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So Austria's making the meme vaccine mandatory. The end is coming and it's coming faster every day.


I don't get it. The vaccines' efficacies suck and I read today that Apefrica, with it's single digit vax rate, has been miraculously spared from COVID surges as experienced in the West.

I guess we'll find out what's really going on in 55yrs when the FOIA requests clear just like JFK, lel


Our government is a nightmare, cuckservatives + greens, the mouth-breathing chancellor specifically said he wants to make life miserable for the evil right-wing anti-vaxxers.


How? is the military going to your house and force you to take it?

If they're making it mandatory to access public spaces, just ask one family member to give you his QR code.
>I don't get it
It's about control. COVID is just the flu.


your ancestors knew what to do - militantly opt the fuck out



same thing with Gulf of Tonkin, in 50 years they'll say "oops we lied but it's too late now haha we sure were stupid lol". same thing with 9/11 but that will probably take even longer.


>were used as a symbol of anti-Nazi resistance


>It's just the flu, bro!
Wrong, but it is about control


>flu "disappears" completely as soon as COVID enters the picture
nah. it's the flu


Wrong, it was just combined along with pneumonia.
One does not equal another.


>australians are retarded
Tell me something new anon


>Austria = Australia



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File: 1638021139861.jpg (8.93 KB, 155x185, 31:37, jacknick.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Corona was kinda based as it fucked over the world in unimaginable ways which was amusing to see but the reaction to it all as it gets this drawn out especially, is the most cucked, gay and just plain stupidly shit thing I've seen in my life. Fuck this gay Earth I'm so sick of it all.

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