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What's the /truth/ about crack? Is it actually good for you? Does it expand your mind?


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I took crack a lot in my teenage years, it opens your mind so much all of your brains fall out.


You should fit in here perfectly then.


You're funny, you should be on stage.


All the world's a ſtage,
And all the men and women, meerely Players;
They haue their Exits and their Entrances,
And one man in his time playes many parts,
His Aƈts being ſeuen ages.


I changed my mind, you fustian faggot. Your altiloquence impresses no one.


Quoting one of the most famous Shakespeare lines there is was not meant to impress anyone, you humourless philistine.
It seems you weren't joking about smoking so much crack your brain fell out.


If you're not quoting Jaws I don't want to hear it.


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thats a lynyrd nemoy quote moran


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Does crack unlock the /truth/? Or does meth?


No, only DMT combined with BZ does that. And it is not worth it. Often ignorance is bliss.


What *does* crack and meth unlock?


Your life.


Who here /tweaker/?


Me! Any other /tweakerbros/ here?



FBI chad here, good thread.

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