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gahoole is seething


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I never liked Axle since the first time I saw him, but I started to enjoy his gimmick and streams for the last months.
Also all those faggots seething about him are a plus, majority are scum like Axle himself, but more boring.


File: 1665008117568.gif (458.72 KB, 300x169, 300:169, ThereYouGo.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Reminder that Gahoole secretly likes Axle. He almost had a freudian slip when he was drunk, when listing off cows he liked he said "I like Axl- I like…" So yeah, the ogre loves based axel. The Ogre and Axle should create a podcast together, that would be so epic. They'd probably get more viewers thane the cringe cafe or whatever that thing PPP does.


DJ Axle the dude that the cops brought in to talk to about his habit of trying to smoke meth with underaged boys? You don't mean the DJ Axle constantly talking about sexually assaulting minors? Not that Dj Axle, right?


File: 1665009661071.jpg (155.13 KB, 1186x670, 593:335, dangerous.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Aksel is right not to forgive surfer.
Surfer will NEVER apologize for siding with warhammer, accusing Aksel of swatting, etc.
IF surfer apologizes, Aksel should forgive him, sure, but again, he NEVER will.


<no you can't try to coax pamperchu into admitting he raped children you must be a pedophile


They can both be pedophiles retard, nta.


Axle is a gay pedo and that has nothing to do with him trying to 'coax' a single person. I'm being told right now there's multiple streams of him talking about smoking meth and banging underaged boys with a variety of different people. Kind of an interesting way to catch a predator, out yourself as one in the hopes that someone else will also confess.
Here's a good question. Why are all these guys trailer trash personified? Seriously, they have no class, self respect, dignity, they have no shame in exposing their most private thoughts and feelings regardless of how reprehensible they are, it's like Jerry Springer except he's just set up cameras in the homes of the people that would be on his show and he's just streaming their trashbag lives.


Congrats, you fell for the troll.


>You fell for the troll
Mmhmm. Make excuses for someone you wouldn't leave alone with a kid.


>being a pedophile is just a le epic troll, bro!
Pathetic. You're Barnhill-tier.


File: 1665016897517.png (95.78 KB, 597x821, 597:821, img (4).png) ImgOps iqdb

Axle had the nerve to call me a pedo when he's doing all that huh?
Platespics are all the same.
He really is tbh


>>being a pedophile is just a le epic troll, bro!
yeah that's why it is funny when he says shit like "it's legal in sweden bigot XD", because he's not actually a pedophile. that's the joke you retard.

Ok? There aren't many Youtube ecelebs I would leave alone with a kid. Maybe Brittany Venti.
We're talking about world famous Youtube streamer celebrities like Axle and Gahoole and how a podcast with them would be epic. Why are you virtue signalling so hard, bro?


File: 1665017040883.jpg (26.94 KB, 600x639, 200:213, 356.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb


>lol this guy says he's a pedo over and over and gets really weird about it, it's so funny!
Haha the internet made you maladjusted. You social misfit.
Is it bait? Maybe it's not bait. Maybe it's how they can get to sleep at night.


Friendly remember, the majority of people going after Axle are pedos themselves, are involved with pedos or are equally pathetic, lifeless and degenerate pieces of shit.
The difference is that Axle has made a lot of enemies over the years so it's convenient to name him and try to get clout attacking him to receive good boys points.


Do you also think Axle is a gay furry who has sex in VRChat with other gay furries?


>No! You can't point out Axle's a pedo! That means you're a pedo too!
Who cares, fuck him and his group of pedo buddies. You like him so much, keep sucking his dick.
No I think he's a gay faggot buttfucking his twink buddy while they tweak out on meth like most of the 'gay community'


Can you guys stop stream sniping each other? It ruins the stream every time. A bunch of people staring at each other waiting for someone to do something.


This, Grossly used to hang out with Axle, Warhammer is pedo full of spic friends and feds, Corey Barnhill is a pedophile with also his own crew of spics, Godwinson is a faggot, PPP is a degen faggot, Josh is a pedo, Perspic is a weird faggot, Bryan is groomer and his dad is pedo

those are the people trying to pretent to be saints while going after the norway furfag.


>Is it bait? Maybe it's not bait. Maybe it's how they can get to sleep at night.
I call unbelievable cope bait to turn it into seethe.
Bro everyone gets called a fucking pedophile but it rarely has any stick unless you actually are one like Axle is, the dude is fucked, it doesnt matter how many people you claim are pedos without any proof or by twisting their words when your buddy is jacking it to teenage boys in 1080p for all to see.


Well yeah those guys are all known pedos, samefag as >>117060


nah dude, you're a fag.


Was PPP the one who was a BLACKED discord server?


File: 1665025566851.jpg (52.42 KB, 564x754, 282:377, 1663618684515.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Be that as it may, I am a correct fag


File: 1665026208617.png (211.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, brainwashed faggots.png) ImgOps iqdb

<No! You can't point out Axle's a pedo! That means you're a pedo too!
You sounds like a sperg with mental issues tbh.
>sucking his dick
So you're indeed a faggot projecting. Which ecelebs who are faggots and usually post here, I wonder…
That's the point, I can deslike Axle by my own and I did it for a long time, but the people going after him now for clout and good boys points are far from saints, all are as guilty as he is in many aspects with the difference of Axle being a semi decent troll by his own abd sometimes funny.
>Axle is the only with proofs out there
Maybe you should pay more attention then
Yes, it's a old story tho, Robi used to be "friend" irl with PPP back then and said all that shit was fake.


>You sounds like a sperg with mental issues tbh.
So you're indeed a sperg projecting. Which spergs who are faggots and usually post here, I wonder…


I never said only and if you were smart you could have easily picked up on me samefagging there to agree with the comment above mine that named a bunch of pedos that also have proof on them.


File: 1665038462456.webm (3.78 MB, 160x276, 40:69, have_sex_incel.webm) ImgOps iqdb

>No u!
>trying to mimicking to fit in
Which e-celeb is you?


>le ebin centrism


I like your delusions of grandeur, the fantasy world you've built where you personally converse with all these youtubers that all happen to post together on a dying imageboard hosted by a dropout no-lister with a user count of 40 people (maybe), half of which are demonstrably illiterate.


