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Gahoole, when you get sad thinking about how you're a 25 year old virgin, remember that you have a long time poster on your site who is a mid 30s virgin. I don't really know what to tell you dude. Getting in shape is probably the first order to attracting a woman, You need to lose about 80 pounds. It's a bitch. To lose weight you basically have to starve yourself and work out, but fortunately you don't have any weird health disorders so you can eat vegetables and be ok. Take vitamin supplements, eat only vegetables, some nuts and a little meat here and there, and drink only water, and it will happen faster than you think. I can't expand my horizons and meet new people yet like anons suggested in my /dunk/ thread because of housing issues, but that is neither here nor there. I really don't know what to tell you. The game is rigged. The game is beyond rigged and it is rigged in such a way that the game destroys itself so no one really wins. Women just have a complete monopoly on sexual access, and they use this access for craven egoistic dopamine fulfillment. They don't have kids, not with any kind of man, they have abortions and eat birth control pills until they're just as miserable in their 30s as I am. That's it. No dude is going to pull himself up by his bootstraps out of life long virginity and knock them back into actually being women.
The only hope a dude has is to land the right comments in highschool, get laid in highschool, learn how to be socially smart in highschool, which has a lot to do with parenting guiding him toward that path, and then get into college and go straight into something financially lucrative like becoming a surgeon or something. Besides that, it is almost sheer luck, or you just marry someone you went to highschool with. I mean, I am about to be in a new position where I can go out there and expand my horizons, but I have zero expectations beyond just going out there, and plus I am hardened after being alone for so long so that is in a way a benefit having all that calloused armor on. Plus I'm in my mid 30s, so all the women my age are either married or bitter, or both, and Zoomers…Jesus. I don't know man.


Is there a TL;DR version of this blog post?


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dating after 30*


People have been giving him solutions for years, and he just keeps getting worse. He is doing this to himself. Its ogre.


File: 1642046091248.png (636.73 KB, 607x852, 607:852, the current state of thing….PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I think he has gotten bigger than Niko Avacado at this point. Dude needs to stop eating full stop.


He'll be bigger than PPP before long.


>you don't have any weird health disorders
Correction: he has a breathing issue with his nose.


File: 1642048173749.jpg (239.93 KB, 660x997, 660:997, DQNfZw0UQAAr7t5.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>"haha I'm so BASED"
>is terminally obese
>childrens toys everywhere
>more sensitive than your Mom
>played Genshin for a egirl and stopped playing because she stopped
>Literally lives out the soy stereotype
>"AAAAAH MY LIFE IS SO TERRIBLE" every other video for years
>puts on the tough guy persona ocassionally to try to take back some dignity only to cry the next day


Its just cope. Once you stop coping and making positive changes, everything starts getting better.


>played Genshin for a egirl and stopped playing because she stopped
Wait, is this what happened and why he gets so angry whenever it's brought up? Who was the egirl?


I never found out and I was in the trannycord so I doubt anyone knows WHO. But he said two or three times he started stopped because of an e girl.


One of two people, I wonder who..


Can you imagine going through life doing everything you can to achieve your dreams, you're a success, you meet a woman who's also smart and motivated, you have good careers, you work hard and earn a real place in the community around you, your peers respect you, you've built a beautiful life for yourself and your family. You have two kids, just perfect balls of you and your partner. Then your children start to get older, and instead of all the same successes you had they both seem to sputter out early. You don't say anything because you're a good parent and you love them and you know sometimes it just takes time to get going. So you wait, and it never seems to happen. Both of them disappear into worlds you could never imagine. Strange lands, where you don't understand the language, or the customs, but you can see the affect it has on your children. They change right in front of you, turning into the type of people that just didn't exist when you were growing up. You want your son to be happy, to grow up and find himself a partner, a wife that he'll build his own family with. You don't say anything but it looks less and less likely you'll have grandkids. Every day that goes by you watch him retreat further and further into a realm of fantasy. Toys and games with flashing lights consume his hours. He shows off pictures of his favourite anime, instead of a high school sweetheart he never had. He brags about getting his hands on a custom vinyl figurine and it sinks in that he'll never brag about how he met his wife, he'll never show off pictures of your grandkids. This is it. The death of your name. Your legacy is dead before it even started, and all you can think as you start into his dead eyes blinking back a reflection of a cartoon character flashing on a screen, is that you would never have gotten him that damn nintendo if you knew it would have led to this.


