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File: 1637454517530.jpg (24.35 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 25yearsfromnow.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb


What are your predictions for society and the Internet 25 years from now!


>Year 2046
>Liberal have taken full control of all government around the world and a one world govt soviet style scheme is well established
>All hate speech is punished by gulaging and torture
>Social credit system, say nigger and prepare to never ride the soy powered bus ever again.
>Corporations now openly fly neomarxist logos and white people are barred from higher powered jobs
>ironically these corporations go under ever other week because niggers and poos cant manage for jack shit
>guns are banned unless you are a party paramilitant and self defense is a no no for civilians even unarmed defense
>Criminals are praised in the globe media
>jews in full control


>the police have gone full zogbot mode and now beat and arrest people for aforementioned hate speech or even just acccusations of it
>all dining and social activites are recorded any mentions of the holocaust being a lie in casual conversation are picked up and
severely punished
>mobile phones have mandatory tracking installed, this will apply to all regions of the globe
>women are inseminated by machines and then disposed of while the children are placed into a two fag "family" and raised by said fags
>abortion is mandatory in cases of all white child, mixed and nonwhite children ok


>mandatory atheism, all expressions or seeking of a higher concept is abolished and an imprisonable offence, challenging this directive will result in torture and gulaging
>gaming is off limits to males and straights, only troons are allowed to game now.


Cringe neonazi shit.
Based and realistic take.


If war hasn't torn over half the world a new assshole it'll probably be about as retarded as today but with China and/or Russia running things while America has succumbed entirely to Mexico's soft invasion and all the cities will be like Brazil where massive favelas are next to walled off high rises populated by the obscenely rich. Maybe Israel will finally have gotten a good kick to the face that they've been begging for since it was established, Palestinians will be borderline non-existent and spread out. Brazil will be Brazil, and hopefully Africa will be getting good and fucked into the ground by the chinks because it's what that entire continent deserves. EU might be dissolved at that point. I don't fuckin know man that's 24 years away and so much retarded shit has happened in the past decade faster than I could have imagined so for all I know someone will have opened the gates of hell and judgment day will have come to pass and wiped everyone off this stupid rock leaving only demons behind.


File: 1637470455052.png (871.04 KB, 680x627, 680:627, 59c.png) ImgOps iqdb

>25 years from now
What happened in the past 25?
Everything became gayer, more Jewish, more feminist, more depressed, poorer, more lawless, more violent, less white, less stable, less intelligent, less male, etc. Everything basically became a whole lot worse, and that is what the next 25 will be like. We will be considering 2021 to be a Glory Age of white supremacy and patriarchal oppression. It will be more of the same.
I am calling the bluff on Russia and China btw. I predict they will both collapse. Jews win.


>he uses neonazi unironically
kvetch more


<*more unironic neonazi cringe*




Go back to the trannybunker


if anything its gotten more strict but not the right kind of strict.


Oh, and you will never be a real woman!


TRSperg is right, neonazi edgy teens larpers online are pathetic. Take care of your life instead, it helps more the white people instead of being a sperg who gets easily triggered.


Jewish hands typed your fucking post. I see right through it and I am inclined to say you are a samefag.


Extremely low IQ post and you're obviously a drug addicted at some point.


My first post in this thread, kid, and even hating TRSperg, he's right about some things like that. Fix your life.


This is a samefaggot and a bad one at that. I know a samefag when I see one. GO DILATE


Fuck yourself kike, fascism is based.


Nobody here said anything about fascism being bad, moron.


File: 1637484749095.jpg (865.86 KB, 2176x4608, 17:36, IMG_20190523_112259 (1).jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

▶Anonymous 20 minutes ago No.79031

>>79029 (You)
>>79027 (You)
This is a samefaggot and a bad one at that. I know a samefag when I see one. GO DILATE



look at this then: >>79018
care to tell me how thats not saying something bad about the right wing?


ooooo mr 1337 hacker with his inspect element ooooo


It's your peak weekend? Samefagging and acting like a faggot???


File: 1637485799731-0.jpg (1.51 MB, 4608x2176, 36:17, IMG_20200201_133655.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1637485799731-1.jpg (1.26 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, IMG_20200705_123533.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1637485799731-2.jpg (1.71 MB, 2176x4608, 17:36, IMG_20190523_103239.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Anonymous 6 minutes ago No.79038>>79042

>>79036 (You)

▶Anonymous 5 minutes ago No.79039>>79042

>>79035 (You)
look at this then: >>79018
care to tell me how thats not saying something bad about the right wing?

▶Anonymous 4 minutes ago No.79040>>79042

>>79036 (You)
ooooo mr 1337 hacker with his inspect element ooooo

▶Anonymous 2 minutes ago No.79042

It's your peak weekend? Samefagging and acting like a faggot???


ooooo he has access to my network ooo scaarrry. oh noes im being PENETRATED


You are attempting to distract from the original issue which is that you need to go back to trannypol and take your niggers with you.


Who is this handsome girl(?)?


