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Let me preface this by saying I love Robert Siodmak's work, but damn, was The Killers a stinker. Don Siegel's version is much superior. Of course, it took Siodmak's film as a blueprint and there's nearly nothing of Hemingway's story despite being marketed with the deceiving title of "Ernest Hemingway's The Killers"… But as a film, it's superior in every way. Siodmak's version dragged. Even though I had already seen Siodmak's version, Siegel's kept me engaged from start to end.
Also honorable mention to the version directed by Tarkovsky, Gordon and Beiku for daring to go fully literal unlike Siodmak and dropping "nigger" on the audience a few times and giving their part nigger actor blackface over his brown skin for greater effect. It drags too, but it's a literal adaptation much like the first scene from Siodmak's.
Siodmak's own later work Criss Cross is a much superior film using a very similar formula. I think Siegel took inspiration from both films for his, but it's even more deliciously violent. The film is a much better thriller, but admittedly uses the other as its main inspiration. Rather than being a new adaptation of Hemingway's story it's a remake of the original, and one of those few remakes that improve on the original product.
Ava Gardner is a more alluring femme fatale than Angie Dickinson, but overall the newer movie just flows better. The shorter runtime helps, and changing the boxer into a race driver allows for much better action. The killers themselves driving the story also help keep tension high.


It was a bit of a letdown for me because I'd heard it described as "the Citizen Kane of film noir" but it turns that was a reference to it's narrative structure and it's quality. I still thought it was alright if not all that memorable.


I had read that but didn't give much thought to it, partly because to me Kane is noir if atypical. For me it was a letdown because I had seen Criss Cross before and loved it so I figured Siodmak with Lancaster would be great to watch again. I think it was based on this one.
If you haven't seen Siegel's version I highly recommend it .


Nice quads


Film soleil usually achieves a more visceral kind of violence, partially thanks to color. And Siegel was a master of filming it. Where noir seemed to display evil in a seedy underworld, its descendant shows casual violence in a bright setting, and the world itself appears gritty. It feels more real because it's in color so it hits even harder.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I wonder if Reagan got a kick from slapping that foid




>t. foid


Not hitting women when you have to be around them is cringe and bluepilled. You should be spending time with catboys instead.


Cassavetes is like a hybrid between Eric Roberts and Jean Paul Belmondo

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