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File: 1617753314325.mp4 (936.79 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, CK7GSfYO6lu0hS20.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


>They're already planning.
You can hear it in her voice. She knows Chauvin is innocent.
They're LARPing, and people are going to play along for the gibs.
2020 normalized rioting.


>the autopsy determined it was heart failure due to drugs
>the second autopsy paid for by his family determined it was heart failure due to drugs


It's going to be like another nanjing zachbros…


File: 1617761548545.jpg (29.96 KB, 720x404, 180:101, turkey_1599053651891.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

She has a punchable face. I hope someone shows her that when she nigs out over the state not lynching an innocent man.


File: 1617761781773.jpg (152.91 KB, 734x1080, 367:540, 1576039285020.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

This is a line right from rupert murdoch. conservatives are going to say the trial is not fair because of the threat of riots, then when chauvin gets off because of qualified immunity and the careful formulation of laws that make sure that cops can't be prosecuted for brutality and manslaughter they're going to say the trial was fair all along.

I personally hope the blacks kill all the myopic, fat, weak, and lazy white americans in the united states. when I listen to all the free speech youtubers complaining they're not free to be a third rate racist talk show, yeah fuck em. imagine being so reassured by your race you're comfortable with mediocrity and a slow decline.

Without blacks the US would be a land completely without wealth and culture. They're a hardy and noble people and fat white american parasites have continually scammed them.


Now THIS is dupposting


In a cowardly world, the jurors will give a false verdict to spare the niggers from emotional trauma STOP THEM FROM BEING NIGGERS AND DESTROYING SOCIETY.
In a just world, the police should be ruled innocent.


File: 1617764247361.jpg (240.9 KB, 1242x1095, 414:365, make-it-or-die.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

you're a pussy who hides behind a computer screen, but this is basically the question we're waiting on:

will the jurors have the courage to actually convict the enforcers of a corrupt and racist state? and if they do, will it just be a one time thing that satisfies the mob and blunts the righteous retribution that should come down hard, sharp, and burning on the obese scooter riding white trash americans of the united states?


I think the expectation is that the nigs will riot because they didn't pay attention to the open shut trial which obviously reveals the nigger ODed.
This will cause riots.
That's the expectation.
Jurors pissing their pants and wussing out is a logical expectation as well in this pussed out society.
My guess is Nogs will riot either way lol
Alas, I feel like our expectations will be subverted somehow.


Have you actually watched the trial? the defense is grasping arguing shitty conspiracy theories from /pol/ while the prosecution got everyone from chauvin's supervisor up to police commissioner to state that he was not following policy, breached a duty of care, and also got the medical staff that attended to mr floyd to testify that he died of asphyxiation from his injuries.

The news can clip the tape as much as they want, sitting on the neck of a 40 year old who's on drugs and under respiratory distress for ten minutes is life threatening. The tape is uncomfortably long and on it chauvin's colleagues ask him to get off floyd when he passes out and he countermands them.

A guilty verdict would be all but certain in any developed nation. but all americans seem to share the mentality of these fat drug addict alcoholics.



Jews playing both sides.


Yes, I've been watching it.
There's nuance to all those 'victories' for the prosecution.
Asphyxiation could be because he wasn't breathing because he went into cardiac arrest from drug overdose.
The defense got a lethal force trainer to say the knee wasn't on the neck.
The prosecution has had nothing but shitty witnesses that nearly have to be reprimanded because they're so triggered and overconfident with their version of the truth which was devoid of all context of the arrest.
When it's all done (defense hasn't began calling witnesses yet), it will be clear that Chauvin did not resuscitate because they feared he would become more aggressively non-compliant. They might bring in his previous arrest body cam footage as an example of unruliness, what cops have to deal with. They'll probably have even more extreme examples than Floyd.
There's no way Chauvin should have to resuscitate a guy that is going to flail around and be impossible to control.
The crowd is also a huge factor. They were attempting to intimidate the officers.
The nigger witness that is an MMA fighter that trains with CIA and FBI people (LOL GLOWNIGGER LITERALLY) is on video at a protest throwing a rock into a cop car through and shattering the back window.
The drug dealer in the car with Floyd is refusing to testify because he'll be found guilty or charged.

The fact of the matter is we can't see the witnesses, and the Judge and Lawyers could be putting on a live show while they coordinate off the record. It was glownigger from the start. It has a glownigger middle. It will have a glow nigger ending.


