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He's not wrong. Metal Gear is thematically juvenile. That's not why it's a good series. It's good because it's a retarded meme, and it has fun gameplay.


For me MGS2 was the last good one, and the first half or so of MGS5. All the others were shit. Also Sutherland was a way better Snake than Hayter.
It may seem hard to believe but as recently as 2015 the whole chanosphere was still soying over Hackjima.


>series is thematically against everything you believe in
Not even Kojimbo himself knows what that is and a shitty voice actor thinks he knows better.
That explains a lot lmao.


Yeah, Sutherland was actually fine, and Hayter's Snake, while iconic, does sound like a goofy cartoon character, and probably wouldn't have fit what Kojima wanted for MGSV.
The game had other problems, but I'm not that mad that David Hayter wasn't in it, when all was said and done.


File: 1668862868299.png (326.98 KB, 455x739, 455:739, Kojima not a gay.png) ImgOps iqdb

Of course Kojima is left-wing. No shit, Sherlock. You must have been living under a rock if you weren't aware of that by now.
At least he's not a gay, though.


I played the beginning of MGS 1. Should I keep playing the whole series or does it get to shit at some point. I was sold when the games had so many easter eggs that other games just didn't have back then.


Stop playing after MGS3, the Subsistence version if possible. 3 was supposed to be the last game but Kojima came back and made 4 and beyond because of death threats he was getting from fans (death threats are taken a lot more seriously in Japan and with good reason; Japanese psychos don't play around). To vent his frustration, he decided to make every game from that point on a middle finger to the audience who gobbled it up and asked him for more every time.


I honestly don't get modern nerds, Japanese or otherwise. They always turn their favorite hobby or entertainment franchise into a large part of their identity, much like how everyone used to treat religion. Which is why they feel personally offended when people like Hackjima or Anno clearly don't want to take their creations further, and yet when they're forced to shit out a gigantic fuck you sequel, nerds still willingly gobble the slop as if it's the only thing giving meaning to their lives.


Nowadays, whatever your deepest desire or greatest pleasure is is seen as your true self. Everything else is viewed as artificial and imposed on you by others; any attempt at changing yourself, even for the better, is "living a lie". You see this with the LGBTwhatever where whatever sexually stimulates them becomes their identity. How often have you heard them cry that the notion that their fetish isn't equal to the love between a husband and wife makes them feel less human? They tie their very humanity to whatever makes their genitals excited. Conversely, if someone's greatest pleasure and deepest desire is to play certain video games, then that's what they base their identity around and any attacks on those games become attacks on their essence as humans.


What? Nah I just feel more natural in the female role, it's more than just sex. I think if we didn't have such strict 1950s gender roles I wouldn't even identify as a woman just look mostly like one.
Fact of the matter is I do understand both genders since I was raised male but I'm understood by and understand women better intuitively. Id rather play a matronly role than a partial role.
If it was about sex I've always been bi so for me it doesn't stick.
I will admit you're correct for a startling amount but for example one of my best friends is like me but is a feminine guy, still identifies as a guy just really likes girly shit and has more of the sexual appeal one would normally think towards woman besides the fact he does top. And for him it is more about sex too but he doesn't identify with women on the level I do.
Then there's men like keffals who call themselves a woman but clearly still act like men and only want to be in a woman's role for sex and that's the group you're right on. It's an issue that needs addressing but by grouping us all together you lose the best people to help you fight this, people like me who view them as sex jester versions of ourselves. Shit makes me mad to see them get implants and just mock my very existence. If they were born women they'd transition into men, if I was born a woman I'd be like any other woman.
So just remember your best allies against that degeneracy is the LGBT.


Hayter is a shit voice actor


File: 1668879976588.jpg (92.9 KB, 600x716, 150:179, d88916ef16fb6385.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Kill yourself faggot


>your best allies against degeneracy are the degenerates
Are you having a stroke?


Does this ever work btw?
Well that's what I'm saying is your issue, you'd lump me in with freaks who fuck in a parade and wave their dicks in front of children when my degeneracy is confined to a bedroom and just what? Looking slightly male still while not even wearing that girly of shit?
I don't go into any public restrooms let alone women's ones, only time I did was when I worked as a manager for fast food to clean them.
The issue I'm saying is that clearly you're comparing apples to oranges and claiming both are sex pests when the apples hate that oranges are dressed up as gimps trying to groom your children at libraries too.



I've seen people especially third worlders do the same with football/soccer and their favorite clubs or worse, national teams of other countries. The latter is even more retarded because it's essentially like being a male feminist or "gamers" arguing the pros and cons of a game because they thought watching let's plays is as valid as actually playing the game.


So you admit it doesnt work.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
>MGS is just the retarded 2deep4u meme game
I blame that franchise and Rockstar Games for encouraging failed artists to dive down videogames as their second chance whenever Pedowood producers tell them to fuck off. You get:
>Last of Us
>God of War
And if you think those interactive movies were easy as shit, turn up the difficult and the game's mechanics break or refuse to work and they pass it as bigger challenges.

<Kojimbo bought a woke shirt with a typo: n-worders
How the hell did he end up being a producer instead of designing or learning to code when he arrived at Konami?


File: 1668891362210.png (769.22 KB, 558x744, 3:4, bryansoyboygape.png) ImgOps iqdb

Hackjima is a cancer, same about his fanboys, pic related.


>same about his fanboys
Where are you from that you so consistently fuck this phrase's grammar up. I've seen you do it many, many times on the site.


