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I hate the bitch from Au Hasard Balthazar like you wouldn't believe. Every negative female trait wrapped up in one person.


Nobody has ever heard of that film, Refn. We get it. You know movies. Wow. Stop showing off, nobody's impressed.


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I've never met one person who liked Shelley Duvall, I guess that's why she fit her role of Olive Oyl so well.
He probably viewed the only remaining copy of it at a film festival, that pretentious fuck.


Yo I was going to mention her, but I hate her so much I didn't want to mention her to breath life into her, nor did I want to find a pic.


most of the women in gundam are accurately written as women and therefore easily unlikeable


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Nigger it's just Bresson, the main inspiration, along with Bergman, of /tv/'s patron saint, Tarkovsky. Granted, this is later Bresson when he started doing that stupid thing where he got amateur actors and made them do the same takes over and over again because he wanted them to emote as little as possible, but it works here because it makes the donkey seem like the only character in the movie with a soul.


I like Shelley Duvall. I liked her in The Shining and in the Popeye movie. I liked her sexy bug eyes.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
She lives in a van down by the river now, Kubrick broke her :^(


>Vegetables make you build big muscles.
Spinach was the soy of the greatest generation.


How much to lick her eyeballs?


Nina from Stardust Memory is probably the most realistic female character in all of anime.


A microwave TV dinner and a liter of Popov vodka.
Don't you fucking mention Bugman in the same sentence as Tarkovsky as if they were equals.
His filmmaking endeavors were dishonest in a similar way to Kubrick, although even more nefariously inauthentic and deceptively nihilist. The Tark kicks his ass up and down the block any day, because his movies and their themes come from the heart.


Tarkovsky really respected Kubrick as a director though.


Well that's depressing.


Tarkovsky himself repeatedly said his two biggest influences were Bresson and Bergman. Although I agree that Bergman's stuff comes off as very fake and heavy handed. My favorite film of his is Wild Strawberries, but even that movie is full of it. The old man's dream trial makes me roll my eyes.
What's strange is Tarkovsky rarely said anything about Dreyer even though he had a lot more in common with him than either Bresson or Bergman.


Kathleen Turner in Body Heat. She's supposed to be so sexy and irresistable but she comes across like an obnoxious bitch. Linda Fiorentino in The Last Seduction is like a cartoonish version of Kathleen Turner and they both suck in comparison to Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity. Just being a hot bitch isn't enough. You have to have charm, which only Stanwyck had. The other two you'd just fuck and then leave when you get bored. Stanwyck is the only one that would make you commit murder to keep.


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This bitch


Lisa Simpson.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
Malcom's dad, he may look like a man but he's actually a woman.


Brain Cranston probably fucked Dewey.


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File: 1678799161522-2.jpg (99.65 KB, 1431x869, 1431:869, renee_maria_falconetti_11a….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb


It says incel not Incal


File: 1678852871001.jpg (423.87 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, web-boys-dont-cry.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Totally had it coming


File: 1679063436668.jpg (89.95 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, janicesoprano.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb


She was played by an amateur actor who basically was just asked by Bresson to be herself. All throughout her life the actor proved that she actually was Marie, being endlessly involved in one drama after another.


>endlessly involved in one drama after another
Anything noteworthy or just run of the mill thotery?


Everything from basic thot shit -already starting during the filming of Balthasar where she basically acted like a gold digger to Bresson but refused to fuck him while also sleeping around with everyone else on the set - to actively participating in feminist movements such as her well-known involvement in the 343 manifesto, which was straight up illegal. After the episode with Bresson she instead married Jean-Luc Godard who was a massive simp of hers and gave her some roles, only for her to still sleep around leading to him eventually telling her to fuck off. Wiazemsky the actor is the exact same type of person as Marie the character, exhibiting every single negative female trait (redundant, I know) imaginable, which made it appropriate that she died of rotting tits.


Janice was actually a good girl turned bad due to her environment


Is that hinted at in the show? I just assumed she had the same personality disorder as Livia


Not in the show but in Saints of Newark. The flash backs in the show were embellished by Tony due to his memberberries. TV show flashback child Tony is thin and Janice wears nice dresses as well as mocks Tony as she leaves with her dad. In the movie the same situation plays differently, Tony is chubby and Janice is wearing shorts like any other girl in her neighborhood, her father drags her to the amusement park for the mob meet and she looks behaves unexcitedly because she know's she's just going to stand around while her dad talks business


File: 1679175832353.png (286.56 KB, 362x475, 362:475, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Looking at her Wikipedia page, it seems like most of the French film scene in general turned it's back on her after Godard divorced her. She only has a handful of roles from that point on and they're either bit parts or in independent films that no one seems to have watched. Pic related is a children's book she wrote after she hit the wall.


Interesting, I do wonder if that was planned though or just a retcon, Saints of Newark changed a few other things too which don't line up with the events established in the show


She also wrote an entire book attempting to rationalize her antics during the filming of Balthasar decades after no one involved even cared anymore. Peak female behavior.

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