Also the MMA fighter witness answered the defense that he's not able to talk when in a choke hold yet floyd was able to talk while being allegedly choked.
He was laboring for breath before being on the ground.


>We can't see the witnesses
We can't see the Jury I mean.
It's all a LARP


now you're just spamming bad arguments:

the previous bodycam footage has been denied entry into evidence as it's prejudicial and chauvin had not watched it going into the situation.

Chauvin should have resuscitated floyd because while he had him in his custody he had a duty of care.

You want people to see the jury while you're arguing that they are under threat of intimidation.

the facts don't agree with your feelings so you're creating absurd convoluted intelligence agency conspiracies to excuse them. you've come unglued because you know your position is unarguable and instead of ducking out you're flailing in your defeat.



File: 1617767048964.jpg (49.06 KB, 700x343, 100:49, 00-holding-yes-men-julian-….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

The threats of intimidation are literally the left themselves.
A DNC Nigger hag was taking pictures in the courtroom and got her phone seized.
I was making a joke about Floyd's previous arrest. Point is they'll have people in to explain why resuscitating him in that situation would have been a bad deal for the officers which is why the senior officer (Chauvin) chose not to do it.
Which is why the medics chose a grab and go procedure instead of resuscitate him where he was. The other officers were preoccupied watching their surroundings because of an angry mob.

I'm not flailing. The police trainer literally said he sees that the knee was not on the neck but on the shoulders. The defense hasn't even begun calling witnesses yet. You're only hearing from the prosecution. If you're emotionally manipulated by the footage of the next dead nigger, and you're swayed by the prosecution while it's their turn, then you're fucked. You'll probably change your mind when you hear the defense.


now it's a demoncrap conspiracy too? getting all your news through corporate media and censored youtube is making you retarded. the activists protesting outside the trial have their own agenda, and they're very forthright about it but livestreams of their protests are hidden in youtube search.

the medics had to grab and go because when they arrived on the scene the police had already nearly killed floyd and he had no detectable pulse. meaning resuscitation on the scene was pointless and he had to be rushed to hospital. there is no field treatment for aysystole.

I'd like to see this alleged angry mob. in the footage, there's no mob on the scene in any of the recordings, just the concerned citizens that attended the scene to record it.

you're making shit up and flailing. trying to force focus on irrelevant details when officers denied care and continued to restrain and asphyxiate an unconscious and dying man in an unremarkable street on an unremarkable day.

it's astounding that someone so completely unfamiliar with the case is ready to spout off untruths and lies with confidence.


Everyone knows that, it is why the prosecution is relying entirely on emotional arguments to win the case. Even dragging out all the cops to basically plead with the jury to convict him to stop the riots, what a joke. They'll riot if he gets convicted or not because they need new shoes.


You are right. After all, Africa still has most of its resources just sitting there since niggers don't know how to use them. If there were no niggers, Earth would be empty and humans would be mining asteroids by now.


Niggers are going to be thrown under the bus, the same way women were in favor of trannies.

It's over


File: 1617774225102-0.png (563.88 KB, 848x603, 848:603, dncshill.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1617774225102-1.png (861.16 KB, 1369x1116, 1369:1116, phone contempt.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Another deboonked cospiracy
Mate, she was brought in front of the judge live at the end of one of the trail days last week and questioned. She gave a very weak story about creating a memorable moment for the witness she was hired as a PR manager for.
Her Linkedin page says she works for the DNC.
She worked with another witness from another high profile race trial.
She has to know the laws of courtrooms.
If she doesn't, she's a retarded nigger or there's no other explanation for it other than she was intentionally taking photographs despite knowing the law.
If she's a handler of the media, and she works for the DNC, and she is involved with high profile race cases….
put both sides of your brain together, you stupid faggot

You can believe whatever the fuck you want, but the grab and go was planned before they arrived. It wasn't something they came up with. The ambalance man said so. It was ordered by the cops through dispatch because of the crowd.
>You're making shit up flailing.
Nigger, you tried that last go.
How did they asphyxiate if a police trainer in use of force analyzed the video and said the knee wasn't on the neck?
He consumed death amounts of drugs.
This is not hard.
>Unfamiliar with the case.
Nigger, I've followed this shit since day one. I saw the body cam videos and street videos when they were released a month after the twitter video that sparked riots. I've watched dozens of witness selection. I've watched every day the trial with the exception of an hour here and there because breaks get me distracted. And I've kept up with forums following the details at the same time.