I'm a zzzchan pedophile just like yourself.


I meant what country are you from, you terminally online retard.


File: 1668911537268.gif (3.83 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ppp tism rage.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>being here, ever single weekend sperging out at random anons
<you're the one terminally online, retard!


I pop in every now and then, stop projecting, you barely literate dramawhore. PPP was never funny.


I've been aware about it for 7 years and was mobbed by /v/kikes back in 2015 when I tried to warn them.


Very feminine behaviour


I'm gonna say this, you need to get your fag friends to start being violent and vocal against those people, and those friends need to get their friends to do the same. Because when the time comes, you'll catch a bullet unless you do something now.


Trust me, the gay version of the NRA is more effective than the actual NRA we already won after Trump dropped the ball, unironically.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
Every time someone brings up Kojima's fuckboys, these cucks always come in mind.


One of many Bryan failures, and yes, this fag right here >>122106 probably is Bryan.


File: 1668999156644.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 7.77 KB, 271x186, 271:186, meatball parm hero.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>voice actor in a video game
No, anon. This is a hero.


>not Super Ramon or JBalvin
I'm disappointed


David Hayter stopped being a good voice actor for Snake starting from MGS3, his performances in MGS4 and especially Peace Walker were borderline parody, he's also a whiny faggot and I'm glad Hideo permanently BTFO him.


You know why MGS franchise went to shit? It's because of meme-regurgitating faggots like Vinesauce. You know, mr funny-voice-man. Vinny is a talentless hack.


File: 1669045787587.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.06 MB, 640x360, 16:9, bea92c24e160b02ba750aa69d….webm) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1669050174533.jpg (54.1 KB, 877x391, 877:391, they live not the jews.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Death of the author lmao


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>what makes you think it's antisemitism?
>it's all about fascism
Did MGS ever point out that the super agents are nothing but liberal pawns defending a warmongering middle east country?


>unrestrained capitalism
Ironic that he mentioned two things that are the direct result of jews running the economy as an excuse that no, it wasn't about jews lmao.


File: 1669073966741.jpg (287.57 KB, 1500x905, 300:181, DAJOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSS.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb



>"this series is against everything you believe in"
>Does not elaborate any further.


File: 1669074977026.png (686.29 KB, 860x1630, 86:163, 55d466f67907415c7e266f54a7….png) ImgOps iqdb

Nazis manchild being destroyed by their own Gods.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
100% right about everything said


Evil West looks like a dumb version of gears of war. Characters, weapons, animation, kills…honestly looks like a ps3 game. God of War was shit too. Great looking graphics, shit animation that doesn't look like you're connecting to anything during fights, retard zoomer dialogue, the game and story is actually about Krato's gay kid that nobody cares about. They gave him a kid because the Last of Us had a kid and the designer talked about having more mature sensibilities as an older adult and the Nu-God of War developers copied it note for note even to the point that one of them did an interview where he aped everything the last of us designer said about fatherhood. Literally cashing in on 'dad gamers' going 'They're just like us! They have real responsibilities! They have to pay their electricity bills! So relatable!' the game before that Kratos was raping gorgons to death and slapping oracle titties with his dong.


The best "dad simulator" game is the Witcher 3 where it's really about how good an example you set for your daughter at the very end.


The basic gist of MGS is "war bad, divisions bad, nations aren't real and shit, soldier's lives are hard"
People get tricked by all of the philosophy fluff kojima drops into his games but the actual overall message of the franchise is incredibly Sunday school.

Honestly, Metal Gear Rising might be the most smartly written game. The idea that there's a certain need in society to weaponize violent psychopaths to maintain order. That's a much more intellectually compelling concept than The Boss seeing the world from space and realising borders aren't real.


>The basic gist of MGS is "war bad, divisions bad, nations aren't real and shit, soldier's lives are hard"
In other words, become another conformist, coonsooming liberal/leftist nigger lover and invite ZOGmerica into your country to dissolve your people. Kojima went so far in MGS2 as to insinuate that anyone who noticed this pattern (Solidus Snake) was just a stooge for….something…just don't notice anything! Don't believe your lying eyes!
MGS2 was amusing in a shitty way but every MGS after that is dogshit. Kojima was laughably wrong about PMCs. The real proxies are NGOs but Kojima couldn't mention that because all the NGOs are liberal ZOGmerican beacons of transsexualism, butt sex, and nigger worship. Kojima had to make everything PMCs to imply that "fascism" was around the corner.
Kojima was just another propagandist for the US State Department.


MGS2 was redpilled, after that they subverted the story into every faction just trying to impress The Boss mary sue character in some way.


>MGS2 was redpilled
it really was not. The symbol of Redpill in MGS2 is Solidus and Kojima hated him.


File: 1669086554018.jpg (48.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mgs2.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Tomokazu Fukushima was the real brains behind the MGS story, Kojima raping Solidus' character in MGS4 is irrelevant to MGS2's message.
The AI codec call is full of redpills and how (((globalists))) manufacturing narratives through information warfare.


Kojima already implied that Solidus was delusional in MGS2. Go view the ending again, it's all a refutation of Solidus and "the patriots really don't exist, you just have to choose your own opinions."


>dumb version of gears of war
Gears of War is already dumb and only muttmericans with low iq played it anyway


Fukushima just wrote the secondary codec sequences, the whole story was Kojima and apparently he failed to understand it.


Hackjima and his fans are subhumans.

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