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>Universal wasn't able to release a proper version of the extended edition of WATERWORLD. Instead they released the TV version, which had violence, nudity and profanity drastically removed. This fanedit corrects that and some other minor issues.

NEXT WEEKS THEME: Post-talkie era silent film


Waterworld was supposed to be even longer?


When do we watch and where?


Extended edition, bro. Also I never watched this version.



Arrow Video did a remaster of the Ulysses Cut, and is perhaps my preferred version.


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Citizen Kane?


First time I've seen Waterworld since I was a kid. I want to say the first part of the movie dealing with the worldbuilding, and the establishing of Kevin Costner's character is legitimately really good. The problem is that the main plot of the film is kind of bad. Really feels like all of the effort went into building the setting which they probably envisioned as something they could kickstart a franchise off, but then they were at odds with what to actually do with it all.


Agreed, the world building was terrific but I was taken back by the lack of aquatic mammal sex.
They should reboot it.


What it probably should have been is like a Western with The Mariner as the Clint Eastwood figure. The whole plot with the map to dry land, and Deacon being evil even though he essentially wants the same thing as everyone else was just cartoon silliness.
Come to think of it, The Mariner probably killed most of humanity when he blew up the tanker, and over what seemed like a negligible dispute.

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