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Why /wooo/ can you not communicate with me /wooo/? Talk to me /wooo/ as you were talking to the GOD you speak of! /wooo/… there is nothing powering that I live for /wooo/. I need not THE NORMALS to protect me from what I find most comforting! THE CHALLENGE OF PAIN! And the smell of COMBAT /wooo/! I have /wooo/ injected you with the minimum dosage of poison from the POWER OF THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR! But the anti-bodies this dead ass board CONTINUE to refuse what the poison can do! THEY TURN IT AWAY /wooo/! They turn the poison away for they feel the dirty, THEY FEAR the evil. /wooo/ I am the representation of all you fear! I /wooo/ want you to be the warrior you say you are! For I can as the Ultimate Warrior accept no less, GIVE NO LESS to the warriors. Rock with me /wooo/ to the edge! /wooo/ look into nothing. Look beyond your fears as you take that step /wooo/ and make the sacrifice so that the power of the ULTIMATE WARRIOR SHALL LIVE!!!

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