Now with this potential new Silent Hill game, it is already a mess from the gate. Making the subject matter about muh cyberbullying and GamerGay in 2022 is quiet possibly one of the most dumbest move that a western game studio can ever do. This will be mocked and laughed at as much as other pass failed western games i.e. The Last of Us 2: Subverting Expectations.


Konami is truly the shittiest company in videogame history. I used to have a high regard for Japanese but after and Japan's eternal cucking to American power, I've lost it. The Japanese are dead.


Seeing the greed and lack of honor Japanese video game companies are capable of should be the first eye-opener to how the Japanese regard work and business.


>Konami is truly the shittiest company in videogame history.
What they did to the HD Collection cements this.


Holy shit lol, anita and the grifters won while actual cuckeon gaymers raped in the ass.


The Japs have almost always been like this. All the stuff about honor and virtue is just so they can save face when someone tries to call them out.


If I gotta play one SH game, which is it and why will it be the second one? This brings me back to when I was figuring out if I should play Saints Row starting from 1, but I played 2 only and I loved every minute of it.


Start from 1. 2 is standalone but you really won't appreciate it fully unless you play 1, which is a very solid game in its own right and my favorite.


I agree that SH1 is a solid game and the writing/story is overall better because it raises more questions without ever really answering them keeping the player in the unknown for longer, giving it the better horror atmosphere. I'd disagree that you need to play 1 to enjoy 2 to the fullest but I understand why you'd say that. I say start with either, if you don't mind the psx graphics go for 1. SH2 has the superior presentation that still holds up to this day, just don't play the HD remaster.


there is plenty of instrumental hip-hop in the good silent hill games tho…

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