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>2 poos kill their family after watching The Office. What do you think the suicide note said?


show bob and vagene


>thinks poojeets can write


Context??? Fuck are you on about



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Disgusting street shitters should all be forcibly deported and or executed



>Farhan apparently wrote a suicide note in Google Docs and posted it to his Instagram, several news outlets reported. In it, he said he and his older brother-both former students at the University of Texas at Austin-suffered from severe depression.

>The note-which includes bizarre references to the TV show The Office-claimed that the brothers decided to kill the rest of the family because they believed any surviving relatives would be "miserable" if the brothers only took their own lives.

>Police said they believe the shootings happened Saturday and someone who saw the note contacted authorities to request a check on the family. There was no record of any previous disturbances at the home.


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>In it, he details four "very important issues" he has encountered in his life: 1 - difficulty getting help; 2 - people not understanding what real depression is; 3 - The Office should've ended when Michael left; and 4 - Gun control in the US is a joke.

>"Hey everyone. I killed myself and my family," he begins. "If I'm going to die, I might as well get some attention."

>He details how he began cutting himself, remembering the exact date he started, using a craft scissors in the tenth grade, before moving on to knives and doing it several times a week. He laments how those who knew about his depression would only offer to help, but not really mean it, as dealing with a depressed person is "a lot of work."

>"The only people who really stick around are those who are obligated to," he said. When he finally opened up to his father, he said he "worked his ass off trying to help", getting him diagnosed and medicated, and enrolling him in a teen mental health camp.

>Things improved; he lost weight, gained friends and "became f-- cool", excelled at computer programming and "somehow managed to get a girlfriend who was far out of my league."

>"My life was perfect, but that didn't change the fact I was depressed," he wrote adding that while doubling his medication worked for a while, it was only temporary. "Every solution was always temporary."

>After confessing his thoughts to his suitemate at college, he said he was kicked out of the dorm, and dropped out entirely shortly afterwards; he and his brother then spent a lot of time watching TV shows; it is at this point the note takes a sharp turn into a rant about Steve Carrell's character in The Office.

>"This leads me to my third major point: The Office should've ended when Michael left," he wrote, praising the show but lambasting how it ended.

>"We kept watching until February 21, 2021. That's the day my older brother came into my room with a proposition: if we can't fix everything in a year, we'll kill ourselves and our family."

>"Allow me to explain. Anyone who knew me knew that I operate on pure logic. Every decision I make is based on a pros-cons list, including the one to kill my family."

>He goes on to theorize that the meaning of life is happiness, and if one cannot be happy there was no point in living. He then surmises that if he were to just take his own life, his family would spend the rest of theirs in misery and guilt.

>"I know I said I operate on logic, but the one emotional aspect of my life is the only reason I'm here. I love my family. I genuinely do. And that's exactly why I decided to kill them."

>After originally planning to wait a year, he said they realized there was no point. "Why not wait a month?"

>"The plan was simple. We get two guns, I take one and shoot my sister and grandma, while my brother kills our parents with the other. Then we take ourselves out."


imagine being so narcissistic you think your family couldn't live without you, so you kill them


What the hell is going on over there?
<Alekhya (27) and Sai Divya (23) allegedly bled out on the floor after an elaborate ritual that their parents believed would lead to their resurrection as a happy family. They had been struck with a dumbbell and a trident, blood everywhere. One of them was found in a puja room in a red saree; the other was in a different room, reportedly naked.
Covid Came From Me, Not China: Andhra Pradesh Woman Who Killed 2 Daughters: https://archive.vn/Nn01D / http://web.archive.org/web/20210127120905/https://www.ndtv.com/andhra-pradesh-news/im-shiva-covid-came-from-me-andhra-pradesh-woman-who-killed-2-daughters-2358872


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>>"Allow me to explain. Anyone who knew me knew that I operate on pure logic. Every decision I make is based on a pros-cons list
Cringe! How could you BEAR to leave this world with such a fedora statement I'd actually die of embarrassment first really


He was joking, idolnigger.


>What the hell is going on over there?


I thought that was Zack Snyder in the middle for a second from the thumbnail.

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