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All he does these days is promote his NFTs…


Is this the shittiest ""political cartoon"" art syle?


it just occupies his mind now.
he had to get a new nft trading platform going because opensea banned flurks, and now helps sam hyde with his trading cards.


He made a name for himself back in le epic meme war years and is now cashing in on the Big Grift. He is part of our grifter class.


Understandable as he sold 1.8 million dollars worth of tokens before being kicked off two of the major NFT trading platforms. There is such a huge demand out there for any type of real controversial art that fake flurks are being sold with him being out of the loop while the platforms are unlikely to take any action on protecting his IP.

Which brings into question the validity of art based NFTs in the first place, the artist is entirely at the mercy of the exchanges while the customer is often too stupid to understand how it works or why it's supposed to be valuable. Somehow turning this complex situation into a simple comic seems like a bad idea but at least he got it out of his system.

Have to agree that this is the worst comic of his I've seen yet. I had no idea what a flurk was and had no idea he was involved with the NFT scam. Without doing some research this comic is incomprehensible, his best comics are just a single panel.


revive redpanels, its the only way to right the sinking ship


File: 1642227507112.jpg (208.61 KB, 691x437, 691:437, Triggered tranny, youtube.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Would be hilarious if he makes a comic throwing a jab at coomers for blowing their savings on shitty products with the delusional hopes of getting some polygon pussy.


His best comics are just rewording internet jokes. Nothing new.


Wait wait wait Stonetoss got involved with NFTs? I thought he hated niggers and so he would be smart?


How is scamming retards not smart?

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