I'm gonna kill you, you stupid shit


File: 1665079619528.gif (715.41 KB, 292x498, 146:249, 1664202661991-1.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Woah you fedpost as a janny?
Actually based ngl


most of them have mentioned going on /cow/ and gahoole has advertised his site on youtube, so I wouldn't be surprised if grossly or earjuice or surfer (whose thread on /lit/ is probably still up) or whatever zceleb is itt
you need to save the council so they can play civ 5 together
you are the only hope


If it's Nuzach, it's funny because you used to love to pretend to be the "wise" centrist about politics while dick sucking the jews.


What a seething and pretentious post, that's why is easy to spot you, loser.


>autistic girl checks the internet first thing in the euromorning.


You will never be white or masculine, Nuzach.


>nazi misinterprets Nuzach
I think Nuzach is right wing but not with knuckle dragging retards like Varg Coons who are not on the political spectrum as much as they're on the retardation spectrum. He routinely derides coons and ZOG but seems to make a distinction between the Old Testament and ZOG.


Projecting again?


File: 1665107759422.mp4 (243.99 KB, 480x268, 120:67, Montagraph_haha.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

You who started to project as you are unable to formulate any arguments, only seethe and act in a very feminine or I would say jewish way, while accusing others of being women.


I miss when she was needy and desperate for attention instead of angry and spiteful. More buttshots less vitriol. But I'm a simple man with simple tastes.


>I'll keep talking about myself in third person.


Really pathetic this new gimmick of Nuzach and Emojitroon for the last days saying that anyone laughing at their expense are women, that says a lot about their mental health issues.


You should smile more.


>Varg Coon


DJ Axle's a good guy.


Can you kill yourself already, Nuzach? The original Zach is way better and funny to have around.


Same poster, vol3?


File: 1665116117934.jpg (30.91 KB, 600x608, 75:76, autism.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Autistic girls are fun because they don't know how to say no to anal and you can make them bark like a dog.


Anon that's uh…you're dating a tranny anon


>doesn't know what a vagina looks like
Who said anything about dating?


Woah you haven't seen her vagina? Yeah def a tranny bro


>Doesn't know what sex looks like
If you're a tranny how are you my bro?


Just joking because it's time for you to SHOW US YOUR TITS!
We know you have autism.
We know you have twinkletits.
Now it's time to whip 'em out and show those bittytitties off!


File: 1665120598593.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 24.05 KB, 280x281, 280:281, 1627270738706.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Hey, hey, hey. Do your tits look like this? Bigger or smaller?
I forgot to spoiler lol


I'm non-binary my dood, and besides in english the subject(you)determines the gender so I wouldn't call you sister as you come across as a man, ya following me here camera guy?
I dunno, I am the face of a christian board now so I have to be careful to uphold my new tradboywife image
Oh damn she has nice tits, nah mine are smaller don't be silly I'm not as fat as her.


File: 1665121513779.jpg (44.49 KB, 504x544, 63:68, shamwow_by_niggi_vince_off….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb


Bark like a dog you little slut, you know you want to.


Nah seriously I have standards


File: 1665124923175.png (408.78 KB, 888x1025, 888:1025, 1546814062056.png) ImgOps iqdb

the virgin bjarker vs. the chad schlopper


If I had two bullets and Axle, Nuzach and Emojitroon tied to the chair I would kill Emojitoons and Zach. Simple as.


File: 1665142626114.jpeg (35.74 KB, 600x300, 2:1, proxy-image - 2022-10-07T….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I am Cain, I can't die.




itt: incel seethe


File: 1665159301696.jpg (165.44 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 1706429.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Now if She asked me to bark like a dog for her I would but ya'll are just tubby incels so who cares.


This one's got self-esteem! Quick boys, circle of shame! Your butthole is two inches away from your vagina! The Wall! You're bad at math! Uh…daddy issues! You've got cellulite! Uhh….veiny thighs! You sound like your mother!


>please prove you're fit so I can submit.


he just keeps winning



File: 1666030008177.jpg (228.66 KB, 900x1392, 75:116, faggot.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb


File: 1666030144990.png (57.35 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 4456 - glasses smile soyja….png) ImgOps iqdb

Nigga who the fuck cares, go have lack of sex elsewhere while us BiCHADS keep winning.


File: 1666030225205.jpg (168 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, 1832573.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

I'd still bend this bitch over and fuck her in a way you never could with your shrimp dick anyways. Go after your 2d women in another thread tranime fag




top or bottom?


File: 1666034448626.jpg (597.78 KB, 1400x700, 2:1, Star-Wars-Rogue-One-Featur….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>We're all larpers, aren't we?


>smug white whore


You must get turned down a lot by white women, don't you?


>wanting to be a fag
you cannot pleasure her, numbnutts. that bitch is just using you once than finds a pack of niggers and then rapes the fags, later she will cannibalize the faggots and then drill a skull into their head and put some acid in the brain to create zombies for sexual pleasure.
I know you are a fag.


With that kind of an answer I know you're a bottom
He does
Why do you always think of big black cocks, are you gay too?


File: 1666040507867.jpeg (60.95 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Nigger lawyer.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1666041219828.png (103.58 KB, 297x390, 99:130, Adonis Frías.png) ImgOps iqdb

PPP was his own subreddit now, meanwhile the Council keeps taking L's!

Forge gang won.
PPP won.
Nuzach won.



File: 1666041335079.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.81 MB, 248x404, 62:101, 5b15563b5e31b9006dd3d2e0c7….gif) ImgOps iqdb

I like when they do the cowgirl position.
You will never be a /fit/ girl


>unfunny tripfag
>posting mutt whores with fake tits


>ITT Nuzazch, Emojitroon and Sneedious coping and seething


Ahhh fair, when they're on top and sensory overloading. I gotcha.




You don't notice the uhhh start of a dick at the bottom of the screen there buddy?


File: 1666043955015.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 444.2 KB, 700x1280, 35:64, f4B9aT4HLd_EXFNU.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Patrician taste.

Absolute not, those are real tits and it's not a tranny
You can't know if a girl has fake boobs if you don't touch them.
Now she has fake boobs, she enhanced them.

