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Are there any non-white Nazis Here? Why are you following an ideology that is against you? Wouldn't you rather just be a conservative who hates blacks and Jews?


>doesn't understand how politics works
>proceeds to guilt people over their politics
What's it like being a retard?


What don't i understand? A non-white nazi is a clear oxymoron.


No it isn't. You're retarded.


Why am i retarded then, enlighten me, how can you be in favor of white supremacy and not have it backfire on you?


>herpa derp, national socialism is white supremacy
Hop off a cliff, retard.


Arabs have implemented multiple systems that are essentially natsoc. Norks have something similar but it's more oppressive and therefore tainted, true natsoc allows its people to flourish.


>I'd watch The Greatest Story Never Told, but I'm too busy trying to stretch so I can suck my own dick.
Be careful, some youtube versions have an edit cleverly hidden in an important part.


How does non-white national socialism even work, do you compare yourself to whites as the master race, or is it like the black nationalists where you see yourselves as the master race secretly?


>Master race
This is some sort of Jewish myth created to make an artificial villain out of the Germans and any nationalist behavior. You value the integrity of your own race and culture. You practice good relations with good cultures. You keep barbaric niggers at bay. It's pretty fucking simple. It's so simple you're a kike for playing so stupid.


Dude, National Socialism is the combination of nationalism and socialism. Nationalism is not White Supremacy. Nationalism is the solidarity of a national identity. That identity, which is wholly pertaining to the ethnicity of those practicing it, does not automatically mean that those identifying as it must be white. Their are National Socialists of every race and ethnicity. Not because those people identify as White, although there are some people who are desperate to do so, but because they agree with the aspects of the the ideology. Some people can go around jerking themselves off over being the "master race" but it isn't a thing in National Socialism itself.


Exactly, it's Jewish projection at its finest. The "chosen" think everyone shares their delusions.


OMG did you actually get it? Wow. That's literally one of the few times I've ever seen someone apply logic to the idea of national socialism and race.


To add a caveat to what you said and to expand, the libtards have swallowed the Globalist Socialist pill, and because globohomo is based on irrational principles rooted in fantasy, the same fantastical notions are applied to nationalist socialists but in their opposite. That's how a nationalist gets labeled a xenophobic nazi cis whatever.


The nazis were evil for these fantastical reasons.
Therefore I will be good by being the opposite.
Therefore anybody that disagrees with me is akin to these fictional villains I believe are real.
Therefore most sane regular people are totally confused when they are accused of being a Nazi.


I don't suppose any of you know any books specifically on non-white national socialism?


File: 1642192983151.png (31.82 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Door_Decoder.png) ImgOps iqdb

This is /dup/.
Use this decoder to translate Jewish texts.
Whatever the Jews say, the opposite is true.


File: 1642193867805.jpg (1.77 MB, 1500x3444, 125:287, 1384544862669.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Adolf Hitler was great because Adolf Hitler was good. He was a man for all ages and his noble philosophy is for all races.


French here, I fallow strong men, that's why I love german, italian and even anglo cum over my bussy and mouth.


>Why are you following an ideology that is against you?
That's not really true, they just saw a racial hierarchy in the same way Jews do, they did ally with non-whites and had little to do with them in the war. There's far more reasons for Blacks to hate the Allies than the Nazis when it comes to historical atrocities.

I think WW2 is mystified beyond any rational basis, half the deaths occured in Asia and the world is barely even aware of the fact since Western history only revolves around the holocaust.
If you compare the treatment of Napoleon and Hitler, one is still regarded widely as an idol of his nation despite a remarkably similar war campaign that killed millions of Europeans, while the other has taken the role of a personification of the devil.

If you didn't learn about it, you would never realize there was a war. The casualties pale in comparison to the effect of birthrates below replacement level.

>Wouldn't you rather just be a conservative who hates blacks and Jews?

That's exactly what 'Conservatives' pretended to do for since the end of the war, racebait to win elections only to entirely betray their voters and focus on business interest exclusively.
They fail to do anything about immigration or birthrates and actively hamper the right wing by calling them Nazis.


Based and rationalpilled


>they just saw a racial hierarchy in the same way Jews do
Basically this. Most niggers, spics and chinks know that there IS a racial hierarchy, exactly like the jews, and they will do anything to better their position, so they will always take advantage of affirmative action style policies and cultural pushes. Spics who think they can pass as white latch on to WN movements precisely because they know that there is a pie and they want a piece of it. Chinks know they started from a very low position globally but they actively try to make the "will grow larger" meme a reality because they want to eventually be the only race to control everything. Meanwhile, white people outside of "redpilled" circles (and even some within, such as the "democrats are the real racists" crowd) constantly downplay or even outright deny it, not to mention actively trying to shield jews and other subversive elements. The tiny subset of white leftists who happen to hate jews mostly only do so because they conflate said jews with rich white people, so it is merely a component of their self-hatred.


Where have you been?
Best post on /dup/ in ages.


File: 1642226761198.png (105.41 KB, 640x265, 128:53, Hitler and the New World O….png) ImgOps iqdb

Hitler wanted an European New World Order though he appears to be a globalist himself.


