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She's now 18 and already in porn.


I guess Islam was right.


Woman are pathetic


Would breed if not for the tats/drugs/dyed hair






So you wouldn't impregnate 80% of western women?


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>18 and already walled


Like all at once or do I get a break in between? That's a lot of pussy to slam, I'm not Hercules here.


When you stop cumming, you get beheaded by a 7 foot tall olympian woman.


Like with her mouth on the head of my peepee?


Yes, and while you're 69ing her, she uses her gigantic feminine thighs to grab your head and snap your neck like a twig.


So this is all a metaphor for my marriage?


White women are degenerate whores.


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Let's say a miracle happened and I became the Dictator of America and you all were part of my administration. A code would be established by which the amount of tattoos would dictate the severity of your punishment and the amount of births required of you for the replenishment of our race. Hair coloring and piercings would receive a gradation of whippings. The hair, piercings, and tattoos all would be forcibly removed, with humane medical procedures of course.
As for the men? They would simply be culled. If you had a history of soy politics, tattoos and general lib imbecility, you're history.

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