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Say hello to my shitpost blend
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File: 1642077893910.png (48.35 KB, 533x162, 533:162, janny.png) ImgOps iqdb


>4chan janny

Imagine my shock.


>crossposting this hard


based, keep shitting up both boards


>Impotent faggot with his 3 reaction images
Is he policing every fucking imageboard possible? You must have some sort of super autism to do that shit.


He's a janny.


the absolute state of cuckchan lol
I wonder if it's Eden, he's still assblasted about Gahoole and the mods here


he is, why do you think he's trying so hard to drive that "raid" against le evil tvchannerinos on zzzchud?


I don't go there so I didn't know but it makes a lot of sense.


>Only one person dislikes tvch


hey eden


You guys fell for this months ago and pointed your fingers at Mark that time, or maybe it was John. The boogeymen are starting to blend together now.


hi luciano


do i need to buy some dlc to understand this thread


hi emojitroon


File: 1642204060415.jpg (61.4 KB, 680x397, 680:397, ErEyEfeVoAMFIAc.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

this place is infested with garbage. 4chan kikes and Foxdick mods.
Gahoole, wtf? Why did you do this?


You know the numbers on the image filename is the epoch date right?


Attention, now the whole webring is infested with these roaches


oh well, they're better than blacked.moe.


zzzchan has been recruiting 4chan to play vidya with them on their /v/ board


goddamn they must be desperate


You think that's bad? You should watch their streams from the stream thread. 4chan crossposters everywhere.


Is the webring just a ban bunker now?


who cares, I welcome new blood. Otherwise this place would become unbearably boring.


It's being treated as such, especially since some of the streamers like OldManGerpkin and TheSoloMan advertise on /gif/, /vg/, and /a/ on 4chan for more viewers. Really sad state.


It's called anytime the webring boards get namedropped on normalcattle shit it brings in retards curious to see what its all about.


Its all normalniggers mad at 4chan jannies for banning them for BS and they come here pissy about muh freeze peach.
Don't make me post the image about how IB get watered down.


>Foxdick mods
>saying that Anita won and mocking ni/gg/ers makes you a foxdick
lol, the cope is unreal
Foxdicks are completely oblivious to the finest lolcows that /tv/ and /cow/ enjoy.


>tryhard muh sekrit club faggots are saging the thread
sage negated


kill yourself nigger! SAGED FOR HER PLEASURE


We are.


File: 1642227279838.jpg (21.66 KB, 280x311, 280:311, Mazk.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>He gave away his position by just replying with the same images over, over and over.
>Impotent faggot who tells everyone to go back to cuckchan, the same place he works for.
<Too autistic to understand sarcasm.
Name a bigger failtroll.


The better question is, how do we counter the incoming raid from zzzchan?


touch grass and they will vanish

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