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Can anyone tell me exactly what the fuck Kevin Kelly and ELP meant during commentary today? They made a bunch of comments about the forbidden door and the tranny fed, but they were all really backhanded comments and the tone was not pleased. Are the boys in the back getting pissed off because Bushiroad is forcing the door open? Like ELP thanked the bucks for the international sales of his BC merch but it was just $3.75 and it sounded sarcastic as fuck. Kevin Kelly mentioned that the door was open in response to a comment ELP made and then it sounded like he was about to go off on a rant. Instead KK just sort of drifted off and then sighed like he was trying not to say what he really wanted to say. I figured the KENTA exchange happened because NJPW needs to get their title back and Tony Khan has their balls in a vice and could force this concession. There is absolutely no reason to acknowledge the door opening if it was extortion, just send KENTA over, have him work with the mudshow for a bit, have the title match on STRONG, and then cut ties with AEW forever. Like NJPW doesn't acknowledge the matches its talent has with their partners unless it is part of an angle they are working, but somehow this piece of business has the announcers treating it like it is now a thing.
I really don't like the ELITE and they were the reason I stopped watching NJPW around 2016ish. Having this be more than just a one off thing to regain control over their title is going to fuck them over. AEW is an anti-draw and the way they bury talent for their shitter EVPs is not going to help NJPW.

Also how do you order Zima High Fly Lemon outside of of Japan?


I want to ignore most of the AEW crap so whatever, maybe it's just so they can have Moxley wrestle in NJPW Strong, but since elitecucks 'reformed the bullet club' i feel like it's a bit more than that, i hope not. Worst though is a real partnership with them, can you imagine them sending a young lion like Tsuji or Uemura for an excursion in AEW? Fucking hell that would suck, they'd come back gay as fuck or just have a useless experience like Okada in TNA (well at least he got a chance to learn from Samoa Joe).


AEW buries everyone who isn't Kenny or the Bucks personal friend. Even then they have like a 63 1/3 chance of getting buried anyways. How are you supposed to sell your promotion as legitimate when CAWdy books himself to go over all your stars before Tony has him job to a golden retriever with a tight ass?



Still no idea how to import Zima High Fly Lemon?


AWE is garbage wrestling for hipster faggots.


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Still no idea how to import Zima High Fly Lemon


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Move over new "stars"


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
I guarantee that before he leaves or AEW folds there will be a spot where one or both of the Young Bucks superkick him.

Also I feel like this thread has been derailed pretty hard. Perhaps I as not quite clear when I made it, but the primary focus of this thread was to inquire as how to import Zima High Fly Lemon. It is only in stores for a limited time and I would like to have buy a few cans. I figured Gahoole might see this and have an idea where to look into this shit since he worked at a liquor store for a while.


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normally when you compare wrestlers who were jobbers in the past to their present selfs, they usually get a lot more jacked up but over 10 years since that match he still has the same jobber's body


God they look like shit

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