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What are the political implications of this?
Pic related is a slavic domovoy


>What are the political implications of this?
The death of the Czar.


What is a barnjew?


it's like a shabbos goy, but higher maintenance


Makes me wonder if the Hinterkaifeck slayings were done by a barnjew.


Reminds me of that creepypasta where an intruder has an trap door into the rafters of a house which goes into each room, and an anon's mother explained that she always felt like she was being watched.


There was an actual event where a guy had a homeless lady living in the crawlspace of his apartment ceiling who would crawl out at night to eat his food. He noticed shit was slightly out of place one day so he set up a camera and caught her in the act. You can probably find the video on jewtube still.
Always clear your house if you leave and come back even if it's only for a short time.


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There was a case of this in Britain as well. Some teenagers were secretly living in the attic, and the woman living there thought the place was haunted.
There is a film about a case like this called Aftermath. It came out this year, and it could be about the case you mentioned.


I'd math her after, if you get my meaning.


I can't believe that the video's real.


Homeless people are crafty and unpredictable as shit man, he's lucky she didn't decide to murder him and move on before he caught her. I had one just show up behind me in my fenced in backyard one day and scare the fuck out of me. She was trying to sell me some bullshit necklaces she crafted, but I don't know how the hell she got in without me noticing, the fence is about 10 feet tall, it was quiet outside so I should've heard her, and the gate was locked, and was still locked when I punted her stupid ass off my property. I've since gotten a dog.


Honestly, if a homeless lady was living in my house or something, I'd try and talk to her. But that's just my feminine side talking. In real life, I'd grab the nearest object and go defense mode.

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