File: 1617776060423.jpg (43.94 KB, 500x336, 125:84, american-hot-dog.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>kept up with forums
you've immersed yourself in bullshit and hearsay and picked and chosen your opinion from what makes you comfortable from driveby trolls and other fake experts. of course the police trainer is going to try and defend the use of force because if he doesn't defend these holds he's got to explain why he's teaching cops techniques that put excessive force on the organs and spines of victims.

It doesn't matter how many drugs he took, that all comes back to duty of care, and the duty of care under law stipulates that if you're handling a person in your custody you can't take actions that cause that person undue risk of harm, like withholding resuscitation after loss of consciousness, or restraining someone who is unconscious.

That's not a legally justifiable harm, and the more you say he was on drugs the bigger hole you're digging: he could have been on drugs, hypoglycemic, suffering dehydration, have mental conditions or a disability, all of which would increase the likelihood of harm during restraint, which is why the officer with a duty of care is expected to show better judgement than what chauvin did.

it's his job to protect and serve the people, not manhandle them.

you can't even acknowledge these basic facts, because you can't even acknowledge mr. floyd is a human being with intrinsic rights, because you're convinced that fat incontinent white americans that shit themselves in walmart are some kind of master race under threat from people like mr. floyd.


>Consciousness unconsciousness.
If the officers think/feel that their safety and his is in danger in so far that he will lash out with resistance if he is resuscitated, then they're justified in not resuscitating him or administering care.
Also the defense is claiming that it was the hostile crowd that kept them from administering care. I haven't seen this argued yet because I haven't seen the defense's witnesses yet.
Also if his knee wasn't actually on his neck, then he wasn't causing him not to be able to breath therefore couldn't have thought that he caused him to pass out, therefore assumed it was drugs, therefore assumed he would be dangerous if they resuscitated him.

>Than what Chauvin did.

We don't even know his story yet.
They put him on the ground almost at his request.
>I'll get on the ground, I don't care. I'm not resisting.
But in actuality of course, it was because he was squirrelly and couldn't be placed into the back of the car.
I'm assuming they were waiting for backup but then went to waiting for ambulance.
The fact that there was no exit strategy given to the narrative, makes me think glow up again.
>Job to protect and serve, not man handle.
Okay, now I think you're just shitposting me.
They're not Protect and Serve Officers. They're Law Enforcement Officers.
you're a fucking retard

Floyd has rights. His rights include a phone call, an attorney, and to remain silent.
He waived all his rights and died lol
because niggers panic at the thought of their freedom to roam the jungle called Earth (regardless of cities/societies), they seek death rather than imprisonment, unable to even perceive options once in the back of a cop car.


File: 1617776744544.webm (2.35 MB, 640x360, 16:9, how fast cops can die.webm) ImgOps iqdb

>Unable to perceive options.
That's why nigs turn on a dime like vid related.
Cops know how dangerous black people are.
That's why so many nigs die when in contact with police.


see? mask off you lost and you're trying to upset me by posting tautological nonsense off /pol/. I'd say it was a heroic effort but you betrayed yourself almost immediately by demonstrating that you could not identify what would be salient to a trial and what was just fake narratives and smears from social media.

you can only justify a chauvin acquittal through ideological racism, and while he will probably get off with commutation to manslaughter it's blindingly obvious that he's guilty as sin from his broad and incoherent defence focussing on mma fighters and knee placement while his colleagues and the the rest of emergency services that have had to deal with the consequences of his bullshit have to pick up the pieces.

frankly the blacks are completely justified in losing patience with your corrupt and degenerating nation, and its lazy, foolish, and uneducated people.


File: 1617784916511.webm (682.94 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1617616282962.webm) ImgOps iqdb

This thread is reaching schizo levels that shouldn't even be possible with the right medication, and it's beautiful


Most USA thing I have ever seen


>2020 normalized rioting.
nioggers have been rioting for decades, retard.


