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How far will covididiots go?




dooooooood mommy vampire dooooooooood weeeeeed hurr hurr hurr


But NOT ivermectin.


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They've been talking about this since the beginning of the pandemic. Interestingly, the last time it came up it wasn't long after another study was bandied about the media claiming weed is bad for your heart. Simultaneously discouraging the use of commonly available treatments/prophelactics and diverting blame from adverse vax effects, the typical Pfizer et al M.O. at this point.

On a similar note, a study came out saying low dose aspirin, which prevents blood clots, cut covid mortality by %50. It was drowned out of the media by stories of low dose aspirin not being any good for your heart, so if you're taking it for that (like many old people do) you should stop taking it. I seriously think part of the endgame of the official covid response is to kill off as many fat and elderly people as possible to ease the burdens on Medicare/caid, social security, etc. and ramp up the numbers for propaganda. It makes the act and coverup of gov. Coumo putting covid positive patients into nursing homes make a lot more sense


Marijuana Mandates…..NOW!
It's for the safety of the children.

t. science


And with the potential of Viagra as a treatment….it can be a real mandate.


Asprin also cuts down on inflammation, and one of the actually dangerous side effects of COVID is inflammation of the circulatory system, to the extent that it can actually close off capillaries and restrict blood flow to your organs. This is actually probably why those chink doctors who had it at the start had their complexion severely darken when they started to recover, heavily damaged blood vessels opening up back to their original size and leaking, producing basically a full body bruise all over the skin.


>muh inflammation
90% of Americans have inflammation problems by default from snacking, overeating, and carb/sugar consumption.


Yeah partially because they're fat as fuck, and partially because the food they eat is poison. Any seed derived oil is extremely bad for you, and everything in burger has been saturated with them. Plants don't want you to eat their seeds, so they make them bad to eat.
The elites want their peasant class to be unhealthy but still barely functional enough to produce things for them, so they feed them things that accomplish this. Hence why almost every health problem can be cured or prevented entirely by diet and lifestyle changes.


Fat is just the symptom.


Sort of, it has a bunch of negative effects it produces just by being there and contributes to the negative feedback loop. Once fat hits a critical mass it basically starts trying to preserve and replicate itself at the expense of all of your body's vital systems. It produces a whole host of undesirable hormones, actively discourages the burning of fat for energy and encourages the storage of calories as fat for no reason, puts excess load on your respiratory/circulatory system, makes you hungry for no reason, ect ect ect.
So yeah it is a symptom of a terrible diet and lifestyle, but its a symptom that contrubutes to that terrible lifestyle and diet directly. Trying to handwave it off as "just a symptom" is like saying septic shock is just a symptom a blood infection, you need to treat the symptom and the source of it at the same time.


It's a health crisis. We to push for more health mandates. It should be illegal for people that do not maintain proper weight to go to restaurants and other public spaces. They need to pay more for health care and be denied travel and other amenities until they reach a healthy limit.
It also increases the risks of COVID so it should be Federally listed health emergency.


This would be the sane authoritarian response, but there is way too much money being made fatting up the niggercattle so instead they're forcing everyone to get a vaccine that doesn't work so they can make even more money off of people's poor health.


kiss my big ass! You gonna be the one to police everyone huh? Faggot


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Americans will never go for it.


uhhh hello, based department?


Poe's Law.


Hi Keith Woods, still watching sissy hypnosis while crossdresing as Nazbol nurse?


Careful, Gahoole's discord trannies will defend the shit out of Keith Woods.


Wait, it's true or you're making up shit? The dude is fed, pro vaccine and trannypol tier.


Im serious, a lot of those fags love the guy


dilate troon, ywnbaw

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