What's with all the faggots wanting to track someone down and suck their dicks? Looks like a typical succesful individual to me, probably very popular among girls.


I fucking hate Eric so god damn much.



Trannies, trannies everywhere


We'll probably either be living in a totalitarian technocratic hellhole or a post-collapse society.


Based /baphomet/ poster


File: 1637542229375.jpg (91.33 KB, 680x999, 680:999, Dorito Pope.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Not only the USA will no longer be the dominant superpower it once was but also it will no longer be a democratic republic. America's new government might end up being a mix of an oligarchy and a military junta where there are still "elections" but not in a traditional sense that we think of. Post-democratic republic American elections will be kinda like how China handles their "elections". Each oligarch is elected by state/district officials and the oligarch elect who will be the top general/ruler for the next couple of years. Oh and there will no longer be any dems, repubs, or any political party around as the new oligarchic military junta banned any and all political parties to organized as said oligarchic military junta are a constitutional absolutist government.
America will also go back into isolationism as the American people had enough of the USA government wasting resources and lives on being the world police. Combine with the fact that there is too many problems in America's homeland to police the world. America will still do it's usual foreign policy operations (AKA blow shit up in the name of freedom) on it's neighboring countries but at a smaller scale.
The EU will no longer exist by that point as it has fallen apart like a house of cards. Each European country will end up as authoritarian (Not fascist or communist) to make sure their respective European countries still have their white and European identity. Russia will be the "superpower*" of Europe (*Not a true superpower per-say but enough that they have influence in Europe) as the Putin years helped them not to make the same mistakes as the USSR did.
China collapsed into multiple nations (i.e. Hong Kong becomes a city state free from China's control) at this point as internal problems stopped China from becoming the world superpower that it could of had been. Best Korea also collapsed around the same time as they untie with Worst Korea to become Korea. Japan's birth rate has gotten so bad to a point were the government had enough and forced its' citizens to reproduce. Taiwan for a short time was under China's control but after China's collapse, it went back to being a independent nation again.
Israel is no more as the Jews have no sugar daddy to get their gibs from, Palestine becomes a nation again, and the Jews became the Wondering Jews again. But that doesn't mean that the Jews lost any influence that they have on the world, it's just they're at a disadvantage now. New countries will form after the west "collapsed" from the later part of the 2020's. The Middle-East is still a hellhole but not to the extant it caused problems around the world.
>Other countries/continents
All of Africa becomes a China 2.0 but with no larger influence on world politics as they're Negros. Both Australia and New Zealand go full 1984 and it's for real this time. Canada will be one of the few democracies left in the world as they continue to make sure they are "not like America". Latin America and South America will continue being Latin America and South America.
>In general
The internet became balkanized as countries around the world had enough of silicon valley shenanigans and want nothing to do with then. Wokeism lost most if not all of the influence it once had as corporations distanced themselves from the woke after the woke try and failed to attack the dems at their own game. Vidya becomes Hollywood 2.0 while Hollywood lost most of it's influence. Nothing really changes in the grand scheme as everything we knew will still be the same as it is today.


File: 1637555778319.jpg (28.28 KB, 281x308, 281:308, 1637113210618.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>yurop will save itself


I'd say the USA will become the new Mexico and Europe will become the new Islamic state just not to become amerimutts.


Is this a reference to fucking Battlefield?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
The Pat Benatar song? Dont mind if I do


Oh, I forgot a few things that I want to add as well as include more predictions that I want to further elaborate.
The world superpower meme becomes real but only around its' neighboring countries such as Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, Pakistan, and ex-China countries.
They'll be a "superpower" that will have competition against China/the country that call itself China after modern China's fall. Taiwan, Korea, and possibly the Philippines will be Japan's allies to combat China.
>Global politics
Globalization is no more, or more accurately scaled back so much that it's almost nonexistent, as the conflicts in the 2020's helped to put an end to it. There's only a handful of countries left on earth that are consider to be democracies as democracies in the west are no more. Ex-democracy countries are either military juntas, dictatorships, or in some cases went back to monarchies again. There isn't a true superpower by 2046 and there won't be a real superpower for a long time.
The Metaverse will be a thing but it's not Facebook's Metaverse but an actual metaverse that's open source. Most website that we know from today are all long gone. A decentralized internet is the norm that include some aspects of what was consider to be the "old internet". Somehow the only website from the old internet that's still up and running is the Space Jam website.
I mean, Eurofags are more willing to fight back against their government compare to the burgers. Plus in the longer term, Europe will still be more white than America.
>I'd say the USA will become the new Mexico
In terms of demographics maybe. You'll see Latinos be refer as "white" more and more often in the future. Culturally? Not much of a change, tbqhwy. Burgers will still want their freedoms above all else but sooner or later they don't see democracy as a viable path to freedom anymore.
>Europe will become the new Islamic state just not to become amerimutts
Europe will get some Islamic influence in the future in a way to keep themselves white i.e. European women are now baby factories with no rights. An Islamic state? Nah, I don't see that going far.