Mega corporations publicly funding the nigger riots with gazillions of jewish paper money notes is new


I am so sick of niggers. I wish they would just disappear.


ayo why they have to do my mans like that

>the civil rights movement of the 1960s wasnt bankrolled by jews.
ok zoomer


>Mega corporations publicly funding the nigger riots with gazillions of jewish paper money notes is new
>this is what newfags actually believe


oh stop. martin luther king and rosa parks and all the people my school told me to worship are completely legitimate freedom fighters that just happened to have jews fighting along side them. not because they were also bankrolling them and protecting them and paying for their legal fees and neetbux to continue rioting while whites worked and fled to suburbs.
the jews were only involved because of antisemetism and the jews freedom from white supremacy is tied to POCs freedom.


Was it as obvious then?
The only means kikes had to infiltrate community level immersion was through television and commie tactics of infiltrating organized meetings.
But now they can invade social media and all public forums (on the internet) to manufacture what they couldn't before.
Which makes it very obvious now, to see their grassroots pawns/infiltrators/agitators.

You haven't engaged with any of my arguments. Typical arrogant europoor with zero weapons besides condescension.


>See? Mask off
lol what in the fuck are you talking about, sir
How am I trying to upset you with tautological nonsense off /pol/? This doesn't even make any sense. I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
>I'd say it's a heroic effort
Zero interest debating me.
>Fake narratives and smears
You're back to a previous post where I was making a joke about how obvious of a shit George Floyd is that his past arrests would be used as objective analysis for the jury when considering unruly arrests.
They can pull up any example to prove that point. I haven't actually heard if they're going to show his previous arrest or not. I remember there being some debate on it. I don't think it's necessary anyway.
>Incoherent defense focusing on mma fighters and knee placement.
You sincerely are blinded by hatred. Those were the prosecution's witnesses. Defense cross examined them. If it was incoherent at all, it's because the defense's job is only to jump in and counter whatever it is the prosecution is trying to load.
I'm sure it will make a great deal more sense to you when the defense begins calling witnesses.
The colleagues and emergency services are appearing as objective as possible so they don't appear to be taking sides because that's what professionals do. The other witnesses are obviously attacking the defense and had to be reprimanded by the judge for it because of their emotional outbursts and bias.


And to think I'm smearing George Floyd by bringing up his past arrest resistance antics. lol
Fuck you, retard. God damn. You're a fucking RETARD


>Was it as obvious then?
the internet as it is today didnt exist back then. anyone in a position to do something about it certainly knew about it but refused to act and actual opposition existed but were small in number, difficult to organize, had fed infiltration, and ultimately powerless to stop it. just like today.


All I'm saying is it may have seemed way more organic back in the day which is why boomers didn't question what their kids learned in the history books about it.


if youre familiar with media back then, you can see alot of examples of people calling things out for what they are. it wasnt fringe either.
the greatest generation were mindless spineless zogbots and raised their children with no spines and boomers walked all over them. greatest generation were largely well aware of the international jew and in spite of that still raised the hippy generation.
hippies didnt raise their child, they simply had kids and let the schools raise them after greatest handed academia over to jews.


>muh internet
Television was the equivalent of internet back then.
Everything you see right now, is just a more digitized and more intense version of what existed back then. It certainly isn't anything new and the riots of 2020 certainly don't mark some kind of new era. There have been riots in the past which were much more violent and much more deadly.
There's also already plenty of Derek Chauvins in jail right now.


i've always appreciated how "lynching" is synonymous with killing innocent black people. since the end of the civil war when the north flooded the south with blacks after destroying the infrastructure of the south including police/prisons, the nigs raping, robbing, and killing were met with town lynchmobs.

since there were no courts, "history" assumes every single lynched nigger was innocent. the north spread propaganda that the southern women werent being raped, they were just whores that like blacks. most of that sentiment came directly from media outlets.

they really never stop playing the same tricks.


The tv was powerful but not as perverse to where it can follow you where you take a shit and pop up ads while you're texting friends and sharing shitty videos etc.


File: 1617807990177.jpg (160.2 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, The Death of Europe.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb


Most people still spend their time in front of the TV and the internet isn't entirely controlled yet.
To run a cable TV channel you have to pay thousands just for getting a license to use the frequency.
In talk shows in country every single person in the background is toughly casted, so no dissidents get to say someting on TV.


*in my country


What the fuck does that have to do with my comment, lol?.


It was related to
>There's also already plenty of Derek Chauvins in jail right now.


