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Based Billy Jack Haynes exposing the U.S. govt for selling drugs.

Also, he was an actual hitman.


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Don't work yourself into a shoot brother!
Billy Jack is /ourguy/


6 months later… 2 replies


Brah I gave up on this board when the headlining event of one of the biggest events of the year in Japanese wrestling got one reply two months after it happened.


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wanna fuck?


Took me two watchings of OSW to catch and sink in the details/facts about Jimmy Snuka killing his girlfriend, Moola human trafficking, and some other shit.
Pretty sure people killed Beniot and his family to send a message through the underworld.


This is the only good video on this guy's channel.
I can't find anything else interesting.
1 hour long Arn video that's about it I guess.

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