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Left Rights by Left Rights wins last week's klub because, once again, it's the only album submitted. Unlike the rest of the /mu/zach klub winners thus far, this album is actually good, so check it out.


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>fecal matter music
The Passenger of Shit is the premier artist for this, though most of his music isn't literally about shit.
His new album The Poo Mountains is an exception to this, though. It's fucking gross and surprisingly good. If you like breakcore, moody spacious sounds and really glitchy music give it a listen. The singing is really rough and mostly screeching, so be warned. It's the main thing I don't like about the album.


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Good choice, for last week that is, shit music was last week. This week we're taking submissions for power trios.


I'm not submitting albums, I'm talking about fecal music. That's the point of the weekly themes, right?


i guess so…


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prime coprogrind rn folks


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