I'm interested to see if the other races like chinks or pajeets would side with the NLM monkeys.


You're losing your temper. Imagine being so furious at blacks you can't think straight. I can summarise why chauvin is guilty in a few points easily while you flail.

> he failed in his duty of care and withheld first aid from a dying man

> his supervisors at work have all disavowed him and his actions on that day.
> the medical staff have unequivocally stated that Mr Floyd died due to his restraint.
> in spite of the incoherent defence trying to smear Mr Floyd and introduce illegal evidence chauvin had no background knowledge on Floyd aside from observing he was black.

He's a murderer. Simple, and his racist views on black men caused him to show no mercy to a man he was asphyxiating, and negligence towards a man in his custody. Hanging is too good for him, string the piggy up by his genitals.


only a nigger could come to conclusions like that. if you were human i'd suggest you try watching the trial instead of just being a mouthpiece for jews, but i dont think you have the wherewithal to make a sound judgement.


I don't know if you're aware of this but you keep referring to black people as "niggers" which kind of gives away that you're a prejudiced person who would never look at the case according to its merits.


File: 1617814277585.webm (1.2 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 1617684680355.webm) ImgOps iqdb

I appreciate your larp and your effort to make this place more alive. Here is your tvch gold!


>muh preferred term
im not on trial, nigger. the fact that you equate them to human means youre not going to judge reality based on its merits, this case included.


File: 1617814702689.jpg (238.65 KB, 1763x1175, 1763:1175, trump-supporter-bbc-mask.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

honestly I consider them more human than the "white" americans. who all appear to be in the late stages of meth psychosis, or else extremely obese with necrotizing skin folds.


What does that have to do with lynchings?
I meant that that are plenty of cops who shot niggers, while following protocol, and still got punished for it.


>honestly I consider them more human than the "white" americans.
I don't know if you're aware of this but you keep referring to white americans as being "less human" than literal apes, which kind of gives away that you're a prejudiced person who would never look at the case according to its merits.


kek, this.


ever hear the term "modern day lynching" when referring to a cop killing some ape that cant follow basic instructions and starts chimping out? these cops that commit "modern day lynchings" are often called that because people are conditioned to associate lynch with cold blooded murder sparked by racist intentions.

the term takes on a different meaning when you realize that lynchings were done for just reasons like some nog raped some guys daughter, so the town got together to remove the nog. history retroactively declared these people murderers based on no evidence, but emotion.
once you associate the term "lynching" with "white people justly punishing a nigger for animal behavior but being called murderers anyway" the accusation of cops like this starts to make more sense.


He overdosed on fentanyl.
George Floyd was a criminal and a drug addict.
Another police officer (Thomas Lane) even claimed he swallowed fentanyl while being hold down and showed it on bodycam footage.


>while being hold down
*while getting arrested


>The population that is overworked due to inflation, has no time for family, craft, or hobby, and still holds to the notion that if you just hold on a little longer, things will get better, those people are inhuman.
>Niggers gave up long ago, succumbed to propaganda induced lives of crime and drugs, expects handouts from the ruling class through the theft of the above "inhuman" population, these people are Human.


>Modern day lynching.
Did you attend Evergreen College or something


You're cherry picking "terms" or nuance to the many interactions in society between people and titles to forge a narrative you emotionally empathize with whether it's real or not.
Bottom line is you're insecure, and you identify with people in insecure positions. In fact, if there were no marginalized people, you'd commit suicide.

Niggers kill cops. Niggers kill themselves as a form of suicide by provoking cops. White people do it too.
If you can dismiss those things, you can dismiss a cop using his authority, the law, and the nigger's actions as a means to one less the world.


Some cops use their advantage to exploit women.
Yeah, some cops use their position to kill niggers.
That doesn't make Chauvin guilty lol. George Floyd ODed. You can't bend the facts to some kike narrative meant to divide society further.


Here is why white americans are subhuman. I'm ready to get nothing but copes in return.