Things are going to get so much worse.




These seem realistic, not the gay overly optimistic outcome, nor the even gayer niggerpill outcome.


File: 1637668912003.jpg (90.52 KB, 728x558, 364:279, trmu.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

dup will be 100 years old and still be btfo


I think liberal ideas in a crazy way can fix society by making it collapse faster, and from those ashes will rise the 1990s. we will return to the old internet style


What a politician he turned out to be huh? Another grifter making big promises with little delivery. mocking the /ptg/ should be a national pastime.


Not to mention muslisms and marxists clashing, the religion that has been stuck since the medieval ages acknowledges leftwing ideology leads to nowhere, specially if it was written by a self-pitying jew.


File: 1637713944882.png (1.36 MB, 1276x677, 1276:677, Fuck.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Muslims are 2% of Europe
Niggers and Spics are 40% of the USA


How do you explain the #OpenBoarders meme? Does it still have an effect on nordic states?


Seethe more, tranny.


Okay, fellow Eric, dilating. Go back to the hole you crawled out from, your discord jigaboos with inferiority complex are waiting.


And how do you think it got that way? Reminder that most of America was 90%+ white all the way up until Reagan allowed the contras to take place and then started his proto-rapefugees welcome policies leading to the flooding of the US with shitskins. The same thing can be observed happening on a continental scale in Europe with the US and NATO's meddling in the middle east/northern Africa causing a flood of subhumans to the northwest. You're gloating now about Europe still being vast majority white, but your birthrates are still sub-replacement level and the shitskins your cancerous governments welcome in every passing day reproduce at double, if not triple your birthrates. This isn't even considering the fact that your media and governments do the same kind of handwaving and normalizing of shitskin violence against native Europeans. Part and parcel right?


Shut up William.


Okay, William.


wtf is /ptg/?


Dylaniggers go home.


Shut the fuck up, Dylan.


president trump general thread


Nice try Dylan, we're on to you.


Sure thing, Dylan, I know it's you.


muh Dylan muh Dylan
Eric gettin desperate


That's fucking stupid, stop going to 8kun or wherever you're seeing this boomershit it'll rot your brain.


Haha, good one, Robert!


Who are these people? Wiiliam? Eric? Dylan? Robert?


That's the joke


File: 1637801862437.jpg (355.67 KB, 800x600, 4:3, f02.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>Europe will still be more white than America
certainly America is nigger capital of the world, but how exactly is Europe not going to America itself? I mean Europe's whole identity today is "we can out nigger love the Americans and twice on Sunday!"


File: 1637807156370.png (104.75 KB, 341x247, 341:247, RebVodka.png) ImgOps iqdb

>not knowing Eric and Dylan


>Vinnie pretending he doesn't know


Ok Carl


Because Europe isn't a single country with a single culture and ethnicity.
Neither Eastern or Southern Europe want any of this shit and Central European Powers are fucking owned by the USA, almost fully.
As soon as American influence stops from spreading in Europe, so will this fucking multicultural cancer.

UK, France and Germany are the real cancer.


File: 1637900727814.jpg (118.81 KB, 326x284, 163:142, b31.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>as soon as American influence stops spreading
and how is that going to happen? China and Russia are pussies, as are the American people.


I think dup would kick the bucket long before 2046 comes and when he's on death's door, it will be the ultimate btfo of all btfos.
While I don't think we will get anywhere near as 90's levels of normality, a post-"collapse" world would be far better than what we are dealing with right now.
Not to 100% defend dup or anything but from what little he could do, dup did more of what he promised than the last couple of past presidents can do (more so in 2019-2020 minus covid).
>mocking the /ptg/ should be a national pastime
IMHO, the only group of people that needs a good mocking is the brainwashed faggots on the websites outside of 8chan/webbing. Last year, they acted smug as hell by shittalking the dup supporters/ /pol/ackies or anyone who thought the 2020 election was fraudulent all because they hated the mean posts that dup supporters/ /pol/ackies on their websites as well as dup's mean tweets. I hope those fags are ready for beardlines, empty shelves, and weimar republic-tier inflation for the coming years because this is the future they choose.
>how is that going to happen?
Have you been living under a rock for the past year or so? America is on its' way to no longer being a influential superpower on the world stage because of too many internal problems at their homeland. Sooner or later, America will just throw in the towel and call it quits for helping out the other western countries.


File: 1637973415475.jpg (54.98 KB, 586x752, 293:376, 740.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>American will just throw in the towel and call it quits.
The Soviet Union did after a very loud finale. Maybe? I doubt it. The US is far more ideologically unhinged that the Soviets ever were. They were realistic by comparison.


dup will get the hitler treatment in that people will be bitching about him and btfo'ing him decades after his death


well yeah because he is big on govt ruling through cooperation rather than coercion whoch makes the trannypol authoritarians seethe.


(continued) you see, these trannies and leftoids fantasize about rape and there is nothing more pleasurable to them than being governed harder which is the ultimate form of rape/coercion.

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