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With the advent of AEW and WWE buying up the UK indie scene essentially, is this the end of the "big indie" that became popular during the 2010s? Places like GCW, WXW, Progress, OTT, etc. are either becoming fed developmental grounds or just straight up losing their best talent. This years mania has basically no huge indie shows besides GCW's spring break and bloodsport. I'm sure there will be some good shows but compared to years past there's no hype for shit like the wrestlecon supershow. And no new shows at all really.

I was watching through the 2018 GCW shows like spring break 2 and especially lost in new york and it's like a completely different world. The shows were fucking big, and were even able to outshine the big wwe shows they were on the same weekend as. It feels like most of the big talent has been completely drained from the indie scene especially in the america and UK. AEW seems to have essentially become the alternative wrestling product, taking up whatever attention and space the big indies were occupying 2 years ago. I like AEW but those indies were a ton of fun and really all completely unique, and totally allowed to be themselves. Is there a future for any of them or are things gonna go back to the 2000s with smaller shittier indies occupying local area, but big time indies basically being nothing.

WXW just did their 16 carat tourney/weekend of shows, and they essentially fired (((david starr))) for talking shit about WWE, he's a total piece of shit, who would gladly let shit like this happen to other people who he disagrees with so I don't feel bad for him at all, but this also feels like the end of the euro indie scene. The big stars are either signed, fired, or retired. Most of the companies are shutting down or partnering with WWE, revpro being the lone exception but they aren't nearly as popular without NJPW talent on their shows.

I have no doubt nxt japan will be a failure, but you gotta worry what them moving in there will do to some of the lower end jap indies as well. I'm really fucking worried that especially with shows essentially being cancelled through april I imagine that a bunch of the smaller companies will go under, and WWE will swoop in to setup a new company with the laid off talent.


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It's funny but with the companies buying up all the indie talent we're actually heading back to an Outlaw/Territories style situation again where there's niche communities and a smaller audience but a more devoted audience to particular products.

For example AEW has a following now, but there are some who swear only by ROH etc. It's going to more or less end up with smaller pockets - pretty much like the state of image boards at the moment.

The other 'behind the curtain' aspect that is also affecting things is the current climate of "all accepting" or 'Woke Points' booking.. I'm looking at this digital age is going to set us back to the 80s in terms of how people are divided


Wrestling is just a dying industry. The indie shitters aren't interesting people if they're in WWE or an indie show. They all wrestle the same style and have the same sort of matches. They're more interested in ballet than they are fake fighting moves wise.

Wrestlings only hope is to go full freak show but no one has the balls to do it. It would piss off to much of the soy flippy midget fans and they're the easiest marks to get money from



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