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>still employed


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You were saying?


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What is weird is how all these bloggers and journos are making out that Bo Dallas was fired. He put out a statement over a month ago saying he was waiting for his contract to expire and then retiring to his farm. He also stated that he and Liv Morgan were getting married and starting a real estate business.


Annual spring cleaning




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Man I just rewatched the Samoa Joe vs. Necrobutcher match from Mid-South in 2005 and it still blows my mind. It isn't even, technically speaking, a deathmatch, but somehow it is more brutal and more hardcore than any match with convoluted spots. Just Samoa Joe beating a man half to death. It is physically painful to watch. That kinda feeling you get when you see something so intentionally destructive to a human body that you can feel your testicals pull up into your body as your body unconsciously reacts in sympathetic pain for the person being beat. Even typing this out I can hear in my head the sickening sound it made very time Joe smashes Necro's head into the concrete. Just a nasty dull wettish sound as he shoot tries to murder a man in front of an audience of people. The way the screams for blood slowly die down as the audience realizes what they are seeing is just icing on the cake.

Pure kino


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Well this post sure didnt age well

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