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Award Winners



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>The Northman didn't even place in any category
Not gonna waste my time watching these faggots jerk each other off.


I already forgot about half of these. What are the bottom two?


Women Talking is just like it sounds, some feminist propaganda but with Mennonite women, the other one I never even heard of.


Triangle of Sadness is more "white rich white men bad, the only good billionaires are the jew ones"
Generic and trying to be reddit tier of "egdyness"



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>Award Winners
My nigga Mike Myers has won several razzies. The jews tried real hard to shut him down for not going along with Kanye's slander of George Bush.


The yellow menace have been sweeping the oscars in recent years and now the poos have joined them too. Burgers can't even make good enough movies for their own award shows.


Haven't watched Northman because post-wall Anya Taylor Joy is gross.


She didn't look bad in it. You have to consider, it was shot in 2021, so in recent photos, she has aged considerably since. Lighting and makeup also helps.


Northman has an all white cast, it doesn't meet the diversity requirements of the academy it's also better than everything else on that list


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
Low IQ "critics" (both amateurs like Doug Walker and professionals) shit on Cath in the Hat and the Grinch but they were both far more memorable than all the Illumination seuss movies.


To be fair to based Doug, he was a lot harder on the Lorax than he was on the Cat in the Hat or the Grinch.


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how and why the fuck did she win an Oscar?

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