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Buck Rogers or Flash Gordan? I'm asking about both the serials and the later films.


Did buck Rogers ever even resolve its plot?


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I don't have enough experience with both to make a truly informed comment, although I'm a Flash Gordon fan. I've seen a bit of the Buck Rogers serial, which just seemed lacking to me compared to the Flash Gordon serials. I don't even remember much about it other than Buster Crabbe having dark hair and the villain being a guy called Killer Kane. I haven't seen any of the other Buck Rogers adaptations, and for what it's worth I didn't like the 1980 Flash Gordon either. I also haven't seen the other Flash Gordon adaptations besides the serials and the movie.

I also read Armageddon 2419 A.D. and The Airlords of Han years ago but recall next to nothing about the stories. The little I've seen and read about the original comics also seem lacking compared to Flash Gordon (or even something like Spacehawk that's been forgotten by the general public). It seems like gadget porn compared to the more imaginative worldbuilding of the early Flash Gordon strips. I still would like to give the Buck Rogers universe another try at some point.

When it comes down to it, I can only choose Flash Gordon for the original comics and the fun cheesiness of the serials.


Flash Gordon is much more aesthetic and original. But I remember liking Buck Rogers in small doses.


Flash Gordon has music by Queen, so it's really not much of a contest tbh.


That boomer rock band whose lead singer was a fudgepacker who died of AIDS? That Queen?


But it's not like that album is one of the highlights of Queen's discography or anything.


File: 1720690564595.webm (2.94 MB, 360x640, 9:16, zoomerism23.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Let's be honest here, any boomer music or form of art is vastly superior to zoomer "culture".


Your sexual insecurity doesn't make Freddie a bad singer anon.



>y-you're insecure!
Lol, keep banging your head to a man who literally couldn't stop having sex in other men's feces until it killed him.


Millennial music culture is the superior choice of the three, because I like it. And, I'm not talking about the nigger Millennial music. I'm talking about post-hardcore and metalcore.


Who the hell headbangs to Queen?


Uh…. no, retard. Millennials fruited up the best genres with attention-seeking proto-SJW emo crap


Emo core and its derivatives were the last implicit stand of White identity in the music industry. Dominated by Whites. It wasn't proto-SJW. SJWism was the tiny hats' response to White music and boys making a comeback.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
Definitely. I'd say late boomers and the earlier Gen-Xers were the peak musicians of the post-WWII era.
>I'm talking about post-hardcore and metalcore.
Those genres suck ass. Vanilla punk had way more interesting spinoff styles than hardcore did, and metalcore was for Hot Topic kids who weren't seriously interested in metal. Maybe the true metalcore from the '90s like Shai Hulud was good, but the 2000s shit was lame.
Wayne and Garth.


>typical regurgitated zoomer cope
Most emo kids were mexican, dumbass


>Wayne and Garth
They sound like total sphincters.


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I'm sorry you had to grow up as a Californian, anon.


I'm truly saddened to hear of her passing. (not really though, it's just the normie thing to say when someone dies, like "thoughts and prayers" or such shit)

We all seen it coming. We all tried to warn her. You can't save them all.

Goodnight, sweet princess.


She's not dead, but she hit the wall a long time ago.


Yeah, I know. I was just shitposting for the lulz. (hit the wall) Holy shit, she'll be 30 next year. You're right. Let's all be honest here though, she literally does have one foot in the grave already. She ain't gonna make it.


Only the good die young. I was frens with an anorexic who died in her late 20s, she was the sweetest girl, but very sick.


Rest in peace, super skinny waifu. (She didn't eat so well.)


Emo girls were just stacies trying to be goth. Utter blaspheme.


It's like goth but ugly and retarded

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