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>my mom's turn to host Thanksgiving this year
>uncle had problems at work or something and acted like a pouting child the entire time
>he finally leaves when he realizes no one is paying attention to his bullshit
>rest of the men in my family are the awkward silent types
>this means the gathering now turns into the women, specifically three failed normalfags, blathering on and on about the most inane shit imaginable
>the way they talk and the type of benign-pretending-to-be-edgy jokes they make are disturbingly similar to modern tv shows
>remember this what the average woman is like nowadays
>one of them seems to have a beef with several other members of the family, including me, for some reason and acts like a passive-aggressive bitch all throughout
>can't leave because I agreed to help my mom clean up afterwards
>finally just bang on my mom's piano until everyone leaves
Overall it was a 5/10 experience. I had some mildly interesting conversations with a few relatives before we were drowned out by the screeching harpies.


*this is what


I pecked at my food. My grandparents had the heat cranked and it killed my appetite on top of my chronic balance issue making me uncomfortable to sit on a dining chair. I want off this fucking planet so bad ha ha ha


oh and my iphone decided to fuck up and the power button became unresponsive and when i went to hard reset it it threw it into a boot loop and had to be reset through itunes yet again. This all put me in a general bad mood.


Just don't be an iToddler lol


Fuck off you stupid cunt. Your threads are always so fucking shit.
>Screeching harpy shits up /dunk/ with garbage threads
>never contributes anything but empty dead threads
>shits her fatgirl pants the moment a thread becomes popular
Fucking dumb bitch.


Stop hitting on me you silly boy ;3


Useless fuckmeat, you've probably shown your nasty gash since you could afford to split yourself open for strangers online.



you're just mad you're not a real woman


You probably are a real woman and that's why you act like such a fucking retard.


Would you prefer another thread about board drama? How about one about a nobody e-celeb? Maybe another cuckeo game thread is more to your taste?


Why don't you get your boyfriend to tell us what we're allowed to post about on your private board shit for brains.


Am I supposed to know which boogeyman of the week you're accusing me of being? Is it the same one you're claiming OP to be? Is it related to John or /cow/?


imagine getting mad at that clearly ironic shitpost, how low is your iq to fall for that kind of bait


fuck off


this was the most mundane post i've ever read on an imageboard


thanks for the loosh, mundane


Which waifu are you using it for to power into your headspace from the dimensional thoughtforms regarding fiction?


Nagatoro is my tulpa


She will never bully you IRL, anon.

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