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Why is he pushed so hard?


He seeded the yellow womb. He is #BLEACHEDright.


Because he has a twink build and gamers are faggots. The only good part of that channel is the fat linux furfag with the fox plushies who probably goes on 4um /g/.




Because he's a racemixing cuckold.


literally who?


The inventor of Linux


literally what?


I think guys like Linus are basically working like actual businesses. He has people employed to talk to advertisers and YouTube, he is trusted at a level where he is given super-expensive products to review and test.

This sort of stuff used to he done by channels like G4, TechTV, magazines, and even large operations like CNET or IGN. The big trick to this stuff is that your advertising partners as well as whoever is using you for a review can push their weight around with a platform like YouTube. Also they likely have efforts to use sights like reddit and facebook, now Meta, to push viewers to the content and develop a "community" with "fans". It's an ecosystem that becomes self-sustaining, everyone pushes on the weak link, YouTube, to push the videos with the algorithm.

You ever notice there aren't merely reviewers any more, unless they are working for some outfit like IGN or National Review Online, now people make communities like the one Grace Randolph worked with. She was picked to be a sort of spokesman, or face, for a media enterprise funding a bunch of different "content creators/aggregators" and she's still around 10 years later because the "community" stuck and she has YouTube followers, Twitter followers, etc. I think she actually bought out the channel at some point and owns it now, or partially, but IDK. Point is, that we have individuals who are the "face" of money interest, they were created amid a changing marketplace to serve the purpose old reviews did, I mean people would read Playboy for articles and reviews of things after the jacked off, they bought the mag cause they had to jack off. Anyways now people have to "use the internet" so these people set up shot on there. Nobody needed a magazine any more.

Thanks for reading my dissertation.


Normalfags need a face to attribute stuff to, hence why they lean on these faces to tell them what to think and purchase. There are no such personalities on imageboards. Well, I cant speak for 4chan, but back before the exodus, that certainly wasnt the case


>wink build and gamers are faggots
I feel attacked. Why you gotta be like that anon? Imageboards is haven to vidya in a way.


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Depends on which board, even on 4cuck namefagging is usually restricted to buyfag threads and in pretty much everywhere else over there namefags still get piled on, especially when it's painfully obvious that the faggot starting an e-celeb thread for example is the guy being discussed himself.


only time i namefag is to play up a meme or joke, like I'll pretend to be several notorious users like Zach or Tenda/EurasianTiger to cause chaos for lulz on several boards


Underrated post.

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