I don't watch tranny porn, you sick fucks.
Also don't insult hard working women.


File: 1666046043675.webm (7.43 MB, 1256x1184, 157:148, Yakuza the Movie.webm) ImgOps iqdb


You can see the scars and the flat bottom right in the gif.


I do not think of black cocks but a bitch that looks like arnold schwarzenegger in the predator will hunt for cocks and huge cocks because she has the sexdrive of a hundred men.
that whore is really hot. And her pussy looks comfy to jizz inside off.


>huge cocks because she has the sexdrive of a hundred men.
Okay yeah this makes more sense to me, it's so weird how people on imageboards get about fucking colors of penises and yeah it's funny but confusing lol
Posts ugly fucking women, soyboy men and emma making the worst face she can
Whats this even supposed to mean?
>Patrician taste
Fucking how, I was asking you to clarify yours for cowgirl you tardbasket.
>Now she has fake boobs, she enhanced them
I mean so as someone who's felt real boobs and fake boobs unless she was sagging hard its not an improvement for feels or naked look, it's better clothed because it simulates the braline more. That's it sadly.


I don't see the link between fake boobs and scars.
Fake boobs are made by plastic surgeons exactly to create the illusion that they're real.
They wouldn't create artificial scars.
What was the difference in terms of texture between real and fake boobs?


Fake just feel unnaturally firm and well I guess I haven't felt all tit jobs but it's just too solid if that makes any sense?


I don't know I have never been with a real woman


I forget how to spoiler here so no judgement
If she didnt have implants well it feels a bit firmer but just like the ones that are born with it if thats what ya mean.

I've fucked a lot of people, I haven't always been stuck wringing joy out of imageboards so I don't mind sharing what I've been through if ever it even slightly helps.

In essence though like a real boob is a type of fat but it's firmer than like belly fat, it's kind of like a nice fat ass but on the chest and supported differently. It's why guys will argue tits or ass, you're getting the same carnal primative literal feeling from each.
It's caveman brain of
>Soft thing mean I stick my dick in between it
Hence why titjobs are popular in porn even though they really suck irl lol


File: 1666075386083.jpeg (153.41 KB, 1400x1016, 175:127, proxy-image - 2022-10-18T….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

You should write your memoirs, Marco Polo.
For spoilers you have to parse your text with **


*The memoirs of a boring queer is what they would call it*
Ah thanks, I use too many imageboards and they all insist on their own fucking code for it nowadays, I feel old.


Fuck two **
oh well
I dont delete my mistakes


You will die of Herpes


No I'm still clean, I always had people get checked and tbh you can tell who has a disease in sex circles. It's even more gossipy than kiwifarms, everyone knows instantly


>I don't see the link between fake boobs and scars.
How do you think they get the implants in? She's got standard titty scars from a procedure. They cut right underneath where the breast connects to the chest so that the scars are hidden by the breast.
>They wouldn't create artificial scars
The surgeons have to get those implant bags in somehow, so yeah they kind of do? You can look up the procedure on youtube if you don't believe me. The girl has matching implant scars on the underside of both breasts and the typical flat spot that happens when the silicon or watergel in the bag settles.


>I don't see the link between fake boobs and scars.
How do you think they get the implants in? She's got standard titty scars from a procedure. They cut right underneath where the breast connects to the chest so that the scars are hidden by the breast.
>They wouldn't create artificial scars
The surgeons have to get those implant bags in somehow, so yeah they kind of do? You can look up the procedure on youtube if you don't believe me. The girl has matching implant scars on the underside of both breasts and the typical flat spot that happens when the silicon or watergel in the bag settles.
>What was the difference in terms of texture
Texture of the skin remains the same. The breast goes from being soft fatty tissue to being firm, big tits should be reasonably soft but implants make them feel firm. >>118687 saying 'too solid' is essentially the truth.


>No I'm still clean
Watch the film Lost Souls if you don't believe me.
>How do you think they get the implants in? She's got standard titty scars from a procedure

The scar is too tiny to put such volume of silicone in it, it is inserted through the throat and then into the thoracic cage.


Nah I ain't watching no Dark Souls playthrough, sounds like a virgin thing to do.


Oh I forgot you're stupid on purpose my mistake.


File: 1666114783421.jpg (13.03 KB, 220x330, 2:3, qmplwqJqjbWLFf1n1VQSemmR7E….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

A group of Catholics go to a mental institution to perform exorcism in the murderer George Viznik (Brad Greenquist). Father Lareaux (Sir John Hurt), Deacon John Townsend (Elias Koteas), Father Frank Page (Brian Reddy), and the teacher Maya Larkin (Winona Ryder), who was possessed and exorcised in the past, unsuccessfully try to exorcise the man and Father Lareaux is deeply affected and falls into a coma. Maya brings the Viznik's coded writings and after deciphering it, she concludes that the writer Peter Kelson (Ben Chaplin) might be the Antichrist to be incarnated by Satan. She seeks him out but the atheist Peter, who has been raised by his uncle Father James (Philip Baker Hall), does not believe in her. But when strange things happen to him, Peter meets Maya and they investigate together the chance to save his soul.



I saw this in the theater when it first came out, the ending was shit.


OK, Boomer.


That actually looks good okay but if >>118737 is right I'm coming back to call you a queer and I may wait a week to watch it.


You are going to be disappointed…It's actually a party of Hollywood's satanic series.
Fallen wasn't bad. Lost Souls was interesting near the middle. End of Days was a movie that came out. There's more but I', too lazt to go through them.


>Hollywood's satanic series
<no search results

The films have nothing in common and weren't produced as part of a so-called series.

I have watched recently Paul Verhoeven scifi trilogy and they can be considered a series.
But there is nothing called Hollywood's satanic series, it's a pure fabrication.
And Satan is written with a capital S.


>t. tranny retard


Are you butthurt with Yakuza too, Nuzach? I know why Emojitroon is mad at him, but what about you?


Thats way too rational a post to be nuzach moron


File: 1666133387675.mp4 (5.92 MB, 960x720, 4:3, Lola_Rae_Farts_Some.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Is it wrong to masturbate to braaap porn and then go to regular pornography after you had the fap?


