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"If shoe shine boys are giving stock tips, then it's time to get out of the market." - Joseph Kennedy

Just had some fucking boomer at my workplace brag about how his faggot ass son is buying crypto. Can't wait till this shit crashes and retarded normalfags lose everything. Digital """money""" is not real money. Get a job that pays actual money you can use to buy things like property, guns, and ammo.


>Digital """money""" is not real money.
Neither is the American dollar.


File: 1633985525384.png (223.03 KB, 640x520, 16:13, 67B27243-7D2E-48E2-BD61-A9….png) ImgOps iqdb

As worthless as the US dollar is becoming I can still use it to buy food, gas, resources and many other things. Tell me, what can you buy with bitcoin? It's completely worthless unless you convert it back into real currency which you can use at the store. The reason crypto is getting shilled so hard by the kikes is because they want to get rid of cash and the freedom that it gives. Once they get rid of cash and all of your """money""" is digital, they'll have total control over your purchases and you'll own nothing. Made a racist comment online 20 years ago? Well looks like your online wallet just got cancelled and all your money belongs to me now goy! Wanna buy guns? Sorry but your transaction has been declined because we've flagged you as a "dangerous" individual. We've also notified the police about your attempted purchase and have blocked access to all your funds for the next 48 hours. Sorry goy, it's for your own safety!


>Boomer tier anger
Don't blame people that got into this stuff for making money. Hey, what's your dollar backed by? Hopes and dreams? Enjoy Biden printing a trillion dollars for niggerbux and yell at the people they've told you to yell at.
>Doesn't realize physical and online vendors are accepting cryptocurrency directly in lieu of government fiat tokens.


yeah ok faggot, go ahead and call me when the government decides to ban crypto and it turns out you're a worthless faggot who owns nothing. Kill yourself. Don't know why i even bother making threads in this faggot ass website. all i get are replies from bitter incel who are probably on the edge of suicide. Better off leaving this shithole and letting the pph drop to 0. Enjoy being bitter and alone for the rest of your lives faggots. You will never have wealth, you will never have pussy, you will never have anything. All you have are broken families who despise you irl and a dead website with an obese incel BO the whose an even greater loser than you guys.


File: 1633986792354.jpg (5.93 KB, 310x163, 310:163, pathetic.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Nice bait thread loser. Stay poor.


File: 1633986955272.gif (3.09 MB, 370x377, 370:377, 8EF3F77C-8E19-4C1B-B35D-D9….gif) ImgOps iqdb

richer than you'll ever be faggot. KYS


Lol nice meltdown about people having money rich man. I've got jackets worth more than your rent.


File: 1633993179746.jpg (257.39 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, the jew face behind the ni….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

oh look it's trsperg larping about his bitcoin fortune again lmao


Christ, I posted that thing the first time a couple days ago and the exact same thing happened. Wtf, why are there so many retards here


Lol don't tell me what to do!
Here's a question, are trannies big crypto investors? I'd think that most of them can't afford it considering the cost of hormones, women's underwear and dick chopping surgeries, but there's the lolbritarian angle in that a lot of trannies in spite of the faggotry are surprisingly 'conservative' when it comes to other social issues that don't involve them jerking off in the stall next to a little girl in the women's washroom.


>muh gif
I didn't even look at it. Your text makes it obvious who you are, broken record. I think you're the one bitter and alone.


oh look it's the kike.
Nice curly kike hair you swarthy kike.


Crypto might have been cool if people used it for anything other than stocks.


>and the freedom that it gives
>He thinks that the dollar is not controlled by kikes.


This, at the end it's just a different form of rat race that kikes also control, but for some reason miners love to think it isn't. Also fuck them for causing GPU prices to soar through the roof.


And HDD prices, I want to make kino and can't afford the storage to shoot RAW footage. Fucking Chia bullshit, apparently the drives weren't even useful for mining but the suckers bought them wholesale anyways.


There's no way that the miners are the reason people can't get gpu's, but it's a good way to divert blame. Interior industry demand has risen almost %200 for chips and the materials to use them and most of it is industrial/commercial demand, not crypto mining. Thank scalpers using bots trying to fuck everyone.


they are case in point why absolute freedom to do as you wish would end in a mire of degeneracy. I am convinced at this point anything black and yellow is astroturfed by kikes looking to poison the well of the right. Honestly lets not even use the left right dichotomy, the up down less authoritarian/more authoritarian compass is far superior.


>t seething bankjew mad at decentralization


And those scalpers did it because they know miners would pay their prices anyway because muh moneymaking assets. At best miners are gullible retards enabling their bullshit, at worst you can also count miners as being among the ones doing the scalping.

Nice digits but your overall cash flow is still negative, kikes being mad at decentralization or not.


I'm a liquidity provider in btc/usd pools so I always see positive cashflow.


>get out of the market
and into what exactly?


>the only way to have positive cashflow in shitcoins is to be the jew
what did he mean by this


He's smarter than you poors?


but i thought the point of shitcoin was to btfo the banksters


I like the unconscious admittal that the usd is a shitcoin.
Yeah, we become the bankers and run our own banks and make consensus through pos voting.


I think his point was the fact that digital currencies are not as decentralized as people seem to think they are. If not now then certainly soon since the big banks are constantly seething about it nowadays and are most definitely thinking up ways they can control it. Not to mention the fact that the other anon(s) mentioned, which was kind of insufficiently worded - they should have said that digital currency is currently being pushed because the powers behind it want to completely eliminate gold backed currencies, with everything that entails, including absolute arbitrary control over monetary value.


>digital currencies are not as decentralized as people seem to think they are
crypto is as decentralized and anonymous as you want it to be.


I get it, but you don't get that the price of gold is just as controlled. It's value comes from it's immutability, 1 ounce of gold now will be 1 ounce of gold 1000 years from now, 10.000 years from now, exct. It's the value we place on it, not an intrinsic value that gives it worth. We can use it for electronic machinery but you can't plant it, you can't drink it, it makes a shit building material or cloth unless you get super science fictiony. Gold has value because it will always be gold. I know there are some cryptos like cardano and xrp that pride themselves on decentralized organizations, but I understand that nothing like that can be absolutely anonymous and unconcentrated.
It's a weird battle, there is a great deal of resistance to crypto even as these institutions accept investment and commercial use, like the majority honestly don't want to but someone has either projected crypto as a requirement or they're trying to adapt it now to take control completely before normies can realize financial freedom from banks.


I use my own proprietary currency backed by gold standard


>>88470 Gold also has value because it's shiny and aesthetic so if you want to flagrantly display your wealth you can show it all off.


that's very jewish

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