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This dude is 41 now


Exactly, still so young and yet to hit his peak, how does he do it


remember how he starred in that tv show about being in a cult or something and no one watched it?


The Path? That show actually did pretty well, it was in IMDb's top 25 most popular shows while it was airing, but /tv/ isn't exactly in the "normalfag" sphere so you wouldn't here about it here.


Watched the first season, was actually pretty good and had a lot going for it. But in the second season they added in some sub-plot about illegal immigrants which made me lose interest. Not sure if the writers were trying to be preachy or just topical but it felt like a last minute addition to the script. I could've probably stuck with it but I had other shows to watch.


>kids born when the xbone was released are now starting first grade


Maybe, but I've never heard a single person online or offline mention its existence.


>kids that didn't exist in the past exist now


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Looks better than me in my twenties, tbh.

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