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>6 Million?


It was more like 2


Well if anyone can lie and inflate numbers from only 2 up to 6 million it would be the jews.


>when your supposed genocide has an interest rate


Bolshevist jews inflated the numbers and crafted some story about gas and pedal brain bashers and anus gas pumps and all other minds of wildshit. Germans are very efficent, why would they invent complex was to kill someone when a 7.92 iwas cheap as dirt and did the job much better?


"cmon cmon cmon i want you to do it!"


Because they were fighting a war and ammunition isn't actually cheap enough to be used for mass execution.


So even more expensive Rube Goldberg tier masturbation murder roller coaster machines were cheaper?


mass starvation would've been cheaper, which is exactly what happened at the end of the war when the supply routes were bombed by the allies and typhus broke out across the camps


That's the point, there is almost no primary evidence of the holocaust, yet this is never talked about.


Put the retards and subversives up the hill to starve and carve messages warning other civilizations into the hills?


people just go along with it because emotions. They feel so sorry for kikes that they never question any of it


The cheapest method would to have grouped them all together, thrown a penny or whatever Germany's lowest denomination of money is in the middle, and watched them murder each other over it.


I think you mean a few hundred thousand caused by illness and starvation thanks to the Allies bombing supplies meant to keep prisoners alive.



I dunno i think that number includes all the others including joos such as gypsies and homos. There was ethnic cleansing of areas and they were sent to labor camps. Sure hundreds of thousands probably died in the final weeks when supplies were stretched thin but lots of civilians/joos/untermensch died before it got to that point


Yes I'm sure ==DA NODSEEEEEEEES= were killing the people they were using as labor to produce ammunition and equipment and that they weren't fine up until America started giving aid to the USSR as well as bombing their supply lones.


>were killing the people they were using as labor
thats where your wrong bucko, these werent "people" to them they were untermenschen= subhumans they could do whatever they want with.

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