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File: 1677261575110.webm (5.34 MB, 512x282, 256:141, cuckchan vs 8chan.webm) ImgOps iqdb


The absolute state, imageboards are dead, sadly. 8chan was the last time imageboards had any freedom and soul.


What's your IP? I can tell you why you got shadowbanned.


File: 1677262500094.png (3.54 MB, 1186x2048, 593:1024, average NCR fanboy.png) ImgOps iqdb

After years I decided to try to post anything there, I checked a New Vegas thread, to my surprise, I see that indeed /v/eddit is more reddit than ever.
The majority of posters there are crying about "chuds" and saying "Legion and Mr House are trash". I replied twice, none of the times my post appeared.
I decided to check my first post - I made three posts in total on cuckchan today- , made in a thread about mods where I talked about a mod that removes all the poz from Hogwarts Legacy, since I enjoy creating mods for games and I've created several over the years, my post is also not appearing in the thread.
This is disgusting, in my opinion worse than simply being banned. If I were a billionaire I would buy 4chan and clean up the mods and remove some boards where niggers and jews spam porn.


Might be your region


Rageban is faggy as fuck. The only times rageban was funny in the past was when turkey was blocked.
If any place deserves to be rageban, is California.


>complaining about ban happy cuckchan mods on tvch.moe
>still browsing cuckchan


File: 1677268480785.jpg (48.08 KB, 483x554, 483:554, SLEEPING.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

You're so predictable and characterless.


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Tits or gtfo


oh nooooo 4chan mods can shadow ban now whatever will we do to get around this conundrum?!…
>opens incognito window


File: 1677278434736.jpg (262.64 KB, 1918x550, 959:275, cuckchannel.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

He's also right faggot


Hi Jane,
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By he (You) mean yourself, lazy subhuman.


I went on /co/ because I've been sort of getting back into comics and wanted to see if I could find anything interesting. The place is worse than I could have imagined. Every thread is BLM shit during American hours and AI shit during European ones. I don't imagine it's any better when the Australians and SEAniggers are awake. What's really sad is they've discovered Tamers12345 and many of them unironically see his videos as positive LGBT representation. They've talked about trying to get him to put more pro-gay shit into them.


The place became the shithole everyone there mocked.


While redditors are regurgitating retarded memes from 2007, as long they're harmless.

Not to mention, stroking the ego of fags who are worse than Tom Preston.


Many years ago, both /v/ and /co/ already had their share of garbage users and awful mods, same about /tg/, by now those boards are probably reddit tier, unironically. Anything makes you be banned, a few years ago /tg/ already used to ban you for posting anything cringe about sjws infesting the hobbies or if you used "no-no-words" like tranny or kike.

For real, I wish someone good could buy 4chan and try to revive the days of glory.


File: 1677450281632.webm (1.95 MB, 640x480, 4:3, garfield_stops_giving_a_f….webm) ImgOps iqdb

They're unironically worse than reddit, Hiro just wants ad revenue and doesn't give a flying fuck, why he split the board in 2.


So is Hiro behind all the awful mods plaguing 4chan for the last seven years? It's about time to he sell the site.


File: 1677456311858.jpg (245.46 KB, 961x742, 961:742, 4free.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>So is Hiro behind all the awful mods plaguing 4chan for the last seven years?
No, that was Moot after after Gamergate and /sp/ lighting a fire under his fag ass.


>They're unironically worse than reddit
Only if you do something to piss one of the team cuckchan members off, then they'll stalk your postings and ban for the smallest reason. You can message them in IRC but they're useless retards 99% of the time and tell you it's out of their hands.


With me, they would delete everything I posted without banning or even shadow banning me. I'm not sure what their reasoning was.


No, what you're talking about is not limited to any one guy but is basically the result of the liberal/leftist Awokening that began during Obama in 2008-2012. Obama caused a new Great Awakening among libs in 2008. That laid the ground for the Gamergate rebellion in 2014. 8chan had an /irc/ board that archived all the 4chan janitor leaks from 2013 which is what motivated Hotwheels to create 8chan in the first place. It was like a GG trial run. You could see in the leaks how the 4chan mods were aping Reddit speech, mod habits, and lib politics.
It would be wrong to blame Moot. He was a hapless shithead caught in a crossfire. Wrong place, wrong time. He ended up taking it out on /pol/ before he fucked off but that's because /pol/ was an acceptable target and he was leaving anyway. By today's standards Moot was remarkably tolerant of right wing opinions, because deep down that is how he truly felt and you have to hide your power level if you are enmeshed in tech culture, at least back then. Now you have to hide it everywhere.


Hiro probably don't give a fuck about the site, he probably sold the mod positions many years ago to certain (((groups)))


I still go to 4cuck's /toy/ and /m/ occasionally because they're about the only places online for those topics where the woke shit is still kept to somewhat of a minimum. But lately it's been obvious that there's an active effort to get even politically neutral posters to fuck off, you have to actively dicksuck woke shit and even stating that no kind of politics should be part of the discussion is now also grounds for a ban.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
Sadly >we "lost" the cultural war, almost ever single place online has pozzed faggots and golems.
More and more I feel like just giving up of the internet, or just using it but not interacting with anyone.


>Niggerpill on /funk/
Time to do a Humble Harv bud


shitty term used by zzzchaniggers to cope with the reality.


