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One neet with a normal consumer computer can do this but Hollywood can't make convincing CGI with 500 workers after spending $300 millions, what gives?


Gantz 0 is better than that.


Hollywood artists don't give a shit about their work. They shouldn't, because they are paid like garbage. They do maximum 1 hour of real craft a week. Rest of the time they're just staring into space or taking a 7 hour break browsing stuff on the web.


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>What is rendering


It's not fair to compare NEETs to wagecucks. The poor wagies can't even comprehend things such as beauty and truth, let alone arcane NEETwizard magic.


It makes me feel good to know the cogs in the machine designed to poison the world also suffer.
Thanks for the Thanksgiving gift anon

Hollywood budgets are inflated tp accommodate money laundering, cocaine and sex victim hush money. Just look at Adam Sandler film budgets.
THat said, why didn't Squeenix do this? Why did they butcher beloved Tifa into a chingling no-titty haram nothing? Aerith didn't get that treatment.

Bi linear filtering and ray tracing actually, smart guy. Acting like he knows what he's talking about. I bet you think Marvel End Game wasn't instanced either


that's a single frame, now try animating it


File: 1637874085556.mp4 (1.09 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1454639588316631046_jYFUrJ….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

He tries


Extremely impressive if one guy actually did this. Pedowood BTFO


Woooah, can you skullfuck her?


decent job


Cuckywood is dead


>Hollywood budgets are inflated tp accommodate money laundering, cocaine and sex victim hush money.
Some of them are, or at least used to be, but not so much these days.

Hollywood budgets for 90% of films are increasingly lean. Used to be you could get 5 million for an indy film by being in the right place at the right time, these days "indy films" are lucky to get 5 mil despite the fact evenything costs twice as much.

In terms of big budget films, the money there is in hiring the techs that make it all possible. Not only do those guy charge like wounded bulls (low 6 figures) but they're only doing it because they want to make movies, they could easily drive a few hours to San Fransisco and be making ten times as much. For even basic stuff like an action film you need 20 of them, at say $200k each that's 4 million just to pay their contracts, they still need equipment, software, a place to work, supervisors, and "perks". Scale that up to a Marvel movie which is 90% animation and you'll need a hundred of them, that's 10% of the budget to people who don't even get listed on the credit.

The basic cost for set builders for a movie that's entirely shot on a sound stage is a million dollars. That doesn't actually buy you anything, that's just what it costs to have guys holding hammers and saws standing by during production in case something breaks.

Hell even catering is a kick in the nuts when you realize that 90 days of shooting, for a cast and crew of 150, at $10 a day, which is a small production eating cheap shit standing up, is $135,000. The stars want private trailers of course, and they all want 60 footers with bidets of course, so there's another $100k a piece. Portaloos for 90 days and a truck to pump them daily is another 100k or so.

And that's before you get to the nickle and dime stuff, like how much do you think the average period drama spends on sewing thread? There's a thousand. Shoe polish, another 500. Servicing the vehicles, a couple of thousand.

And then, because you've spent so much money, you now have to insure ALL of it.

Making a blockbuster on less than $150mil is basically impossible.


Check out 77T rendering, he's got some great stuff. There's definitely some underappreciated talent on the internet.

Hollywood does make convincing CGI though. It's the stuff you don't know is CGI. The Mandalorian was shot on a high tech "holodeck" running the Unreal engine, almost no practical effects.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>t. money launderer


Just consider that the million dollar Games Workshop couldn't make a good movie like the one guy who made Astartes on his home PC, and they had to buy him out, because apparently not a single "professional" there could come up with anything as good.


If they bought him out then he's now a professional. I'm guessing he wasn't cheap.

I'll tell you right now the future for skilled animators is unbelievably bright. If you can produce Astartes level quality then your kids will probably never have to work. But the industry is run by dinosaurs who hear "animation" and think "Toy Story" which is actually great news because it means you can just go ham and they'll have to come to you.

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