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There are lots of series that start great and become shit, but what are some shows that manage to consistently alternate between great and shit?

An example I've noticed is Legend of the Galactic cuckime Heroes. About 40ish episodes in and there's become a consistent pattern of:

>3-5 Episodes of cool space battles, strategy, and Imperial/Phezzan realpolitik

>1-3 Episodes following shitlib hyper pseud self-insert Yang Wenli on an incredible philosophic journey up his own asshole

This show is amazing when it focuses on strategy and machiavellian politics, and a torrent of tedious brainlet takes whenever Gary Stu Yang has free time.

What other shows have a dynamic like this? Star Trek TNG is the only one I can think of that comes close.


The strategy is bullshit.


Mostly, taking advantage of the enemy's bullshit humanitarian pretense for invasion to exhaust them via attrition is legit.

There was also a perfect breakdown of how the fake news media villifies dissident movements, yet even after hearing that Yang can't put 2 and 2 together because muh democracy must be great even though it's shit.

That's what I found so interesting, it's half based political realism and redpills, followed by a chaser of cringe fauxlosophy about muh human rights.


The Yang self-insert shit really did get out of hand. The worst part is around the end of part 1 where, after meeting Yang, Kircheis tells Reinhard that nothing would be better than to live in a world where he could be Yang's friend. I know that was supposed to part of the rivalry between Reinhard and Yang but it was handled poorly. The creator truly did have grand a vision but sadly he was also prone to bouts masturbatory fart huffing. Many such cases in the world of cuckime.
>What other shows have a dynamic like this?
If you're talking about shows that alternate between great and shit, almost any comedy show, even the really good ones, will have a couple of bad episodes sprinkled in with every handful of good ones. At least with some of them, like King of the Hill, you can usually tell how good or bad one will be just by the central character of the episode.
As far as more serious shows go, maybe the X-Files?


Apparently this show was based off a book, anyone knows if these books were ever translated? been meaning to get into Guin Saga as well but japoid books don't get enough love from translating weebs because they rather use their time to translate bullshit like
<wahh onichan* don't stick your fist in there~ (translator note:onichan means brother)
in comics sans and adding gay glittery effects on their subs.


File: 1617848512141.webm (15.85 MB, 853x480, 853:480, かりすま~とGIRL☆Yeah!.webm) ImgOps iqdb

I tried watching this >cuckime a LONG time ago but it was actually so super ultra mega boring I dropped it. Maybe I should give it another shot though I mean reddits favorite anime can't be bad right!?


The first book was translated around 2015 and I assume more have been translated since than. I only know about the first book being translated because there was a minor stink about it not having enough female characters when it happened.


Other than
<Wow, a failed student and midwit philosopher who is secretly a super genius, Yang is literally me

I don't see why reddit would love this so far. So far it exemplifies why democracy is just a shitty system of obfuscation of power and ends up showing a competent dictatorship to be superior in every way.

Yang's argument for why overthrowing the corrupt and ineffectual government is wrong is literally "Yeah politicians rob the people and send millions to a pointless death to enrich themselves, but your military government doesn't gibe people freedom of speech (to impotently complain while never changing anything)."

Cartoon concerts seem more like reddit's thing.


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>I don't see why reddit would love this so far.
>Cartoon concerts seem more like reddit's thing.
I live in a world populated by stupids and incorrect just get me OUT already! Please to google reddit anime list and then reflect upon your life OK protip all the things you like and think are kino are >cuckime for small young boys and low level horsy and you actually need to STOP


really? damn that's such a bullshit reason to not translate the books, one of the main characters is a female for fucks sake, what else do they want?


You bring up an interesting issue. The show, and I assume the books, take the general stance where the person viewing/reading stands leans toward a democratic government. Then Yang is somewhat like Washington and doesn't want to ruin democracy to "save" it. But if you lean toward an autocratic from the start, then Yang's actions are retarded as the democratic republic in the show is obviously corrupt and needs to be excised by any means necessary.


>1-3 Episodes following shitlib hyper pseud self-insert Yang Wenli on an incredible philosophic journey up his own asshole
Have a (You) sir. This is the most cogent review I've seen of LotGH on the interwebz. The dynamic between Kircheis and Lohengramm was definitely my favorite part of the series and shortly after his death I found the show to be completely stale. Ended up tuning out after 10 more episodes or so mainly due to the reason you mentioned.


