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QRD on ingesting fluoride, please.
Just found out there's a lot of it in tea, so much for laughing at weimericans for having it in their water.
How do I know if it has fucked my pineal gland, is there any hope for fixing it? How much fluoride is absorbed when brushing teeth?


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Just schizo grifters are anti fluoride


You sure are increasing pph with all this faggy bait Yakuza


Is modern tea another kike psyop to make you weak?


>Vid of industry worker pouring a bag of fluoride straight into city pipe water supply system with bag labeled as hazardous as he's in full industry mask and gloves equipment.
>It's in tea


Yeah, supposedly tripled amount in 20 years or something due to pollution.
The benefits of tea might outweigh the negatives of fluoride, but I'm not sure if the pineal gland calcification thing is a meme because I've only found boomer schizo info online


A lot of the anti-fluoride stuff is retarded, but I remember reading about a study that did conclude consumption does drop your IQ by several points.


>Yakuza is living rent free in his pedo head


NPC finally found an approved study that says fluoride may barely reduce IQ, good for you. Keep looking for those publically published studies, I'm sure the powers that be are only looking out for you.


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>demanding actual evidence instead of mindlessly believing things is NPC behavior


It bangs your enamel too but americans haven't been able to get that side effect because they rarely drink tap water as is, usually they gulp pre-made soft drinks.


>Thinking actual evidence will be believed if it doesn't have a ZOG approved seal


I remember during an excursion with the school when I was in elementary school, we went to the dam that provides drinking water for the entire city.
In a corner, there were several and several bags, when I asked to an employee what it was, he told me it was fluoride. So he and my teacher preached how this was a wonderful service given by our government to our people, and I spent years believing that indeed, this was a wonderful, well-thought-out thing.

These days, I at least feel suspicious about it. Unfortunately, the entire system was already set to affect us from the start.

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