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Transphobia should be legal.


i've recently thought
does phobia even mean "afraid of" anymore?
all phobia really seems to mean these days is "opposed to", according to how I see the word gets used


Kikes created the term in a lab.
Phobias used to carry social stigma.
If you had a phobia, you were mentally ill and a liability to your community.
Thus, no sane person would want to be labeled with a phobia.
Kikes used this "superstition" of sorts as a weapon against the populace by re-appropriating the term to use the negative social stigma connotation.
If you accuse people of being homophobic, people respond defensively in order to avoid being labeled as an individual with traits detrimental to a community's livelihood.
People attempt to express that they're not a liability to the community, and get forced into a trap of having to make an argument for being a pillar in the community.
There's deeper layers to it than that. Without going into detail about the complexities of projection, I'll just state outright that it's one of the most vile and toxic words injected into the social order that actually destroys the fabric of society and social cohesion.


This. It's just jewish word games that come from garbage nonsense like jewish psychology. If you don't want to obey their jewish commands like a good goy then it's because you're "afraid" of what your jewish handlers expect you to enjoy.

It's the same thing the jews did in the soviet union, where if you didn't worship jewish communism and the local troika, then you had "sluggish schizophrenia" and you had to get locked up in the gulag until you either died or got "better." The nice doctors there will help you, yes, yes, they have very advanced procedures developed with science from the glorious central committee.


Naw, it's basically a meaningless term by now. All engineered, of course, but engineered well.


>Are all politicans trannies to you?


"Phobias," much like most aspects of psychology post kike are very subversive.


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>Boycotts the BingBing movie for not including his idea of Mario raping a baby
It truly is the dark age of /v/ in general.


Phobia is a word they coopted to cope harder, in their sick minds if you are phobic you are afraid and thus weaker than they are. The reality is far from what they think it is though, it is the kikes and their golems that are scared. >>128118 I hate commie greenshirt niggers like you wouldn't believe. Fuck kikemunism.


Yeah and I am afraid of fags and troons, afraid of what they are doing to society, but when push comes to shove I'll be ready to defend myself from the freaks. IN A SELF-DEFENSE SITUATION THAT IS


File: 1679355216442.png (1.73 MB, 1478x1580, 739:790, Sam Hyde trans.png) ImgOps iqdb


I'm sorry, I'm so sick of this transmisogynistic bullshit. People defending Richard O'Brien and saying he can't be a TERF or transphobic because he's transgender are not only wrong but disgusting as fuck. I don't give a fuck whether he's trans or not, he's literally agreed with and promoted vile transmisogynistic rhetoric, mainly from literal fascists. He's an ass, he's not family, and he's repeatedly targeted trans women with his bullshit. I don't care if you like Rocky Horror Show, if you're defending him, go to hell.
Anyways friendly reminder that just because it/its has been used to dehumanize minorities does not make it ableist/racist/transphobic/etc. to use them for yourself as a part of one or more of said minorities. Reclaiming something used against you for yourself to make yourself more comfortable is not bigoted, and saying it is is both ignorant and victim blaming because it puts minorities reclaiming things for themselves from their oppressors on the same level as the actual oppressor.


That Eve lad's face looks like a shovel

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