File: 1666133572506.png (103.58 KB, 297x390, 99:130, Adonis Frías.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Thats way too rational a post to be nuzach moron


File: 1666133866356.gif (994.83 KB, 500x250, 2:1, original (1).gif) ImgOps iqdb

I'm just saying you have to get better at this game if you want to play make fun of the lolcow with us.


>I'm not Nuzach, guys! Even tho I'm acting like a butthurt faggot!
Just turn on your sagefaggot mod already.


File: 1666135440016.jpg (27.79 KB, 498x498, 1:1, a4c8cd54a323dbb98025f88528….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Elaborate on how my posts come across as butthurt to you, perhaps then you can get better at this instead of wasting time and acting like emojitroon would by muddying the waters with obviously false allegations.


File: 1666136299316.jpg (181.21 KB, 1080x584, 135:73, tiresomeness_intesifies.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

I get it now, it's Emojitroon accusing others of being Emojitroon.


File: 1666137508058.png (905.73 KB, 631x631, 1:1, lmao.png) ImgOps iqdb

Okay its become more fun to let you be retarded, nvm


That may be in fact Emojitron, he's posting with the ID 7bafae on thread 9# in /cow/ and the style of posting pretending to be an epic troll even though he's boring as fuck overlap.


No I am boring as fuck is the thing so I am like uhhhhh this ain't them chief. I'm not saying I fooled you all just that like those two usually actually seethe and telling the difference should be easier by now I would assume.


This shit's really gross. Porn has made me completely unattracted to women.


File: 1666164665496.jpg (13.28 KB, 320x480, 2:3, 8b56j.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb


More asexual tbh


One time I masturbated to a negro lady fingerbanging herself.After the fap, I felt like I did something really wrong like I watched something really illegal.
Then I went on to help the neighbor farm, and then I tended the horses,then I saw the horse pussy, it look just like the nigger pussy. I was in deep awe and shock.
that is when I stopped fapping to female niggers.


You wish you could look like that.


I used to deslike Axle even tho I enjoy his shows, but it's a fact, the majority of people going after him calling him a pedophile are ironically way more pedos.
I've never seen any evidence that he's a literal pedo, meanwhile I've seen several evidences about the majority of people going after him of being involved with pedophila.
Grossly, KoP, Zoom and for example.
I hope Gahoole is just trying to stay away of drama and kayfabing with Axle, otherwise is sad to see this discord cabal winning and ruling all over this drama community.


Fuck the pedos that chase around screaming pedo everywhere I am so sick of
Grossly, KoP, Zoom, Cowpoly, Michael Thurlow, and others
Who all do this shit.


They are all pedos



I haven't seen much on Axle is the thing and I know what little they bite at for pedophilia now, all those people listed insist gay people are the actual pedophiles and not them so, cope but until I see actual proof Im with the other dude in that Axle isnt a pedo.

Sorry but get an actual non-pedo to prove this and Ill actually buy it faggot sissy jew bitch.


>t. axle smoking meth and flipping through the boys underwear section.


File: 1666224106848.jpg (52.95 KB, 933x757, 933:757, E_f9j6HXoAEFRoQ.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

t. someone who's sick of your platespic bullshit shitting everywhere up, go back to your grooming discord where youre grooming 13 year old trans kids(PROVEN FACT)


>t. Sneedious flirting with Axle


Back to your platespic server, you will never be a white.


>t. Emojitroon flirting with Sneedious.


File: 1666224291779.png (52.69 KB, 604x694, 302:347, 02b.png) ImgOps iqdb

I am taking this thread down with no survivors.


No only that, Platespics are actively behind this entire drama about the Council of Evil together with PPP and his minions.

And now those same faggots like Grossly and Eso Shaggyism are dick sucking PPP in this drama about Godwinson.



Unironically and it's so fucking annoying, look into onionfarms the new branch of platespics are operating off of that site.


I didn't know about that, my opinion is purely based on what i noticed on YouTube and /cow/


I figured as much, I know a bit about the other side of that shitshow on wheels that has been the last few months of trashfires.


Tell me about this onionfarms and how Jewsh end up in the hands of Corey goons


Jewsh isnt exactly in their hands its more thats the kinda crowd he has left.
Onionfarms is owned by Kengle, ran by two 'men' called Mike and Empresa, one is a spic who gets fucked by trannies the other cross dresses in his mother's clothes and hates trannies, they both get along over their love of loli.
The site is a splinter of kiwifarms where they pretend theyre better but engage in gayops that constantly get blown wide open and they humiliate themselves when they try to milk their cows.
It is the quintessential newfag zoomer mindset of
>We are better than the lolcows cause we dont have threads/our threads are dead
When their cows thread's are only ever bumped by their own socks on kiwi proper.
Anyone other than .org vets posting there is a lolcow of the clout chasing kind, unlike the .org vets which are sperg lolcows if anything.
Essentially they don't know what a joke is and take everything super seriously and pretend to be hot shit when it's easy to find them connected to all sorts of pedophilia, incest, gayopping with cows, infighting and drama chasing. It's a hive of hypocrisy and it's so much Idk where to begin in specific.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
Gahoole video about drama.

I'll keep my opinion, I initially disliked Axle, but over time I started to find the guy funny and like the style he trolls and interact with chat, even tho i would never trust on him or any other online fag.
I know a lot of people are trying to fuck with him and tell Gahoole to stay away from him, but if i were Gahoole i would just ignore these faggots and keep being his "friend" ONLY IF I FEEL LIKE HE'S OKAY TO BE A INTERNET FRIEND OR SOME SHIT LIKE THAT other than that just stay away from this shit because there is a retarded cabal working for a long time to fuck with Gahoole, Surfer and Axle.
Of these three, Surfer proved to be the one with the weakest moral fiber and the easiest to manipulate.

Never listen to hypocrites and never apologize to SJWs.

Also, Gahoole, this Hypa is an old woman in her 40's who is also behind the recent dramas involving Shaggy, Axle, EarJuice, etc. Once again there's an "e-girl" fucking with this circle of internet.


Just gonna plus one this because I think you covered anything I'd have to say here.


