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>Daddy Daddy, buy me some new toys Daddy


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And then there was one


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Evidentally Aliester BLACKED immediately went on twitch when he found out and cried like a bitch again


They're really cleaning house to sell to disney or nbc aren't they


Yeah, the rumor mill is saying that NBC really wants the E.


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I can't wait to see how this ages. It is either going to be really funny or really pathetic


Braun's release surprises me the most. He's been one of their bigger new stars in recent years and, had a big match against Shane O'Mac and a WWE Championship match just recently. Vince loves big sweaty men, of all their talent, they release Braun?


It absolutely makes sense from Vince's point of view. Strowman used AEW to negotiate himself a 1.2 million annual contract and then in the year and a half since then has stated publically and repeatedly that he would never work for another promotion. On top of that he spent that time shitting on the indie wrestling scene by calling them pathetic when they were asking for help when corona hit and they couldn't pay their bills. He has personal heat with basically everyone in AEW after the shit he got into with Brodie back when he was Luke Harper. When Brodie got released there was a lot of rumors going around that Strowman had been politicing to have Brodie fired for years because Brodie lost his shit on Strowman over that fucked up Mania Battle Royale spot that almost killed Ali. Strowman is a little bitch that won't deal with shit man to man and held a bitch tier grudge over shit he was responsible for. He has basically no friends in the industry since he is a performance center baby and doesn't hang out with the Boys, just a couple of of the Divas. Vince needs to cut some costs and the easiest way is to ditch this shitter who has gone out of his way to ensure he will never get work with any promotion. Now he can hire Strowman back at any time for a fraction of his old contract. He just needs to wait for the big fat baby to become desperate, something that shouldn't take to long because he is stupid and emotional.

Of course that is if he doesn't kill himself before then.


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File: 1622899131377-1.gif (1.91 MB, 500x250, 2:1, necro.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Choo choo choose death


for a big guy, braun's got a small guy ego


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Big Brains Strowman is now asking for 90k for appearences with complete control over how the match will be booked.

Meanwhile Buddy Murphy is in the middle of a bidding war with four different promotions making offers for his time so that they can book "dream matches" with their top stars.


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File: 1623855991723.png (541.75 KB, 767x598, 59:46, these nigger gay as fuck.png) ImgOps iqdb

How long until Braun Strowman and Mojo Rawley film a gay porn entitled Future Endeavors?


The shock is that he was over with the fans despite never receiving a sustainable main event push. He did seem to want to be his own brand rather than a mark for the company.
Makes sense. Vince will crush someone if they try to play him for a fool.

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