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What the fuck did they mean by this?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
>Rimworld music meets trucking music.


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In the 1970s and early 80s New York city was an absolute shithole, pretty much anycity 2021 but 40 years earlier. One day a highschool drop out and McDonalds manager got fed up with nigger hordes mugging him and his employees on the way home from work so he started carrying a bat when he used the subway. When he would see someone being robbed or raped he would attack the assailant with the bat and then flee before the cops arrived. Eventually he gathered 12 friends to help him police the subways, they called themselves the magnificent 13. Eventually their numbers swelled and they renamed themselves the Guardian Angels. They would patrol the subways and alleys of new york in 20-40 teams cleaning out any pimps, pushers, or thieves they found. Cops hated them, mayor hated them, and the guardian angels were harrased and arrested non-stop for helping others. Mario Cuomo, who was lieutenant governor of new york at this point, decided to run for mayor of New York on a law and order platform and publicly supported the Angles. This earned Cuomo massive support from the citizens of new york and ensured he was elected. Under cuomo, and with the assistance of the Guardian Angles, crimes of all type dropped to levels that hadn't been seen in over 100 year.


File: 1633903970847.png (19.32 KB, 90x76, 45:38, guardian angels.png) ImgOps iqdb

So was it an illuminati op to make it seem like justice existed?
>Cops stop GAs
>Guy running for governor supports them and gets elected
Like it was all a masonic larp.
Notice the eye on their shirts

At Bash at the Beech in 94 I believe, Guardian Angel was on a 3 strikes policy with the "owner" of the company, WCW, to not use any weapons. He got in trouble for using a night stick and/or handcuffs as the big bossman. So he went vigilante and face as the gaurdian angel. Vader pulls out a night stick as the ref is knocked out, and GA beats him up, taking the night stick. He stares at it contemplating whether or not to use it. Ref comes to, seeing vader disabled and GA holding a night stick. GA gets DQed.

So they were pushing the narrative of the happening in NY on their program WCW.


Plus they all look like fags. None of them are even fat strong. Definitely not Proud Boy tier.


They rolled 20 to 40 people deep as a squad. They all carried clubs or bats and some of them carried handguns.

The point was that justice didn't exist. Mayor Koch was corrupt as fuck and running the city into the ground so his buddies could buy up massive chunks of property from people fleeing the violence and build apartment complexes. The judiciary was letting people walk constantly. The cops only enforced laws when they knew they would be able to fine a citizen because the laws on the books at that time meant that money would go into the police force's coffers. Cuomo had been beaten in the previous NYC mayoral election really badly, but needed some gimmick for the people to believe he was really a law and order candidate. The GA were vigilantes but the vast majority of citizens supported their actions because it meant they could go to and from work with a significantly lowered chance of being robbed, raped, and/or murdered.


Or they got done buying everything up that they wanted and made themselves (this whole insider circle) look good on the other side of it.

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