File: 1617860069145.jpg (324.25 KB, 735x1197, 35:57, LotGH_novel_1_cover.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

The cuckime and cukga should have never been made.


I wish normalfags had never discovered anime…


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




>Gary Stu
your brain on cuckime


I wish normalfags had never discovered anime…


<Not muh gary stu
>Secret super geniuses who always pull a deus ex machina out of their ass are great characters as long as it's a man

You brain on >cuckime posting

What's amazing to me is that it can go basically all the way in demonstrating how the distinctions between "democratic" and "authoritarian" is basically just a difference in the propaganda regime, but still not put 2 and 2 together (i.e. de jure autocrats just censor what they don't like and declare new policies along with rationale, whereas democratic rulers censor what they don't like through coordination with dominant conglomerates in the "free" media, extra-legal activists and militia, and ensure their preferred policies through manipulation of electoral outcomes and permanent bureaucratic capture). They're really not doing anything that is different in principle, it's just that the workings of power in the empire are mostly clear, and in the alliance they are obfuscated. It's going a step beyond the normie liberal mush-head to basically acknowledge that yeah, all the idealism surrounding democracy is bullshit, but I need to protect it anyway.


Take a shower kike.



You are? I celebrate your bravery in coming out to all of gahoolechan


I wish you had your fingers cut off so you couldn't type.


File: 1617951549961.jpg (178.41 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 300 IQ statement.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Yang's idea of democracy is that if people have a shit government, it's their fault since they voted for that, and it's their responsibility to change things, whereas in a monarchy, the people get no choice and are forced to obey a leader. In that scenario change only comes when another member of the royal family kills another and gains power. Sure there are arguments against these ideas, and even some presented in the show, like how only a minority of people actually vote the people in power, what I liked about Yang is that he truly believed in these ideals, and never wanted the FPA to become a dictatorship. Throughout the story he had many opportunities to usurp power for himself, and even his best friends pleaded him to do so, and he might have been a good leader, but he refused, not because he was scared to do so, but because it was against his beliefs. To have the opportunity to rule over an empire, and to refuse because it's not what you wish, that is something to admire in my opinion, even if you disagree with his ideas.
As for him being a tactical genius, almost at garystu levels, it's counterbalanced by the fact that the government never listened to his pleads, and is the only elite member of the FPA, whereas the empire had like a dozen. In fact, in the first 3 episodes, there was one more characters at the levels of Yang, but died because his commanders didn't listen to him when he warned him about Reinhard's plan to divide and conquer, which is a constant theme with FPA(smart men are ignored by politicians who only care about getting elected).


>good people should not want or accept power, that is something to admire in my opinion.
yes goy, absolutely agree with you.


That's not the idea. The idea is, if someone keeps saying that nobody should hold absolute power, that it's bad and it's something he keeps on promoting, but gets the opportunity to have absolute power and does it, that just makes him a hypocrite. You can disagree with Yang's ideals, and I do as well, but he proved that he truly believed in what he was saying and honesty is a virtue that should be admired.


You can say he was honest and true to his beliefs, but his beliefs were wrongheaded and totally naive, an honest fool who squandered most of the good he could have done. Was Saul a hypocrite for going from a murderer of Christians to a great evangelist? Maybe, but then everyone is a hypocrite who advances at all from foolishness toward wisdom.


But not killing christfags is foolishness. Just look at what happened to you.


You couldn't kill a goldfish homo


I wish normalfags had never discovered anime…


Juden/Pagan Alliance when?


Your intellectual jerkoff cartoon is gay.


Already happened. See Julian the Apostate.


Julian did it to weaken christcuckery though not because he liked the joos, Julian saw that christcuckery was bad for Rome, soon after is unfortunate demise Rome fell, seems he was right.


And? He still made an alliance with the Jews. He was the dup of his day.


>make an alliance with jews
>Rome falls
>this is clearly the fault of Christians


Heathenism is the answer.


>Retarded cuckstians don't realize that Christianity is jewish trickery
<Galaxy brain pagans realize the most based option is to ally with Jews against christianity, thereby foiling jewish trickery forever

Really zach?

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