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Atsushi Onita is preparing to launch his new promotion Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling Explosion. FMWE is planned to specialize in electric current explosion matches. According to the article linked below Onita was so embarassed by the responses to that shit show that AEW had that he is going to show them how to do it right. The promotions first show is scheduled for July 7th


>Starting a new wrestling promotion in the virus era
What a madman indeed


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Onita is legit offended at how shit AEW was in that exploding barbwire match but he also brought up a good point. NJPW world and DDTPro have all had a massive explosion in subscribers to the point that even a promotion that was for all intents and purposes dead, like NOAH, was able to recover and draw gates second only to the biggest NJPW shows.

It sounds like they are trying to do a hybrid of Onita era FMW with Hayabusa era FMW and mix sports entertainment gimmicks with death match stuff. Also his partner is connected to TJPW so we will more than likely see Hikari since she is a shoot masochist and has been expressing a desire to do as many death matches as she can before she sawdusts herself.


Interesting, I hope it succeeds.

>July 4th
kek, just noticed that


4th of July is really important in the history of FMW. Early on they ended up having some massive financial issues because Onita kept taking most of the gate and the shows were expensive as fuck to run because of all the requirements needed for an FMW death match. So Onita made a big gamble. He needed an open air arena or stadium that could accomodate enough people to clear the debt and keep the promotion form collapsing. He could only find one stadium willing to host FMW within a timeframe that would prevent dissolvency. He came across the Yokohama stadium which offered them the chance to use the stadium provided they signed a contract for a specific day each year. So he did and it ended up being one of the highest grossing live shows in Japanese hisotry to that point. Onita took most of the gate but was able to keep the promotion afloat. So every 4th of Julay they would put on their biggest show of the year at Yokohama.


Shit, this is what I get for posting first thing in the morning. I got the names and dates all fucked up. It was Kawasaki Stadium on May 4th.


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Whelp Onita announced Kenny Omega so I am going to nope right out of this. It is hard enough to watch current year Onita even if you want to support him. His body is so fucked he can barely move. Throwing the shitter Omega into it is going to make this unwatchable.

We could have had a promotion where the current kings of the death match like Shlack and Jun Kasai could run high budget matches with actual effects and instead we are going to get this, but worse


Well there goes any hype i had


Funnily enough Onita like my tweet in response to this announcement expressing my displeasure with booking Kenny Omega and put out a tweet today calling for all "real" deathmatch wrestlers to issue challenges. To be honest I think the Kenny Omega thing steams from the Kenny exploding match shitshow and Onita tweeting at him that if Kenny ever wanted to learn how to do a real deathmatch Onita would show him how.

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