>I initially disliked Axle, but over time I started to find the guy funny and like the style he trolls and interact with chat, even tho i would never trust on him or any other online fag.
Those are basically my thoughts on the guy as well. He's obviously doing the pedo schtick just to get a rise out of people. That was a super common thing trolls would do until just a couple of years. That's not to say he isn't a real pedo (he's gay and a furry so the chance is still very high) but using those jokes as evidence is retarded.
>I know a lot of people are trying to fuck with him and tell Gahoole to stay away from him, but if i were Gahoole i would just ignore these faggots and keep being his "friend"
This is where I disagree. The guy is loving all of these discord crusades against him and is just going to try and keep escalating the drama and get as many people involved in it as possible.


Everything I've seen about Axle makes me think he's a retarded faggot furry probable pedophile that most normal people would avoid out of common sense. Who's shtick was it to pretend to be a pedophile as a troll? What? Sure thing Dan Harmon. Fucking weird take. Either way, someone who pretends to be a pedo or is a probable pedo is once again someone smart people avoid association with. Some guy that goes out of his way to antagonize people by making them think he's a child fucker so he can get access to drama is going to end up causing problems for the people around him.
Gahoole has autism and has no self-awareness. If you hang out with Sam Hyde, people stigmatise you for being an internet nazi. If you hang out with a guy that goes out of his way to make people think he's a pedophile, which is a bit different from andy kaufman convincing people he was an asshole, people might start to…blank


The jokes are more evidence then
>(he's gay and a furry so the chance is still very high)
So frankly you deserve to be fucking raped bro, shut the fuck up and get the fuck off the internet you kike pedo servicing nigger.


No go hang out with ACTUAL pedos then jew boot licker, stop double posting with your lukewarm pisstakes you got out of your Daddy Dom's piss bowl you have for a food dish.


Yeah whatever buddy, it's clear you're either Axle or someone up his ass. Thank god I know Gahoole and the mods have post i.d on so unlike you Gahoole knows exactly who's talking to him. Why would I want to hang out with pedos? I hate pedos and people who pretend to be pedos. Doesn't make any difference to me if it's 'just a joke bro'. Anywyas, go back to sucking off faggot furry pedophiles online so you can get another ounce of e-drama.


Nah I just hate people like you, you're always some platespic sucking type of faggot saying gays are the worst oh but i suck cock but theyre gay.
Like fuck on off with your shit already idc. Go kill yourself and literally get raped to fucking death dude, youre worthless.


Lol have a meltdown pedofriend. What a freak. 'Oh you hate pedos so you must post cp on the webring', what? Make sense you brainfried dropout fuckwit.


You're clearly a pedophile trying to call others pedophiles caught with your pants down in a lie.


Lol yeah I'm lying when I say that it's not a good idea to hang out with someone that purposefully convinces people he's a gay child molester. Someone that talks about smoking meth and fucking kids might not be a great friend to have around. Big lie. You're clearly a member of the friends of axle the pedo internet defense force. Have fun jerking off a gay pedophile for a joke.


Too long didn't read PPP, back to your discord Platespic.


Lol pedo


PPP is a pedo yes


lol pedo


File: 1666284045177.jpg (669.22 KB, 1600x2000, 4:5, the PPP humiliation is on ….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Same Nuzach style, here to white knight himself and give away for real that PPP has been Nuzach all along


Lol pedo


Desperate now I see that you're sweaty copy/pasting projection. Proving you're PPP and that upset about being revealed as Nuzach and a fucking pedophile.


>Call axle a pedo
Lol pedo. Alxe's a pedo fag and you're a tranny pedo.


You're a pedophile and idc about Axle at all really, I dont follow this shit when it isn't dragging me into it.
Cope and seethe PPPuzach.


lol tranny pedo


No, Im another person PPPuzach.


Lol Axle pedo


Nobody here is Axle PPPuzach, you're probably one of the few actual pedophiles around.


So what we have here is Axle the gay pedophile doing damage control, diverting blame from him smoking meth and finger fucking young boys onto some other fat faggot. Axle, you and your faggot tranny friends will never be real people, you're scum and the only people that hang out with your type are the naive, stupid, or fellow scum. You belong with the likes of Nuzach, Sneedious and PPP, and no doubt you'll drag Gahoole down into your pit of depraved scummery. Axle the methhead child fucker will always be known for being a furry faggot pedo, and anyone that hangs out with him has a real stain on their character.


>You belong with the likes of Nuzach, Sneedious and PPP,
Axle probably does, like I said before, I aint know the dude.

PPP is nuzach you dumb bitch.


Nah, Sneedious is Nuzach, Axle is a pedo furry faggot, you're a tranny faggot too.


We all know that isn't the case PPP. You're Nuzach, you're a pedophile, get raped to death by prison inmates.


>t. Sneedious the incel tranny
Sorry fam we all know it's you.


That's true mang, Sneedious a nuzach fer sure.


File: 1666286045641.jpg (46.87 KB, 1079x647, 1079:647, Nuzach is PPP.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Nice try, it's PPP and we know that PPP so stop trying to play damage control because everyone's fucking smarter than you are and you're just finding that out now lol


Nah fam we got proof that Sneed's a fur fag gay pedo, got proof he posts cub porn and tranny pron and gay porn, got proof he defends loli and cp in the name of free speech, we all know what he is, we all saw the screenshots mang.


I dont care about Sneed we ain't talking bout him, we talking bout you browser hopping and IP hopping to White Knight yourself as Nuzach and as PPP, you have only yourself to blame for giving away your game faggot.


Nah fam we got proof that Sneed's a fur fag gay pedo, got proof he posts cub porn and tranny pron and gay porn, got proof he defends loli and cp in the name of free speech, we all know what he is, we all saw the screenshots mang.


> browser hopping and IP hopping
Lol what? Is this a new conspiracy or something? I'm not wasting my time doing that when I can do lol pedo and make you seethe. Why would I even bother to do that?
Lol pedo, nice cope.


>Nah fam we got proof that Sneed's a fur fag gay pedo, got proof he posts cub porn and tranny pron and gay porn, got proof he defends loli and cp in the name of free speech, we all know what he is, we all saw the screenshots mang.
Yeah shit that's right I forgot all about that, there's actual picture evidence. Plus I fucked up my post so deal with double posting!


