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Are literary discussions /lit/ty?


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yeh-ish, but eef ur gunna maek a thrad baot a videyo, ephortpoast a decent 'mount moar ean2 eet den watchu deed hurr amigato - ur kewl bc obvs diz kinda poast haznt come auwp yiit, but proffer a question baot sumthin ean duh vid oar analyze its precepts and/or /lit/erary relations, oar wriet sumthin creatively phun baot eet %^>

awlsoe if ur simply shilling this shit bc ur 1 ov the 15 niggas awn diz pawdkast namefag/tripfag oar else >%^( "organic" hucksterean ov "podcasts" drownean aot valuable poasts awn duh board iz waie waie werse than just puttean sumthin auwp brieflee lyk dis

eye'll taekkuh gandur @ dis eannuh minuto n provied a brief evaluation miecelph but dupdrillourds kinda twittur-dril esque ean dat fruits ov his providence aotpace his philosophee eannuh expansive fashion n a lawt ov dat sugar flesh iz rottin prog pullulation >%^< soe idk hao valuable an hour-ten-min-tailed evaluation ov duh nigguh will b


Holy fucking audio, batman.


I watched the cuck philosophy video on baudrillard which discusses baudrillard's thoughts on the matrix which as we all know was based on S&S, where baudrillard pans the film suggesting that 'the matrix is the kind of film that the matrix would produce' that it missed the point of his work and was a surface understanding only exploring the simulation.
What is he fucking retarded didn't he see the sequels?
That's it, that's my little joke about baudrillard. Hope you liked it.

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