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I know no one follows this shit except me and I only do because Raku is an internet friend of mine and we trade photos of trains so this thread is mostly just gonna be me talking about weird Teej Pea Dub shit like the fact Mei Suruga is in a tag match tonight on both tag teams. She is competing as May Saint-Michel in Neo-Bishigun and in the same match completeing as the Gatoh Move Asian Dream Tag Champ Mei Suruga.

I have no idea how this is going to work out but it should honestly be really fun. Show starts in two hours. If you want to watch with me Gahoole I can stream it.


It was a typo on the DDTPro website. It was Neo-Bishigun vs Beestar. Still a pretty good match but it was overshadowed by Big Thighs Yammy taking the belt and ending China Diaper's administration.


why are japanese women so damn short, literal midgets


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Why you ignoring Saki Akai? She is two inches taller than Gahoole. Also Kamiyuki is the same height as Gahoole.


Show proof of your friendship with Raku


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F for dead twitter and DMs

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