>daily gun massacres

>brawls in the street
>blatant and open political corruption
>open and public racism
>endemic meth and heroin abuse
>mass production of repulsive and violent pornography
>responsible for all the wars in the world
>private prison system with forced labor and conscription
>schools that can't teach literacy or numeracy
>created the largest and most brutal slave trade in all of human history
>refuse to acknowledge any responsibility to the planet
>corrupt and barely regulated financial sector that often crashes the world economy
>openly operate a terrorist network called the CIA
>perverted the word of god with for-profit churches that demand money from the faithful $50 at a time


>I'm ready to debunk every retort.
Me too.
<False flags. More niggers shoot up people than whites. You believe the tv narrative.
<Niggers brawl so much they are relabeled by the media as "Youths" "Teens" "A woman" etc.
<Blacks are more racist than whites. In fact every race is racist. You'd have to pretend every sports player has the same color jersey to have zero racism. There'd be no games then.
<Every race abuses drugs. Again, you see reddit version of reality where they shame whites into imploding because everyone else has low self-esteem, trying to bring white people down. Any meth/heroin abuse going on is the product of a failing society. See Federal Reserve Bank and inflation/usury - kikes.
<Jews. Obama made 50 million from Penguin Publishing for a book deal. He gave Penguin 350 million to print common core.
<Jews owned all the slave ships. 78% of slaves were owned by Jews.
<Responsibility for what? Climate change? This is propaganda. Also the less than 1% that have monopoly control over all corporations have little regard for human life. This is hardly representative of "White" people.
<Jews again
<Kikes again

You're getting on my nerves, mate.


File: 1617843965106.gif (4.46 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Brady-High-Five.gif) ImgOps iqdb


copes on copes. you just say "jews" and profit from or ignore every debased and disgusting act of the white niggers of north america.


File: 1617845208061.jpg (3.53 MB, 4608x2592, 16:9, 7c924b9f6afab131050afdc9ae….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>White niggers
Troll me more.


everywhere on earth from norway to new zealand, from south africa to scotland, even in canada the true white man lives modestly in peace and quiet prosperity.

the usa is the only country on earth where the "whites" live in poverty, can't do calculus, and shoot each other en masse for no reason. I wish I could explain it but I can't. true white people can scarcely recognise the north american "whites" as whites at all.


You've clearly never been to America and watch too much television.


Please go to America because you are a mutted subhuman who belongs there, Americanized freak.


the most obviously fake bullshit of all time at this point

of course, the real problem was betrayer Trump , Dogger Donnie that decided to cause all this bullshit by trolling on twitter instead of ever doing anything and now they all still lie and take bribes years later and apparently get away with it even though there was a whole movement behind Dogger Donnie to actually get something done about corruption and supporting western values

Trump is and was shit and even today the LARPer is seen as a more valuable addition to the team that anyone telling the truth or wanting to get anything actually done


File: 1617854781996.jpg (71.57 KB, 1280x479, 1280:479, ICQQ.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>Did nothing
Uh but dude


>Trump is and was shit and even today the LARPer is seen as a more valuable addition to the team than anyone telling the truth or wanting to get anything actually done
keep supporting dogger donnie with your advanced schiztography skills while there's zero real evidence he was anything other than an unamerican homosexual

even Q's biggest homo prophets like X22report are still thinking we should be advocating for voter ID instead of a complete overturning of the current corrupt ruling faction after they lied to everyone about a fake pandemic


File: 1617866503701.jpg (33.16 KB, 680x396, 170:99, 1605458599900.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>double spacing between every sentence
>obvious logical flaws indicative of bait
>boogeymanning strawmen that were drawn up by the MSM
Stop replying to it and get on with some real discussion, it clearly isn't a native /dup/ poster.


>all I have is a complaint for "reddit spacing" and my cheque from the government to keep supporting the q larp and dogger donny but everyone else i the shill, thre's no way i'm completely pushing the bounds of credulity by supporting dogger donny and the sea of faux christian grifters
>hello fellow /pol, what are you thoughts on nick fuentes and richard spencer today I hear they aren't totally obvious shills because it says here on my shill notes for the day to shill our mossad e-celebs


File: 1617867133015.png (292.34 KB, 527x527, 1:1, 6d5bc75113b7250f749c3563a5….png) ImgOps iqdb

See? It switched narratives to Q and is pretending to be someone else with different views now. Where the fuck do these people find tvch?


>muh whitespace

You know if you're more concerned about what goes around words than the meaning within them you're probably not very smart.


File: 1617868906408.png (358.41 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1599285620501.png) ImgOps iqdb

who ARE
you quoting?


Who tf is nick fuentes and richard spender


>I am posting.
What did he mean by this?

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