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File: 1634204311893.png (2.3 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, Clintdup.png) ImgOps iqdb


>Noooooo, Patch's O'Callahand, you're killing too many bad guys causing too many paper jobs.
>Callahan, join our club. We kill bad guys.
Is Clint Eastwood the dup of Hollywood?
>I'm all for killing bad guys, but you have to do it legally.


wait till you hear his speech about gun control in the 4th movie


I prefer Death Wish


>I hate everyone the same, i don't discriminate
<Someone is killing fags and niggers, guess we will just res-


There was a lot of pozz in this movie.
Tells a white cop that got disarmed to help a black woman up off the floor.
Of course the having sex with an asian girl after turning down a white woman.
And his line for how he'd accept gays if they can shoot well.


>Oh you hate niggers. anon?
>Here, pity these ones so you let your guard down during future encounters.
He relaxed meme was born.


One of the writers or producers for the first movie talked about how much he hated the romance with the Asian girl because Harry was supposed to be too cold and jaded to get close to anyone.


> he hated the romance with the Asian girl because Harry was supposed to be too cold and jaded to get close to anyone.
Exactly this. Then he sleeps with the female cop in the 3rd movie and next thing you know: "She was raped by all those people she murdered. I'll let her off the hook"


Mayhaps it reinforces the notion that Asians are subhuman, but she was a tasty looking morsel.


Why would a Lt. that manages a team of vigilantes within the police force that kills bad guys off the record, to then use as reason to target arrest other bad guys (tipping them off to force a gunfight and lethal force), why would he hate his best shooter that kills record numbers of perpetrators all while doing it by the book? The guys die and don't escape the law.

Perhaps he's maintaining his cover as a squeaky clean cop (never drew his gun), but that would mean he secretly idolizes Callahan. However, he never reveals that during the final scenes. He hates him for not joining him or ultimately because he was going to challenge his operation. A compelling movie would have been Callahan not joining but also not outing his cops. Instead the Lt. is made to look like a hamfisted villain, and Callahan is the anti-christ, the rescuer of globohomo.

Pretty fucking kiked if you ask me.


>I'm going to keep on supporting the system until a man like Barrack Obama can come around and change things.


From 1 to 2 he went from being a vigilante to a shill for the corrupt system.


In fact he probably inspired the vigilantes that emerged in 2. The group of young guys knew him and respected him.
>I'm not wearing hockey pads.
He's wearing the armor of God? Wtf is he talking about


The first movie pissed off a lot of big names in movie industry so I wouldn't be surprised if they made the second one as an apology to save their careers.


*the movie industry


File: 1634231682824.jpeg (17.44 KB, 300x273, 100:91, CE-300x273.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>Wha-ha-hat… I love titty asian whores and having niggers as friends.


File: 1634231954558.jpeg (949.87 KB, 1917x2735, 1917:2735, AAC4D289-FA11-4A00-8FC0-F….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb



Hollywood loved niggers because they only had to deal with the gay tapdancing HUEHUEHUE big teeth smiling jigasboo entertaining types, and not the hamfisted buckwheat street negro the rest of the country had to handle. Now they love niggers because they don't have a choice. They wouldn't step foot in a room with a middle class black man, but fuck they'll write and direct a movie about how he should be allowed to fuck your daughter. They drank their own koolaid and now all you have to do is say 'fuck I'm thirsty' and they have to burst throug ha wall shouting 'OH YEAH! NIGGERDICKS for Everyone!' even if they hate it, themselves, and everyone around them for it.


File: 1634232803202.jpg (164.33 KB, 573x430, 573:430, bronsondeathwish.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

the Virgin Callahan vs. the Chad Kersey


>having niggers as friends
Fun fact - non-whites who claim themselves to be based have nigger friends. Ew


> it reinforces the notion that Asians are subhuman
No, asians aren't based. No shitskin race is based. It's not a "notion", it's a fact.


>He's not an incel like the MCU heroes.
Categorically the movies are still capeshit imo.


No, I mean his speech is kino. It think he says something like "I'm a proponent of gun control, where I control the guns in the room" or something like that. Similar to
>my friends and I won't allow it
<what friends?
>Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson


To be fair, the entire point is that they deserved it. Also I think that was the 4th movie. The entire point is that Callahan is a vigilante with a badge, like Timothy Olyphant's Raylan Givens in the much newer show Justified (likely modeled in part after Clint's characters). These are "modern westerns" and the common denominator is that the lead is more concerned with justice than with the rule of law. Cops who are disillusioned at the judicial system's incompetence and will pull the trigger even if there could be some other solution, because they'd rather kill the rabid dog than put it in a cage to later release so that he keeps claiming victims.


>To be fair, the entire point is that they deserved it.
Yeah, but he still let her off with a shrug nonetheless is my point.
>that was the fourth movie
Yes it was
>The entire point is
I know what the point is, I just somewhat disagree with it.


Callahan today would have been your run of the mill rent a zogbot


oh fair enough
he'd be one of many bodycam killings of armed suspects




File: 1634250764650.webm (3.72 MB, 850x480, 85:48, death wish criminal equal….webm) ImgOps iqdb

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