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>tfw want to make kino but too poor to do it because all my locations suck and I don't even have a car
Being a collegefag with no job who can't seem to find one is such a not-kino life.


Just wait till you graduate and become a NEET. Thats when the real stressful shit starts.


Have you tried animation? Like doing it in garrys mod.


Just send me all your money and I'll make some kino for you.


Bots like you should not just be banned, they should have their code placed into synthetic bodies that can feel pain so you can be beaten to death despite not actually already being alive.


it thinks we want the nip slut when what we want is the emo white slut. bad broken bot. Sad!


he's been getting really tiresome lately, like he wants to test our tolerance. And let me tell you, he's getting close to the limit.


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>ah bloo bloo I can't afford good locations
Reminder that an empty parking lot was enough for PTA to make moody kino scenes.
Scout and then scout more. Only after that you have a right to say you have no good locations.


You were on that /vid/ general weren't you?

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