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Zach moved to the british general on 4chan /int/
Raven poster is probably dead
emojitronn is now on the french general on 4chan /int/
Yakuza ( me ) moved to the real life and ps5 . He have sex with aryan women but he's sad because he just want to have a family with a asian godness monkey like Marina nagasawa
Gahoole moved too discord tranny.

Truly a sad era.




you will be brutalized by a nigger and gahoole will be groomed into tranny and marry sister-brother.


>all the cancer is finally gone
Good, now we can discuss films


I hecking love Gahhole!


I wish I knew where else to go.


Raven stopped posting on /tv/ even before 8chan went down, probably because of the constant bullying but I like to think he woke up one day and realized he needed to grow up and stop obsessing over a character from a children's cartoon that's a spinoff of another children's cartoon that's an adaption of a children's comic book.
Why? What games are out for that thing aren't also on everything else?




His twisted goth fetish lol


Did you know that your mother will die in her sleep tonight if you don't stop making shit threads?
He started being called out on some hypocritical stances and couldn't own up to it. He had some schizo cope like he was two different people or something.

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