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Do you really need to create 10 threads per day about anything you saw on news sites, twitter, etc?



Putler blown the fuck out


>peta makes outrageous meme statement for free headlines/publicity
>they do this every 3-6 months
this isn't even news dude


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t. peta

Oh, it's just one person, not a big deal, one year later it's a fucking teacher who comes into the class with prosthetics humongous silicone breasts.
All our predictions have come to pass, this is a real subject that requires our attention.


what does this have to do with degenerate deviants and troons? It's just Peta making another inflammatory statement about meat/dairy


It will come to pass.
Believe me, I know my stuff.


think about it, he's cutting the middleman
he could well be posting the soypounder reading the news instead


Jokes on them. I haven't seen a pussy in 16 years.


are you 16 years old?


haha i hate living in clownworld haha I HATE THE ANTICHRIST


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87 actually


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Lab-created food could erase the need for farmland
Bill Gates and Biden's administration pushing for synthetic meat.


Better than bugs I guess. The meat alternatives crashed out as too expensive and ecologically unsound to produce as a substitute and people don't want to eat crickets.


I know you're part of them


>part of them
Ah poor bucko me lad, if you only knew. The trick is not to try to replace people, it's to make a space for yourself where you become necessary.


>The literal soylent green hellhole is better then eating bugs
Can't this planet get rid of the disease called humanity?


The biggest inherent problem with lab-grown meat is that it squeezes out the little guy from producing his own food. That's exactly what the people in power want though.


File: 1663818580728.mp4 (3.02 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, mU1ftQm5_udw-DBd.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

We don't even know about what kind of health issues will pop up down the line.
Bill Gates should be arrested.

It has the juice - and it's at risk Source: Bill Gates


No one man should be allowed to buy up that much farmland unless he is going to use it for farming.


>The literal soylent green hellhole
Nigger, it's meat grown from somatic cells.
The issue is that they need a fuckton of water and it's not even worth it.


Then why waste the effort? Farmers hundreds of years ago figured out that rotational crops worked. Now its apparently called "regenerative grazing" but its the same concept that apparently everyone forgot and it lets the cows exist with the benefits of actually helping the land. What a concept.


Nevermind you're right, Gates meat is made of plants, not lab grown somatic cell produced meat.
Fucker wants to control what you eat, why he's buying farmland like crazy.


What about male animals having sex, particularly carnivorous ones?


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File: 1663958395411-1.png (430.53 KB, 1080x2400, 9:20, Screenshot_20220923-223907….png) ImgOps iqdb

Be careful when you have sex with carnivore animals, even if they're small.


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The free market will fix it.


Free of meat you mean


>that headline
>dutch guy on vacation in South Africa
is this the start of a redemption arc for floridafags?


Florida can't be redeemed. Every other White woman under 30 is a mudshark.


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based if true.

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