That's surprising to hear that about /m/. I always figured it and /vr/ would be immune to a lot of that shit because they were slow, focused mostly on old and obscure media, and seemed to have a userbase with an average age of around 40.
I decided to check out a few boards because of this thread and see what state they were in.
Their /tv/ is as bad as /co/, with the exception of some remnants of r/mde.
/k/ is unusable now, everything is about Ukraine and any controversial opinion on any subject gets you accused of being a Russian sympathizer and/or a /pol/ack.
/lit/ has turned into a more soy version of /pol/ and every thread that's actually about literature gets less replies than if someone made it on our /lit/, where TBC will at least read the wikipedia article and pretend to give an informed response to every OP.
There seems to be an influx of roasties pouring into /a/, throwing a bitchfit over the idea that virginal waifus are superior.
/jp/ actually seems to be resisting the pozz pretty well by spamming 2hus every time some faggot tries to spread it. It's like Switzerland at the end of The Camp of Saints.


You can get banned from /m/ for saying shit like the Feddies were just as bad as the Zeon for instance. Before your posts get deleted also be prepared to have what I can only describe as IRL soyjaks descending on you with passive-aggressive walls of text for even daring to suggest that the Zeon, who are their strawmen for Nazis, Imperial Japan and whatever the fuck else boogeyman they're currently attacking, are not 100% evil, racist equivalent of American rednecks that need to be genocided.


It's literally a theme of several Gundam shows that the Feddies are capable of being just as bad as Zeon.


I swear the /vr/ mod is just insufferably autistic. I've gotten banned for bringing up new games, within the context of old games, which to me seems perfectly, but this guy blows a gasket when he sees it. I got banned for bringing up one of those modern pinball games, which for all intents and purposes are just recreations of retro pinball tables.


>Niggerpill is also the board wars faggot
lel, kys Twitterfaggot


/m/ recently deleted my Gundam thread for no good reason whatsoever. Didn't even get a warning since no rule was broken. Mods have no accountability whatsoever and can delete valid threads on a whim.


Precisely, which is why the 4cuck /m/ jannies are retarded.


There is, or was, at least one janny on /vr/ who deletes any post talking about the autistic cabal of Working Designs shills harassing the guy that made those un-worked patches for Lunar, Popful Mail, and the like.
Same thing happened to me multiple times on /m/ and /vr/. I suspect they delete threads that aren't made by regulars or are made by those with a history of wrong-think.


Yea, /vr/ is too one of the worst boards when it comes to random deletions. There are certain games you're not allowed to discuss no matter what because they trigger the jannies.


There's a guy who shows up periodically to remind people that the Sega Master System was originally called the Sega System, and inevitably gets banned for it. It's pretty fucking funny. I don't know what the fuck the jannie's problem is though.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
They won't hesitate and ban you if you shit on the CCP or Israel, they became Zionist-Bolsheviks. During the pandemic, one of Team Fortress 2 voice actors passed away and if you bring up the fact that it was the negligence of the Chinese Communist Party: Your post would get deleted under the excuse that you're a bot, as if being a mutilated mutt regurgitating what a bearded kike with self-pity is what makes you human.


So like /dunk/ in other words.


Nigger dicks aren't free speech


Just ignore the pedo neet.
Even before GamerGate /m/ always was shit full of pretentious faggots who love to larp as hipsters, but only listen shitty rap.


Tell that to the jews


He's telling that to you, jew.


File: 1677725114080.png (125.8 KB, 1142x299, 1142:299, Diskotek_logo.png) ImgOps iqdb

Those cuckolds openly support buying localized releases and have American publishers that shill their blu-rays there, and it's obvious when they post.


>I always figured it and /vr/ would be immune to a lot of that shit
It isn't. It has its own same handful of posters that autistically sperg at each other, and the board's just humorless and boring otherwise because all the knowledgeable posters left.


File: 1677759173704.jpg (159.98 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, 1611775585843.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

LMFAO! I fucking love this.

>be Josh

>make shitty code
>single_handedly destroyed 8chan
>promotes CP and run off the user base
>years later
>Makes shitty website that's only used by women and simps
>almost gets shut down by trannies
>Pretend to be winning

The state of the kiwifarms is the greatest cope I've ever seen on the internet. I'm going to raise a glass and rejoice when it goes down for good.


This. I was the OP of that /tv/ thread about puppetkino and the mecha show I mentioned there was already fully subbed years ago. Because I lost the files on my hard drive and the show is getting a model kit released I went to the fansubber's site to redownload the show so I can watch it again in anticipation of the upcoming kit, and lo and behold, they deleted it because fucking Discotek is also releasing the BD set. The fansubbers are /m/ regulars and I guess their subs for X-Bomber were bought by Discotek which is why they took it down.


Isn't cuck/m/ the place where they actively encourage you to buy Harmony Gold cancer?


Like I said, tell it to the jews. I don't post 'em even if they are free speech.


Are the subs up on nyaa?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
How long did it take for them to finally turn on the tranny who asks to his audience of underage retards for nude
pictures on his echochamber at Discord? Because one thing for sure is, they pretend they hate the lolcow (as long he's a liberal or leftie) only for the next day to send him donations and expect him to do better, like babysitters.


The truth is, Josh is one of the biggest lolcows out there, but no one has the balls to deal with him. The youtube channels who makes lolcow videos to the normalfags will never dare to talk anything negative about him.
The best hope is that the breadtuber fags could make a documentary about him. That would certainly stir the waters.


No, but they certainly encourage buying other trash localized releases, on top having unironic dubcucks on there.

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