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Thread 2: Karen(s) edition
Last thread hit 500 comments.
It's a big guy.

Post memes, daily trial links, updates, and bs here.
Vid is a drunk Bicept kike on a zoom call from a /dunk/ machine.
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File: 1637541579629.png (8.69 KB, 325x550, 13:22, fuckwits.png) ImgOps iqdb

you are indeed a dumb wignat, which is to say wignat simply as wignats are inherently stupid and lack any tactical intelligence.


Just ignore this faggot crying about wignats, he's a groyper mutt who always shit up the threads and love to D&C.


File: 1637541661131.jpeg (73.75 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Alpha.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>seething wignat


File: 1637541700893.png (573.34 KB, 700x767, 700:767, bc02c8c8bcc9fe996fc3263855….png) ImgOps iqdb

Dont even bother with qtards and cuckservatives they will never learn. Just as bad as lefties and just as unsalvagable. They still think
>we're winning


Pretty sure he already said he supports BLMs message when he initially got arrested, that got swallowed up and ignored almost immediately though.


File: 1637542716915.jpg (68.61 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-the-average-man-neve….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

That explains everything.
>Just as bad as lefties and just as unsalvagable
Over the past few years, I've gone from considering myself a democratic populist to questioning the idea when seeing the retardation of these people. Both the left and "right" are filled with complete NPCs who will believe anything their kosher sources tell them and don't have a high enough regard for the truth to look for alternative perspectives. I hate to admit it considering what an asshole he was, but H.L. Mencken was right.

I just don't know what the alternative is.
I never heard that. I thought he was the type to reject them because something something identity politics bad. Is he really that stupid to seriously believe that the people who live for burning, looting, and murdering and were trying to kill him are a good cause?

At some point they're inevitably going to declare that "real conservatives" have always supported anti-white domestic terrorism and always will.


I don't get it.
Is the Left claiming Rittenhouse as if anybody cares?


hes cucking out like a good little cuckservative.
if you ever thought he was /ourguy/ you were sorely mistaken.


Therefore he's the left's /ourguy/….
LOL Nobody cares.


Shut the fuck up qoomer


He is a nigger lover!


This. I strongly doubt he's as heckin paste and redbulled as certain internet retards seem to want him to be, but I also strongly doubt he genuinely supports BLM after BLM tried to kill him three times and has continued to call for his death ever since.


This was expected by anyone with a brain, the USA is a fucking shithole.
Even if he really doesn't mean it it's still PR, which says a lot about the absolute state of the country.


>the faggot crying about wignats and spamming interracial shit is also the dumposter


File: 1637555889458.jpg (40.92 KB, 949x960, 949:960, FB_IMG_1601023352305.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>he's also the retard boogeymen dramanigger


Because he didn't fall for your memes about Kyle being a nazi even though the kid literally never said anything about hating niggers or kikes? Just accept that you fell for some stupid internet shit and move on it's not a big deal.


Who even claimed he was a Nazi?


shhh dont upset the dupweeb too much or he might hurt his brain thinking about it




you first conservacuck


Calling someone a wignat is a compliment, you cuckservative faggot. Kill yourself.


>wignat posts cringe again
Move out, NEETsoc.


dilate tranny fuck! your parents will be relieved when you are gone.


Clearly my reply hit too close to home, you sound really steamed.


File: 1637568028761.png (193.38 KB, 512x380, 128:95, discord tranny.png) ImgOps iqdb

Go play some more dead by daylight, faggot.


I don't play that game, and I'm not your scapegoat boogeyman you seem to perceive.


File: 1637584924467.png (937.87 KB, 682x773, 682:773, nigger_parade.png) ImgOps iqdb

pretty fucking cohencidental that the niggers on the courthouse steps during the Rittenhouse verdict were saying shit like "come to Milwaukee and find out, crackers!" then a couple days later and 55 miles away a BLM chimp runs over a bunch of White 'Dancing Grannies' and school kids at the Christmas parade in a Milwaukee suburb.



Are you just going to ignore the fuckload of 1488 memea made about him? I know the people who actually made them probably weren't retarded enough to think he's actually a ypipo supreme, or even white at all, but aome of the fags who reposted them seem genuinely shocked he didn't go on live tv and yell fuck niggers kill jews.


basically dup 2.0


He's probably hoping to avoid being singled out more crazed pedos and their supporters


Das 'rith! Das 'rith!


>but aome of the fags who reposted them seem genuinely shocked he didn't go on live tv and yell fuck niggers kill jews.
I've never seen anyone who seemed like they believed it was anything but ironic humor.


Well now we're getting into anecdotal territory because I have. Let's skip to the end then and start telling each other to fuck off to wherever.
Go back to reddit you fucking nigger


File: 1637653510300.jpg (84.74 KB, 500x430, 50:43, 1322531542345.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

no u go back to doing horse dildo reviews @ homoniggers.com


i bet u like trannysexsurprise.gov stupid girlboy go plug ur ass somewhere else



That's the spirit.


>Is he really that stupid to seriously believe that the people who live for burning, looting, and murdering and were trying to kill him are a good cause?
No, in the interview he stated that he feels they were opportunists there only for rioting and destruction of property. He didn't think they had anything to do with BLM.


I think he is using this as a position to help the case against the Media in the lawsuit. They claimed he was a white supremacist, this is a clear statement to the contrary. They don't have anything else to expose him as a white supremacist so this is his position.


You gotta understand people staring down the barrel of the shit he's staring down will say basically anything. Motherfucker's still looking at civil suits, DOJ double jeopardy led by (((nadler))), and his whole life with a target on his back with the knowledge the system will absolutely never come to his defense in any way. He's gonna say what he has to say and probably half of it is just told to him by lawyers.


>just told to him by lawyers.
Honestly. I gotta give it to lawyers. They're really your best friend if you become a state criminal. Or a criminal for any matter.


You don't need to write all that, he is just another race traitor normalfag.


He killed more kikes than you ever will, saying dumb shit to faggot reporters is meaningless.


>selling out is meaningless


your kill count is still a solid goose egg. kvetch more cowardly nigger.


>He killed more kikes than you ever will
The thing is anon, is that he THINKS he killed whites, which he hates.


Yes I'm sure the dumb 18 year old is a cryptokike double agent and not simply trying to keep a mob from showing up at his house to kill him and his family.


He also killed more kikes than that cuck Hitler.


this but unironically

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