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So, can anyone explain to me why in this show /pol/ is mainstream and people can talk about the jews on television without any problems???


much of the tranny shit has steroid abuse as the underlying cause.
Don't do drugs, kids.


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>They have a channel called VNN
>In this channel, they let someone talk about "jews controlling people using satellites" implying this actually happen in modern media
>Meeting among the most rich people from USA
>Everyone in this meeting are christian white guys who are conservative and "anti-woke"


Seth Rogan is not even discreet and yet no one points out the root of the problem.


The soys


File: 1720355818595.webm (2.28 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1720234991527360.webm) ImgOps iqdb

>In this channel, they let someone talk about "jews controlling people using satellites" implying this actually happen in modern media
Homelander controls VNN in season 4. Firecracker isn't supposed to be a mainstream anchor, she is supposed to be an Alex Jones analog that Sage picked deliberately to be as offensive and divisive as possible.

>Everyone in this meeting are christian white guys who are conservative and "anti-woke"

They are neocons, when Homelander starts talking about woke stuff they tell him to shut up and talk economics.

This is not defending The Boys by the way, since there are plenty of other retarded moments this season that make no sense and are not even consistent within the show, but those two are actually addressed in the show


>she is supposed to be an Alex Jones
I know that, but the former guy, beat to death was obvious made to be Tucker Carlson


>The Boys
I've recently started watching this Amazon original cape shit and it's not terrible yet, but I hear it gets retarded soon. At what point do I want to get off this ride? (Haven't finished season 2 yet. I left the MCU after "End Game" and haven't looked back. I walked away from "The Walking Dead" after eye patch mayor story arc.)


Reminder that a jew made both the comic and the tv show, remember that when you watch it.


File: 1720545475988.jpg (259.61 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, theboyssoldierboysolidgold….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Season 2 and 3 are good but not as tightly written as Season 1
Season 4 is noticeably worse and has massacred some arcs (Kimiko and Frenchie especially) but it's still decent enough and I haven't started skipping episodes like Walking Dead

The main problem with the show is diminishing returns on the gore and perverted scenes, there are so many of them that they lose their shock value fast and you just want them over with so the plot can continue


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
I'll keep that in mind, but practically anything /tv/ (((Hollywood))) is a joint venture between glowniggers and kikes.

Thanks for the analysis. TBH, I'm really just in it for based Homelander at this point. Once Homelander starts turning into an unbased, insufferable, Woke faggot, I'll be getting off this ride.


I meant that reply for you too, so here's your (You), lad.


File: 1720569834385.jpg (365.36 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Pedophile kike just got 9 ….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

That explains the goreslop and the kike thinks he's so punk by bashing what everyone including their grannies have been shitting on since the 60s:


I personally find it hilarious how the Jews behind the show just don't have the golden touch they once did to make the goyim hate based goyim.
But even so it's scary to see so many "based" grifters failing to see the depth of the abyss and what causes all the out of touch subversive shitty writing.


Not everything you don't like is 4D chess propaganda. The Boys is very unsubtle and it's obvious what the show is and what the leanings of the writers room from the jump


honestly anon I have no idea, I said it was mid at best even from season one
if I want to hate watch something, i'd watch a scammer like david wilcock
the thing has universal zero appeal to me on any level


It's meh, if you want a poorly written analog for modern American politics from a very jewish liberal slant knock yourselves out. I'd say only season one was worth watching before it all becomes insufferable. I like that Homelander is also an esoteric analog for holocaust survivors in one episode in season 4. It comes off as elaborate kike revenge fantasy when he's murdering all the doctors in the basement torture facility.


Homelander is MAGA. There's nothing wrong with killing Nazis. It's part of our American culture.





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Merica won. We Will retake our nation. The day of the rope Will become and we Will prevail.


Good thing there's nothing of worth to burn down.


Holy fuck, the newest episode is pure kike juice. Far from discreet, just cringe, at least two times trying to push a narrative about anyone who use terms such as "woke, groomer, vaxxed" as the bad guys from society.
The younger jews just don't have the set of skills of their ancestors.


File: 1720728844413.jpg (361.72 KB, 1000x679, 1000:679, 1697594204455.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

The younger jews are definitely overplaying their hand. Then, you've got the Israeli psychopaths mass murdering the Gazans, which doesn't help. Nobody likes jews now.


File: 1720729941680.gif (39.95 KB, 220x124, 55:31, baby-mask.gif) ImgOps iqdb



>I posted it again!


Smocaine was so fucking good.


Reminder that in the soys super powers are liturally products of a german scientist who changed sides towards the turn of the war. This is an obvious jewish seethe and jab at the jews and good goys who allowed the natzees to get us to the moon after world war jew. This is also an attack on these natzees who could do what jewish scientist never could. This is also an extension of alan moore and his communist faggotry, that super heros are heckin fascist. If you haven't already realized it, super heros are jewish creations to capture and control the myth that inspires Aryan men. Why do you think batcuck never kills? However, the idea that an Aryan man could ever go out and be above the law is to scary for some kikes now.
<hahaha those heckin' natzees aren't truly loyal and turn on each other when they get weak amirite!?

One of the super heros who is killed off l8er is the forever young hag stormfront who gets killed off in a lame way.
<heckin stormfront like duh natzees

Homelander as a name is an attack on aryans who want a homeland of their own and to defend it.

All the good guys are litural cuckolds or soy creatures, they even bring back gus from breaking bad, whos been nothing but been portraying mullato fascist dictators for the last ten years so you know heckin facism is bad even when a half-nigger does it. This series is one of the biggest kike fests of all time.


File: 1720786109453.png (3.36 MB, 1424x1424, 1:1, da joooos.png) ImgOps iqdb


Kill nazis, side with the marxists, defend Israel like a brainless golem.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
By the way, how's your personal army going after replacing the competent white monkeys with mixed race retards who can't tie their own shoes but acknowledge there are more than 333 genders?


Would be hilarious since the last episode of this season will be about 6 of January and the "MAGA" trying to kill the next president




Aren't the normalfags crying about the show getting bad? The only person praising it is a nigger zoomer.

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