File: 1666286436160.gif (481.64 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 435.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Desperate and same comment spamming, you'll blame anyone.
Types like Nuzach, defends PPP, shifts blame.
>wasting my time
It's really not that hard to do but I'm not shocked someone as dumb as you would find it difficult to have two browsers open and a lil button that says, switch IP lol.
God you're so pathetic it's amazing PPP.


You fucked up more than that buddy.


Not really. About half of all homosexual men admit to having had sex with young boys at some point in their life. And I'd wager about a third of all furries are into cub porn. When you add those numbers up, it doesn't look. I don't know why anyone would deny that this is stronger evidence for pedophilia unless they were a gay furry themselves trying to run damage control.


Lol what are you doing?
Ok nice cope pedo


Wait, is this a mod? Are you checking ids butthurt someone else isn't sucking Axle or Sneedious or Nuzach's dick? Gahoole, are you post history checking again?


Shut up Emojitroon with your made up numbers
PPPedo is calling me the pedo, so that is how I know Im not a pedo. Anyone Nuzach/PPP called a pedo? Doubt it now, they probably got staged forged proof if anything with how dumb this fat fuck is lol


File: 1666286577693.png (309.92 KB, 427x576, 427:576, 2c4.png) ImgOps iqdb

I have my own program to see the hashcodes on sites lmfao


Lol what a nut, you just see people posting and try the ole' smaefag' defense. Tranny pedophile.


Same exact post >>119267 he admits he's fucked up and not a single one is on the same IP. Two are on the same browser, one is not.

So yeah, fucked up BADLY.


Cope and seethe about how Im right and youre wrong in the comments below.


Wow you sound like a nut. Some desperate cope-ology here on display. Fuck off Axle defense force, no faggot furry pedophiles. Unless Gahoole likes that sort of thing I guess.


Shut up Nuzach/PPP no1curr


Uh yeah because I forgot to greentext his comment, I even said I fucked up the next time I >greentext'd his comment like I meant…


So you admit to browser and IPhopping twice now, cool.


File: 1666286804856-0.png (2.2 MB, 3100x1855, 620:371, 24563474568.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1666286804856-1.png (448 KB, 800x758, 400:379, 3457234678356.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1666286804868-2.png (1.83 MB, 960x914, 480:457, 125345634756.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1666286804868-3.png (5.25 MB, 2388x3004, 597:751, 36956783465245.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1666286804868-4.png (270.11 KB, 1096x2893, 1096:2893, 356735684567345.png) ImgOps iqdb

>made up numbers


>t Gahoole's tranny girlfriend
Nice firends Gahoole's surrounding himself with, gay pedophiles and off their med trannies.


You're doing Nuzach's thing
Nigga I mean this aint the thread for it clearly, are you as dumb as PPP over here? Lol


No, that's not what I said tranny


nd you're doing the crazy tranny thing.


It is what I said.
So you admit you're as retarded as PPP then emojitroon?


>t Nuzach


>t Asston


And there it is the final Nuzach cope, calling other people himself.


>t Axle


lol pedo



lol pedo


Let's put this way, people with actual evidence of being pedos are the ones actually super mad at Axle and his gimmick.
Do I need to say their names?


Nuzach take, even the same style of posting.


>t. Esoteric Platespicism


I opened this expecting a good meme, but instead it's literally CP.
Bravo, Nuzach, you're now once again posting CP to falseflag and "win" internet arguments.


Imagine if Ashley Boettcher, Jenny Nicholson, Bailey (whatever her kike surname is) and Megan Paski all had a lesbian orgy. Or better yet, what if they were all dick girls and were sucking eachother off?


WTFFFFF is wrong with you?
I thought you were bullshit lying until I watched it to the end. Fuck you >>119464.


Literal CP posted by Asston aka Nuzach.


Judging by Nuzach and Emojitroon's actions and words over the past few weeks, my theory that Emojitroon is together with Plategang on discord is now confirmed.
Probably same can be said about Nuzach, both are regurgitating the sane talking points of plategang/forgegang, both are simping for Asston and other e-celebs hated by /cow/. All while pushing false narratives and trying to attack any anons who give a different take.




>t. tranny pedophile posting child porn at people


Not a pedo and I never post CP, we all know you did PPPuzach over being exposed as Asston. Pretty fucking obvious mah dood.




File: 1666299350731.jpg (28 KB, 640x360, 16:9, thumb561494791-640x360.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb


>No goyim, don't complain about child porn
>Just accept it
>It's good and natural.


It's called hit the report button instead of trying to use low grade anon mob psych to fool others about who posted it. Your tactics fail each time Asston, grow up.


>No goyim, don't complain about child porn
>Just accept it
>It's good and natural.


File: 1666299777288.jpg (126.24 KB, 922x998, 461:499, p06uz7hvuai61.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb


>t. seething pedophile


Asston is seething and is a pedophile but you quoted the wrong post newfag.




Whatever asston


File: 1666300365885.jpg (281.81 KB, 1200x720, 5:3, j-balvin-mcdonalds-collabo….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

<Two or more anons make objective post about Axle and the drama, saying to deslike Axle, and pointing out Corey Barnhill and PPP for being behind a lot of shit going on for months.
<Nuzach, Emojitroon or another sperg like Eso Shaggyism starts spamming the entire board
They also tell an objective truth, many of the so-called moralists going after Axle had or have connections with real pedos, in most cases there is more evidence of them being pedos than Axle.
Examples, Jewsh Moon, Corey Barnhill, Bryan Dunn, EarJuice, Grossly Offensive, Ashton Parks.

Emojitroon is defending plategang for weeks now.
Nuzach is defending Asthon and seething on Gahoole for over one year now.


Best post anyone's made in this thread.


<The moment Axle is criticized someone starts screaming about Nuzach PPP, act.
<They post child porn and blame fat fuck PPP
>seething on Gahool >>119560 poster constantly falseflags and samefags as people.
Worst post. Everyone one that list plus AXle and >>119560 are pedophiles


This post sums up exactly what I was thinking.


