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>Why I Left and Why I'm Back

>So I've had a lot of people ask why I left. I know I've discussed it, albeit very vaguely, on twitter and I might have mentioned something on my AMA thread, but I want y'all to know the whole truth because honestly? I'm sick of y'all speculating and thinking you know what's going on.

>It had NOTHING to do with my BangBus scene okay? Yeah, the dialogue was fucking stupid and I wouldn't have played so much into race but whatever the cameraman was part Asian and it's fucking called acting. I don't see y'all hating on Brad Pitt for playing a slave owner.

>Very obviously, big reason for quitting was the then-fiancé. I was super in love and wanted to make us work so I agreed to not do my LA trip that was scheduled for last August and then school started so I didn't return. He has since been CANCELED because he had anger issues (holes in the wall of my living room, garage, and bathroom. Also knocked the bathroom door of its hinges and tried to goad me into hitting him), didn't appreciate me enough, and wouldn't get a fucking job so I had to support the both of us.

>Going off of that, I became so depressed in our relationship that I failed my first semester because I couldn't motivate myself to even go to class. So I dropped out of college, which has given me quite a bit of free time hence me wanting to do porn again.

>The "unpleasant experience" I had was in no way involved with a shoot or talent. This is the first time I've openly discussed this, but I assure you I'm very over it. When I was in Florida, late July, I went out clubbing with some girls from my agency and a bodyguard/general employee from a fairly well-known company that I will not name. We all believed him to be dating one of the girls. Anyway, I threw up at the club, we all went back to the house, and I ended up semi-conscious on the couch. The guy was also on the couch with me and was rubbing my legs, which I didn't mind because they were sore from dancing and it seemed fine. Anyway, he asked to go down on me. I made a noise, I guess, which he took as consent. One of the other girls came in while this was happening and had to tell him to stop and physically close my legs and pull down my skirt for me because I was still pretty fucking out of it. She sent me to bed and he blamed it on being drunk. I needed some time to heal after that experience, which made me cancel the rest of my shoots and go home. I will not answer any questions about this, that chapter of my life is done and locked away. I'm over it. But I still want y'all to know.

>I'm back now. Out of my short-lived retirement. I'm very happy with this decision and I feel better than ever. To reiterate: I quit for a couple reasons. None of which involved my BangBus. And I'm back because I finally feel confident and free enough to do this for as long as the industry will have me.

>Thanks for reading, I hope y'all continue to enjoy my scenes!!


>women of all races have no concept of personal responsibility and integrity
>but they would also be the first to call out the lack of personal responsibility and integrity in others especially the men that they themselves previously fell for
>tl;dr they are hypocritical whores
Everyone here already knows this, including even yakuza and Zach.


>I'm a strong independent woman, and I want my marriage to work.
>I divorced him because he wouldn't get a job.
So they know what makes a marriage work, they want it, but they're against it despite making life changes to try and have it


Rural farm culture in Asia has started to erode, now the farmers daughter is some thot in Phuket or Seoul or Nippon or Taipei hooking herself out after dark. Even China has not been able to resist this change.


Who gives two shits about what happens to non-whites? Let them wither off and die.

Threadly reminder that shitskins cannot be redeemed and there's no such thing as based shitskins.


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>putting your face in a porn star's snatch


>avatarfagging faggotry
time to die
>announcing sage for internet points
you too


>capitalising zach but not yakuza
hi zach


>sage as downboot


ONLY White lives matter, nigger.


>nooo dont post images on an imageboard
>noooo dont say sage
>trying to fit in this hard


These are all the same FAGGOT


>everyone is the same person
Meds time.


>meds time


this includes asians (honorary whites)


>1 minute later
>watching the board waiting for a response
>dial 8
Lol schizo time fer ur meds.


Lol soy back to reddit.


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Looks like you're already there reddit ralph!


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my dick is destroying them harder


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I heard that dude was dead.


>adorable flexible feet



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