>Gahoole's Discord golems eat eachother
You love to see it


Should've raised their kids better, tbh.


Gahoole's dad posts here?


The fate of all weebcucks, many such cases. Sad.


this cursed reality. Btfooo btfooooo




Gaius Julius Caesar wept at a statue of Alexander the Great because Alexander accomplished so much at such a young age whereas Julius had achieved very little by the age of 40. However, Alexander's empire died with him- it broke up into four pieces that proceeded to spend the next centuries warring amongst themselves- the empire that Julius built, on the other hand, lasted for centuries, millennia even if the empire of the Byzantines is to be counted among his children.


File: 1642056024929.jpg (102.96 KB, 776x708, 194:177, cope.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>Its just cope. Once you stop coping and making positive changes, everything starts getting better.
That's what coping is, to overcome something, your internet vocabulary is polluting your mind.


This Gaius guy sounds like a fag


Shrek posts here!?


>Julius built an empire
<was murdered for destroying the idea of roman democracy and ushering in the era of emperors.


>roman democracy


correct this was the Pax Romana


Julius, dissatisfied with the absolute state of the Roman Republic as a result of senatorial corruption and subversive elements in the class structure took power in an attempt to right the ship. FTFY


and if im goign further and completely honest here, Caesars rise mirrored Adolf Hitler's rise as well.


He did none of that though. People always fail to mention anything positive that Cesar did for rome.


>t. kike


>dissatisfied with the state of corruption in rome, one of the most dishonest and greedy military leaders in rome, known for bribes and the use of violence against senators, who subverted the class structure to raise up unqualified soldiers that he favored, the man who created the falsehood of the vicious gaul savage so that he might rob and genocide a people for their gold, the man that ultimately led to the downfall of the senate and the republic and the rise of the 'mad roman emperor'
>But he just wanted to help


Don't forget how he fucked over le benis


Fuck off, Cicero.


t. Fulvia


Trsperg (pedophile), MarkMann (pedophile) or essayfag (pedophile), one of those or maybe another pedo is behind this thread without any doubt.


I used to be called sagefaggot, now you faggots call me essayfaggot.
Oh well, at least I'm rent free in your head


File: 1642098450725.jpg (332.05 KB, 960x1024, 15:16, amerigolem.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

His transcendence into a true golem is nearly complete.
Trust the plan.


If you're the true essayfag, please, explain to >us why you let Fuzhou fuck you raw.


Who came up with that shit anyway? I saw fagss on sites like Lookism using it a while before I ever saw it on imageboards.


>lose 80 pounds
Bro I once got down to 190 and felt like I was going to fucking die, like I could barely walk I was so weak. Healthy body weight for me is about 200-210. so I need to drop 30 some pounds. After that I gotta bulk up on muscle so I can actually lift heavy shit.
But yeah meeting people is hell right now and has been way before pandemic shit made it basically impossible. You gotta force yourself into going to groups for shit you like or something to accomplish anything at all. I don't know where you are but I don't think there are many places in the US that are better than anywhere else for this Besides Geneva Illinois where you can go to the starbucks and inform the people there they filmed the road to perdition there
I'm like 150 pounds off from being PPP weight.
I make weigh in videos every week, cado is about 100 pounds heavier than me as well.
>terminally obese
Not true, I am fat but people blow it out of proportion because I am frankly just ugly and they don't just say that for whatever reason.
>more sensitive than your mom
Not true, but how many times can you be repeatedly called a pedo and a loser before you snap back at people saying it? Are you supposed to sit there and take it? I guess the right thing to do is shut up but frankly I am too bored by everything else going on to have many other options.
>For an egirl
It was for an IRL girl actually but yeah that was pretty embarrassing of me. Glad I stopped that, but a big waste of time.
>soy stereotype
I like the things I like but I don't just blindly consume shit, unless we are saying that liking movies or video games at all now makes you soy in which case okay guess we're all soy then you're posting on a fucking television discussion website
>Life is so terrible
<World is burning around you but don't be upset at it goyim!
>Tough guy persona
You got a problem with me you know where to find me faggot keep talking shit online and watch what happens.


Shitty thread made by some sperg.
Fake Gahoole.