Emojitroon, you're pathetic as fuck. Same can be said about Nuzach. Sorry to break it, but you both will never be good trolls.


>t. samefag pedophile


Your new gimmick sucks. Like all the others before.


File: 1666305104087.png (905.73 KB, 631x631, 1:1, lmao.png) ImgOps iqdb

I ain't even trying to troll YOU but YOU keep thinking everyones fucking emojitroon and fucking this up.


>the tranny posted this dogshit reaction meme again


Already back, loser?


File: 1666305554226.png (1.04 MB, 628x631, 628:631, lol what even.png) ImgOps iqdb

I got a bunches of them


But zero life.


Well not since I've been on disability now no, I am older than you think I am lol


What are they putting in the water in Britbongland? That bitch looks old for 12.


the pedo in that vid cockmogs me. Im gonna go cry


dw it's because the child is so small, gross but true.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
Oh shit, that's cool.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
Based Gahoole is streaming with Axle, Daimyo and the San Francisco skinnyfag.

Discordspics and actual pedos will seethe.


The Dreamup Teamup is in fact happening. Good God, actual pedos gonna be on suicide watch after this.


Based Satan digits, Eso Shaggyism and other discordfags are watching the New Zeland fed streaming to five people while Gahoole and Axle are talking about JBalvin for 60 views.


Hehehe I got shadow banned quick myself.


Reminder that ironic pedophilia is still pedophilia. No matter how much "anti-pedos are da real pedos!" coping you do won't change that. That's straight up ZZZchan logic.


I love little girls, they make me feel so BAD


Reminder that Void, the admin on Onionfarms is a pedophile and has hard evidence of him expressing his desire to rape both male and female children, his favorite age is 4. He calls other people pedophiles all day so wait for fucking proof until you do it, people won't forget to call a platespic a platespic.
Shut up platespic.


I am absolutely convinced at this point anyone running an imageboard, forum, or discord server is connected to some fucked up pedo troll cabal.


And most know each other, there is proof of a janny ring out there that is the reason I got so much heat. Pedophiles don't like being exposed as jannies it turns out.


Danny Elfman platespic confirmed!?


good one, meanwhile emojitroon and platepics are seething fucking hard

Grossly is a pedo

EarJuice is Corey minion and a old fart pedo too


axle won. pedophile PPP pedophile corey barnhill and pedophile grossly B T F O!


>pedophile PPP pedophile corey barnhill and pedophile grossly B T F O!
Completely all scum of the earth who clearly deserve the wall, they should not be allowed near anyone with the clear threat they are to society.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 1666427824969.webm (1.9 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Grossly_admits_DJ_Axle_gr….webm) ImgOps iqdb

Shilling yourself here, Grossly? Or are you one of the discordspics from Corey?


>Dj Axle shows up to post child porn at people calling him a pedo
>N-no it's you!
Nice try Axle you pedo, a video saying 'people from your server were posting child porn!' and everyone saying 'No' right after is hardly evidence compared to >>119752
Axle the sick pedo fuck posting child porn on /dunk/ to defend his honor. Thank God the mods deleted it and banned Axle, but he'll just ban evade like usual.


That sounds like something Axle would do, he does like sending people CP and falseflagging as other people. He was pretending to be a tranny and Sneedious earlier too.


Axle's a disgusting fucker, started off grooming kids in Second life using a werewolf avatar, furfag used to keep clips of him hitting on young boys until people started reporting his account.




>t. Axle the furfag pedophile


Nah Grosslyzach Im not.


>Dj Axle confirmed faggot furry pedophile
>Close friend of Gahoole.


Nuzach nobody believes you and nobody cares. Stop defending your pedophile friends and go sign up where all you platespics hang out over at onionfarms the site for legitimate pedophiles to hang out with.
They won't hate you as much as everyone else does.


>Wolfspider confirmed Pedophile
>Close friend of Gahoole
>Mark Mann confirmed pedophile
>Close friend of Gahoole
>Sneedious confirmed furfag faggot
>Close friend of Gahoole
>Daiymo confirmed child porn poster
>Close friend of Gahoole


Now I just think none of them are thanks to you saying they are Nuzach lol



>t. Dj Axle
>t. Sneedious
>Gahoole -raided by F.B.I on behalf of Lockheed Martin after his I.P is tagged visiting a site hosting child pornography. Charges still pending due to ongoing investigation.


>Nuzach getting caught by /cow/ in the men's glory hole stop.


>I'll prove I'm not a gay tranny pedophile by posting gay pedo tranny porn!
Hey still seething about Sam Hyde and how you've been dickriding nobody losers to make yourself feel important?


Lol yeah the discord trannies have been raging hard about Sam Hyde taking a picture with PPP instead of Gahoole, is this what it's about?


Yeah it's a massive cope over Gahoole, Daiymo and Axle fucking themselves out of youtube careers.


I kinda don't care about any of that. Besides Same Hyde is a child groomer so he just endorsed PPP to give PPP that extra layer of proof of being a pedophile.


>says the tranny faggot pedo poster


Nuzach you're the pedophile here, stop calling everyone else a pedophile just for being right when you're wrong.


Lol look at this nasty retard faggot trying to convince people he's 'right' by posting nigger dicks. Fucking tranny faggot, probably the one that posts all the cp here aren't you. Either Sneedious or one of the trannies from Moliberries tranny server.


Watch out, make him angry enough and he'll start posting child porn and call you Nuzach.


Lol like Sneedious or Axle need an excuse to post CP. That's just another day to them.


Like a faggot needs a reason to be a faggot
>I'm posting these gay nigger dicks to own you and not because I'm a faggot!
Keep posting them faggot, doesn't bother me if you want to prove you're the tranny BBC poster.


File: 1666460087663.gif (1.37 MB, 385x308, 5:4, Noel Ramon.gif) ImgOps iqdb


>Discordspic and Emojitroon astroturfing


File: 1666484765880.jpg (403.03 KB, 1132x898, 566:449, J-Balvin.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Corey Barnhill is a pedophile and a loser
Grossly Offensive is a pedophile and a loser


File: 1666492232358.jpg (140.25 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1666040833225661.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Do Ramon fans go to Ramon's backlog when Ramon was not fucking trannys? And get a hard-on so they can masturbate only to switch it over to the tranny pornography to finish off the cooming?