He was a Rothschild bastard.


these are kikes


This is a kike.


File: 1642300679665.jpg (54.76 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-the-great-nations-ha….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Hitler was an autist, but imperialism is the way of the world.


I guess he was using shitskins as pawns.
>imagine being a shitskin which tells itself that Hitler didnt hate him for what he looked like
>imagine being a shitskin IN THE FIRST PLACE


Someone doesn't get the joke.


You slander the physical incarnation of the Allfather, YOU are the kike.


This is a jew.
Hero worship of Hitler has been the MO to subvert all boards.
It filters normalfags to help them evade red pills, and it attempts to isolate us as extremists because the Hitler Nazi evil narrative still holds.
Hitler is not the incarnation of evil as the jews suggest, but he was a Rothschild bastard and was an engine for the grand, global psyop that began long before him and continued long after him.


>Hitler was a Rothschild bastard
>not the incarnation of evil
Who are you jewing anymore


>thread immediately gets derailed into Hitler shitflinging after two excellent posts from random anons
/dup/ btfo indeed.


>he was a Rothschild bastard
Your memes are tired, old, and gay.


fuck you you subversive kike worm! WORM!!!!!!!!!


i'm sick of this shit. These faggots need to go back to the hole they came from.


No, we need to keep on worshiping Hitler. It's the reason we've been so effective politically. This is the hill we need to die on.


Friendly remember, the Nazis are pagans larpers who destroyed Europe and helped to spred the destruction of the family values, nationalism and gave the Zionists greater control and influence over the world.

Hitler is burning in hell right now.


File: 1642372268173.png (411.95 KB, 566x703, 566:703, 1642371000990.png) ImgOps iqdb

Europe was actually pretty okay until the 1960s


Race mixed kids have it the worst.


Your point is correct but gtfo twatter. Gahoole has invited a culture and mindset of tolerating normalniggerness that has already partially warped the site


Try going to 16chan and spew this "celebrate TRUE diversity" shit. I guarantee you, the anons from the lesser known (to 4chan) backroom chans do not want non-whites on their side.

White anons want them DEAD.


Worshipping Hitler is a shitpost irl that does the kikes little to no harm.


There's two evil versions of Hitler.
The Orange Man Bad tier Hitler from elementary school through college is a Jewish lie.
He was much worse than that in a very subversive manner. He was a sort of controlled opposition.


Just watch some vids of Joseph Gregory Hallett. He talks about Hitler in some random interviews.


Non-white national socialists wouldn't be on the same side as white national socialist, they would be on whatever their own race's side would be. National socialism is bigger than Hitler.


Third position has to be tailored to the customs and culture of the group in question. There is no one size fits all. This gives 3rd position a unique advantage over say marxism, we can morph and adapt, they cannot


>Europe was actually pretty okay until the 1960s
Abyssal shit take.


Why would I want my race to be ruled by capitalists or aristocrats?


Wouldn't your race still be ruled by Capitalist and aristocrats under fascism, just their own race? No matter what your going to be ruled by someone, even if you're in an anarchist commune and someone decides to rape your family.


Perhaps but at least the capitalists will be the government and the money I pay them for essential services, taxes, and if I run an industry the cost of raw materials, goes right back into the system and since the system serves the people I get my money back one way or another, and my aristocrats serve me by serving society, since fascism is supposed to operate as a meritocracy, so those above me have honestly earned their positions and don'r rule, but provide better service to society than I might be capable of, and therefore are rewarded to a higher degree in various fashions.


ok so go hole up on your farm with your slaves capitalist pig


Bot level response. No dopamine for you.


capitalist kike. Stalin should have gassed all of you


>he thinks stalin wouldn't have gassed him too


where the hell would Stalin get free labor from if he's going to gas everyone?


Communism is for whites only. You see, highly evolved whites can make it work. Nonwhites are too hedonistic to be successful communists


I support communism wholeheartedly

for nonwhites. Let them have their eternal revolutions and starvations until they've wiped themselves out.


I wouldn't classify Bolshevik kikes as "white"


He would've gassed his whole political party, btw "Vladimir Lenin" wasn't really a name, can you guess why they had to hide their hebrew origins?


>goes right back into the system and since the system serves the people I get my money back one way or another, and my aristocrats serve me by serving society
In theory, but the elite (not just the jewish elite) are harmful to the people and sometimes redistribute the wealth for themselves stealing from the poor.


Is this the mythical NazBol I keep hearing about?


Without the Light of God there's now way to save the white race, the nazis are satanistic, that's why they lost, no only that, but even with their victory in the long run things would became awful for the world as a whole, including whites.


File: 1642462484526.png (1.46 MB, 1476x694, 738:347, dios mio el americano nazb….png) ImgOps iqdb

Dios mio, el Nazbol!


Hi Argus, still simping for trannies and seething about your 4inches dick, while larping as NatSoc warrior?


"Celebrate true diversity" is a cope reflex of shitskins who cannot live with the fact that they're worthless.

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