>talk shit online and see what happens
Lol what happens? You You talk tough some more because you know people aren't going to drive over to buttfuck nebraska to watch you have a panic attack and call the police?


File: 1642113200749.png (510.82 KB, 566x736, 283:368, amerigolem.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

>Healthy body weight for me is about 200-210


It has to be fakehoole, no real person would say that without a hint of irony.


>you know
Shut up nigger I'll drive to YOUR house and kick YOUR ass, but you're too coward to even do that. I've waited in the rain for faggots to no-show fights, name a time and place and I'll put you in yours.
Cado weighs over 300 pounds, I talked to my doctor about this and he agrees that around 200 is a good healthy weight for me. At 190 I felt like I was going to die. I was severly emaciated and unable to do basic physical activitiy like walking or lifting objects. That is just how I'm built, and gods honest truth.




Escapism and rationalisation are coping mechanisms. The dissonance of your struggle is apparent, which is why it's colloquially used as a noun.


>gahoole makes a weepy video, but somehow its the fault of these boogeymen you have created in your head
True mental illness.


Lol Gahoole you're fucking dumb enough to stand out in the rain
>I'll put you in yours
Sure thing bro, you come on up to Canada anytime you like. I'm not joking. I'll let you stay in my basement after I'm done beating the teeth out of your fat head.


Don't stop trying to lose weight, but don't try to explain why you're fat either. Just own it and be a fatchad like based Cado.


Ey emojitroon


I mean yeah I am fucking fat, but my goal weight is 200. Will I be SKINNY or GOOD LOOKING then? No, but I will be healthy which is what it's all about brother


200 kilos?


Aren't you the guy who has a monster in his basement?


File: 1642144338937.png (118.91 KB, 1012x569, 1012:569, internetlawyerman.png) ImgOps iqdb

I think it was the garage.


Fakehoole faggot, Gahoole is too tame to use the word "goyim"


Damn, I think you're right.


You idiots, those toys are for keeping the succubi away and brainwashing you with their copulins.


File: 1642183424189-0.png (82.22 KB, 369x366, 123:122, zach.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1642183424189-1.png (67.46 KB, 193x178, 193:178, gahoole.png) ImgOps iqdb

Shave your head Gahoole.


File: 1642183816749.jpg (254.65 KB, 960x1281, 320:427, 1642168526930.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

It's me or Gahoole said he was raped ?


gahoole is ok he just needs to be more racist and less sad



Yeah I was in middle school


So your not actually an incel?


we need more car vids.


File: 1642225889575.webm (8.21 MB, 136x240, 17:30, its over.webm) ImgOps iqdb

By a man or a woman?



He hasn't made that clear I believe. I think it was the head cheerleader and her friends.
https://archive.ph/wXtQk / https://web.archive.org/web/20210903045149/https://twitter.com/ghoul_two/status/1433653864964796441


>gahoole was cute enough to be sexually assaulted/almost raped by a girl his age
We're all gonna make it


What do you mean by "make it"? I was never raped by a qt cheerleader in high school. Or any girl for that matter.


Lol what? Who the fuck raped Gahoole? Was it Zach? Is this why the meme exists? Did Zachary rape Gahoole and he's spent years ever since taking out his revenge on the internet with Zachposting?
Ahahaha shit, isn't Gahoole the perfect candidate to be a school shooter? How did he not go and waste a cafeteria full of chads and stacies after they cornholed his precious pooper.


the question remains, does Gahoole own a Bad Dragon?


He shares one with his flatmate who keeps putting it in the dishwasher to clean it, despite being told not to do so.


gahoole is merciful, otherwise he could have made columbine look like a fuckin joke


Pffft! Physically he is out of shape, so he'd tire real fast, and mentally… I don't think he'd break down crying after gunning down the first bully (maybe the guy who tried to rape him?), or even before he made it to the school.
TL;DR: he'd make a terrible school shooter - he is too sensitive and too out of shape.


File: 1642369773249.jpg (61.56 KB, 640x636, 160:159, 1504618507422.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Shit thread.


he WAS too sensitive - until they broke him that is.


File: 1642391107757.png (170.63 KB, 728x450, 364:225, Breaking.png) ImgOps iqdb

Was it a reverse buck breaking?


what a dumb bitch

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