I don't know what you're talking about, I watch RamonKino for the plot, cinematography, character development, and mise en scene.



t. fag


File: 1666533364457.jpg (380.94 KB, 1280x1919, 1280:1919, pirates.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

I doubt it.It is like the times when I said, I watched Pirates and at that time it was the most expensive pornography movie that was made, it even had CGI and it had a beautiful pornwhores, I think most of them are either MIA or dead.
So it is a real haunted pornography movie, and i have it on a dead platform namely HD DVD.


File: 1666588723520.png (2.89 MB, 1665x1266, 555:422, groom2.png) ImgOps iqdb

>get called pedophile for months
<nothing happens
>calls the detractors pedophile for one day
<they implode


Yes, you're fag, Nuzach, you love amateur nigger porn.


What happened? Any new shit about Grossly being a pedo, EarJuice being a pedo, Corery Barnhill being a pedo and etc?


DJ Axle is based and funny like myself.


File: 1666627485798.png (Spoiler Image, 176.42 KB, 1308x392, 327:98, Godwinsonsceencap.png) ImgOps iqdb

Someone posted this picture in Godwinson's chat yesterday.


Aha! You fell into Sneedious' RUSE. He posts retarded shit and if you make fun of him for it, it just proves that YOU are a retard! Another victim of the Rusemaster Trollgod Sneedious.


Noooo! I've been rused! RUSED! Curse you Sneedious, and your sheer machiavellian devilry!


The maestro!
Seriously though why would someone even post dickshitting here how is that not banable but black cocks are?
GAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOLEEEEEEEEE this just proves you are a furry who likes penises pooping!


because I spoilered it because it's nasty.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
I'm finally watching this.




Perspic lost

Corery Barnhill lost

PPP lost

Grossly lost


Shhh I have to push a lie that Gahoole has a poopdick fetish.


I lost


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
The Norway gnome expose the eternal anglo pedophile and other subhumans


thank you for sharing this gem. i almost forgot to sub to get notifications.


Gahoole, be careful around the ThreeFour guy, he's a faggot like Bryan and Perspic, with the difference of being possible a fed and involved with Plategang.
He's a snake piece of shit.


>He's a snake piece of shit.
They all are. Gahoole needs to get the fuck out of that den of vipers.


>gahoole lets plategang in to fight with tvchan vols
<doesn't let dj axle in for a 3-way fight
you killed kino Gahoole


He is CIA.


File: 1668054212058.mp4 (3.17 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Warhammer wtf.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

I remember of this fag on Surfer's telegram, the dude looks like he's in his mid 40's and yet act like a teenager, it's like a fed posting Pepe and trying to act dumb and cute to fit in.

Also, he's part of the Forgegang together with SpicOfNiccolo and those other freaks fags.


Gahoole, do you know about EarJuice and Hayppa? She's a 40's year old whore who's being the e-girl in this arc, she is trying to manipulate all faggots z-celebs from discord. Now, Earjuice is "e-dating" her while both seethe about Axle and Shaggy.


Lol. FBI maybe.


Earjust is pathetic as fuck, the guy should just make songs and stop sucking the dick of e-celebs and simping for e-girls.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
The council won.
Mister Reddikur is dead.


>months later
<Gahoole, Daiymo and Axle keep fighting for the people and true kino
>Bryan Dunn (pedo fag) keep sucking Earwinson dick and flirting with twinks
>PPP is getting fatter and fatter
>Earwinson is reddit
>Surfer keep acting like a jew schizo
>Grossly Offensive barely get 100 views in his boring videos
>Perspicacity got infected by monkey pox again
Yep, >we won, tvch bros and /cow/ bros.


File: 1676791178890.gif (1.69 MB, 480x192, 5:2, Axle Potter.gif) ImgOps iqdb

<Earwinson and Asston are bitch slapping each other and gaslighting their low iq audience
<Meanwhile Axle and Gahoole are comfy, solving puzzles.
Unironically a best online friendship imo.


Platespics are seething! SEETHING!


I can smell the sour taco-odour of Dr Rockzo's breath as we speak


I bet he recently sucked a tranny dick.


I think he's more likely to suck off Zoom, being a loyal capo to his flabby doxfather, after all.


File: 1678160889621.png (8.52 KB, 575x104, 575:104, pedo pride world wide.png) ImgOps iqdb



That is a good comparison in that the only people actually complaining about the 'pedo panic' being 'bad' are the guilty ones, just like the 'Satanic panic'


That's more sarcasm than a man would use. Women can't post here you know.


Its not sarcastic you bastard. People who complain about others targeting pedos online are, likely, pedos themselves. Ditto with the media crying about muh Satanic panic in the 90s.


Oh you're just a pedophile trying to shift bland, gotcha pedo.


The satanic panic was all wrapped up in pedo stuff lol. (This is to be expected, as they would variously look at it from a scientific methodology such as classicical conditioning or as ritual sex magic stuff.)


FACTS, look at Gahoole and his guntstream efriends


Bryan Dunn here, I want to be railed by Daiymo and Axle.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
new arc, is this the end??


>when you go to the furry server looking to grief, and the furries are cooler than you are, and all you can do is stand there stuttering
Kind of sad


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
We won bros.. We fucking won!


Holasoygeibaldín and I'm dropping my Mac Donald's order. Lego!

The big mac! No pickles, please.

There you go!

Demediumfries? Con ketchup.




The Jay Balvin Meal. Get it on the Mic Donald's App.

And the McFlurry, is on me.

iLego! I'm lovin' it.


sovl & kino


some faggot flagged his stream about France being burned by shitskins

so because of that lost of kino im reporting Bryan Dunn garbage tier channel, hopefully Bryan will finally kill himself after that


axle don't stream so much for a neet, while all those married men are always streaming lol


darn, missed that one


File: 1691815201393.jpg (147.81 KB, 736x1232, 46:77, FqJd6RKWcAAabeW.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb


Ur waifu is trash, TABARNAK


Axle cat died.




Based Monkey Kino making the true pedos seethe.

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