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Furfags and fat ladies btfo'd


haven't watched yet by frank hassle is the greatest troll of all time so this better be good.


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>unfunny jew is the funniest "troll"
Unironically pleb, otherwise weak bait.
Also The Bad Guys are hated by furfags pedophiles while everyone else love their shit.


>the bad guys
are these the guys that make britbong seethe?


It's amazing that they're able to still make kino like this out of a game as dead as Second Life.
Also, why did Slapchop leave? Sebastian said he just outgrew it and wanted to move on but Empty keeps hinting at something else being the real reason.


>Yet by
>else love
>britbong seethe
Nigger samefag detected.


Yeah thats them


The rumours are that it was due to stalking/potential sexual abuse.


He was being sexually abused?


That's not charliezzz


Yes. Derrick raped him.



He was trying to do the sex on a potentially underage fan


I don't remember of this, I only remember of Sebastian talking about Derrick being lazy and about how hard is to reach people to troll them on Second Life nowadays.


Emptyhero wishes he could be this funny, that's why I doubt that he's a true med.


File: 1663865660862.jpg (81.02 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 1654639893643.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
He looks like a med to me.


He's a proud (((jersey-italian))) with "german".


He said in one of his streams that he's under 6 foot. Someone that short could only be a med.


Imagine wanting to be a cumskin above 5'11ft.


>anything under 6 feet is short
With all the genuine heightfagging out there now, I can't even tell what's trolling or not anymore.


Italian/Spanish here, I'm a 5'4ft chad making the nazis from /cow/ seethe in a daily basis.


File: 1663893647166.webm (290.63 KB, 284x480, 71:120, tariq.webm) ImgOps iqdb

imagine wanting to be a cumskin at all


Who is this chocolate man and where can I buy someone like him to work in my cotton fields? It's mighty warm where I am and providence has seen fit that it is my destiny to be a stout man. Such strenuous labour would strain my well balanced constitution and it would befit me to have such a mulish looking specimen at my disposal. If you could, please take a note of that auctioneer's address, if you don't mind my good sir.


It's demoralization tactics to make men doubt themselves about their height, same thing they do with penis size. The only countries in the world where the average male height is above 6' are Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands.




The Danebull wins again.


>demoralization tactic
some of it is depending on where it's coming from, but here I think it has more to do with height being a bigly incel cope plus the typical vanity and superficiality you only find on anonymous image boards.


>t. manlets

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